HeartBreak Boy

Luke's POV

"Hot chicks. The ones that aren't tall. The ones that have these legs that you want to own. And these big boobs that you can touch." I say to Kiara. I smile at her as I tell her the kind of girls I like.
Kiara is my best friend and I can tell her anything and she doesn't mind.
She's like my little sister and we say everything to each other!

Kiara's POV

I'm not the kind of girl he likes.
I'm not hot, I'm a nerd.
I'm small though.
I'm not a girl that have those legs that the guys want to own.
I don't have boobs. Well yeah I do, but they aren't big like the "hot chicks's" boobs.
I really like Luke but he is popular and I'm a nerd.
We are friend-zoned.


3. || I Told You ||

I eneter the classroom. All eyes are on me. Tears keep running.

I sit between Ashton and Michael. Michael wipes me tears away but they keep coming.

Ashton kisses my forehead. He's 20, he failed classes so many times and that's why he is now on 12th grade. It's kinda funny though; how someone so bright failed classes.

The classroom's door opens. Luke comes in.

The teacher looks at Luke. "You're late." She snaps. "Sit down next to...." She looks around the tables. "Luke, sit where Ashton is sitting."

"No. Don't make him sit here." I say.

"Kiara, you can't fight against a teacher's order." She fakely smiles at me.

"Give me a cigg, please." I whisper to Michael.

"That is so rude, Kiara." She snaps.

"Should I care? What if I got my period and I still don't know?" I snap back.

Michael gives me a ciggarate and his lighter. I put the ciggarate between my lips and light it.

"Kiara, no smoking."

"Teacher, why you gotta be so annoying?"

"To the office!" She orders.

"Nahh, I'm leaving early today. There's no need for that." I hop off the chair and take my Kipling bag. I put it on and walk to her. We look at each other. I breathe in the smoke and let her go in her face. "Bye."

I open the door not minding shutting it. I walk down the hallway, tears filling my eyes and running down my cheeks. I can't think straight. I sob, quietly only I can hear it.

"Hey, wait up." I turn around to see Michael. He jogs to me, opening his arms. He hugs me tight and kisses my nose. "Shh, sh, shhh."


"My parents won't mind if I get a tattoo or piercing or paint my hair." I sigh. "They don't care of what I do." I shrug.

"Well, lets get you those." Michael says. We enter Michael's cousin's tattoo palor.

"Hi." A girl asks. I've seen her. I just don't know where... "You going to get another tattoo, Mikey?" She has a white and blue tank top. I can't see what she is wearing because the counter.

"To my lovely friend." He smiles at me. He wraps an arm around my shoulder and we walk to the counter. "Ki, remember Alice?" He frowns at me.

I stay quiet. "Nope, she doesn't remember you." He says. "Kiara, this is Alice. Alice, this is Kiara."

I put my hand in front of her and she shakes it. We smile at each other as we pull our hands away.


"So you are going to get a tattoo?" She asks as we walk some halls and enter a room.


"Nice." She offers me a chair. I sit down and smile at her. "Where you want it?"

"I want it in my left hand's middle finger."

"What you want me to tattoo there?"

"Can you write "fuck you"? Please?"

She chuckles an nods.


"Why "fuck you"?" Michael asks as we enter a hair salon.

"Because I'm going to show it to Luke." I shrug.



I'm getting my hair painted like Michael's old hair.

"Blue, purple and pink. Want it to look like a lil' bit galaxy."

"Come with me." The man says.


"We are getting you...." Michael starts. "A piercing!"

"Really?" I ask almost dying.


"Mikey Poo, you are da best." I inform him. I hug him. Arms wrapped around his neck and his around my waist. He kisses me in my cheek and I kiss him on the nose. "Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

"It's for my princess." He pulls away and winks. I laugh at him and he giggles.

"I never thought a guy could giggle!" I gasp being dramatic.

"Well, they do, babe."


I walk in to my house thanking Michael for everything. He lives at my left and Luke at my right. Thanks Lord that my room is on the right. Shit....

"What happened to you?" My 19 year old brother asks. "You look different..."

"Painted my hair, got tattooed and pierced." I turn around.

I did my piercing on my lip, like Luke's. But not that I missed him or something; I've just always want one there.

"Nice." He kisses my nose. "You smoked too?" He raises his eyebrows. I shrug. "Can I see your tattoo?"

I stick my left hand's middle finger and show it to him. "For Luke."

"What happened?"

"Stuff." I shrug. "He started it."

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