HeartBreak Boy

Luke's POV

"Hot chicks. The ones that aren't tall. The ones that have these legs that you want to own. And these big boobs that you can touch." I say to Kiara. I smile at her as I tell her the kind of girls I like.
Kiara is my best friend and I can tell her anything and she doesn't mind.
She's like my little sister and we say everything to each other!

Kiara's POV

I'm not the kind of girl he likes.
I'm not hot, I'm a nerd.
I'm small though.
I'm not a girl that have those legs that the guys want to own.
I don't have boobs. Well yeah I do, but they aren't big like the "hot chicks's" boobs.
I really like Luke but he is popular and I'm a nerd.
We are friend-zoned.


2. || If I change it's your fault ||

I walk to the girls bathroom. I open the door to see Adam and Tristina making out. Tears fill my eyes and they escape. I hear laughs. The bathroom is crowded by people.

"Adam... Tristina..." I s all I can say. I look around for a blonde boy with a lip piercing. I know he's here, I can feel him. I hear his laugh. Why would Luke be laughing? Am I not his bestfriend? was It all a lie?

I spot a blonde, tall guy that has a lip piercing. I walk to him and the laughs dissapear. "L-luke...?" He tries not to laugh. I look up at him and he looks down at me.

"Hi." He says and everybody laughs. "You lost something? Need he--."

I cut him off slapping his cheek.

"Ohhhh, the nerd is mad." Jokes Adam. Luke doesn't move, he just stares down at me.

"I hate you, Luke Hemmings." I whisper. I turn around and start walking out. Someone grabs my left hand's wrist turning my around.

"Let me go." I say.

"No." He whispwers. I can't forgive him; I never will and that's a promise. "Don't think you're not making a mistake, Ki."

"Don't call me that. Don't get near me, Luke." I keep crying for myself, no-one can hear it only me; but they can see it. "I'm leaving you, Luke. Don't come to my house."

"You're making a mistake, Ki." He calls me "Ki" even if I told him not to. He only calls me "Ki". None of my friends call me "Ki" because Luke said he would kill them if they did. "You won't leave me and f you do, I'll get you back. We both know I will if you do. And what you are making is a mistake." He grabs my wrist tighter. "I'm so, so, so sorry." He whispers.

"This isn't something you can forgive with one word or two, Luke. This is something that has marked my life, forever. Something so stupid, Luke, just ruined us. Our friendship. But something more stuphappened." I whisper back.

"What is it?"

"Me letting you into my life, Luke. Me letting you to my life was a stupid mistake." I snap and make him let go of me. I slap him one more time.

"Ohhhh, Lukey, you just got burned" Adam says.

I roll my eyes and wipe my tears away. Letting him to my life was a mistake.

I leave and try to forget it all but I can't.

Maybe, maybe my ex-friend is my heartbreak boy.

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