Celaena sardothien. Beautiful. Deadly. Destined for love.

Celaena keeps a secret, a special place in her heart for a special someone in the castle .

For the heir of fire completion


3. Mountings

Celaena sat in the library reading through a new book she had instructed to bring to the castle.

when she suddenly felt warm breath blowing down her neck.

" Go away fleetfoot" celaena laughed while pushing the dog of the back of the chain. The dog only wined and nudged a chew up numeracy book to her. 

"Good girl, you want to go out for a long walk?"

fleetfoot barked happily and ran to the door jumping in excitement as celaena hid her book midnight passion on an abandoned shelf.


"let's go".

after celaena left the castle, she and fleetfoot headed to a clearing beyond the castle walls, a forest much like brannon's forest.

The clearings ground is coated in beautiful flowers, twists of Scarlett's and sapphires among the emerald leaves. Ivy vines gently twist up the deep mohagny trunks of the trees.with the sun shinning high in the sky, the forests biggest and most beautiful treasure of all, This time of day is  when the glory of the forest revealed its self in the birthstone-bright light. Almond-brown trees stand serenely, awash with a tender glow. Their bark like riffled toast and gems of amber clasp their crusty exterior. 
Celaena darts between shafts of lustrous-gold light as she went deeper into the forest with fleet foot following in tow.

Celaena deeper in the forest where she reaches a waterfall that poured down into a stream, Celaena looked down at the waterfall admiringly thinking that It was not the gentle sort of waterfall you might see in a stately home garden, it was the kind where torrents of water are pour over rocks hard enough to crack your skull and mash your brains on the way down, then swirl in a plunge pool below deep enough to drown you if you survived the fall. From the bottom it was awe inspiring, from the top it was brutal and terrifying.

" awesome" Celaena smiled down at the waterfall, before sitting and dipping her petit feet in the water.

"Penny for your thoughts" 
At the sound of the voice Celaena instincts rip free as she pulls a dagger from her waist and throughs it in the direction the voice came from.

" wow easy there tiger" Dorian smirks as he just about dodges the dagger, leaning up against the tree eating an apple with that irritating overly smug face.

" go away"
"It's my land"
"But I was here first"
" I. don't. care"
With each sentence Dorian nudged closer and closer.

" what do you mean you do-" Celaena started but was silenced by Dorian placing his lips to hers.

Celaena melted into the kiss before, raising her hand and slapping Dorian away.

Dorian clutched his reddened check, " ouch that hurt" 

"Yeah it was meant to" Celaena rolled her eyes sarcastically.
" ow Celaena admit it, you like it, that's why you said my name in your dream"
" I did not"
" did to"
" arrrr, go away Dorian"
Celaena attempted to stand up but was nocked down by Dorian straddling her.
"Not so fast miss Sardothian" 

"What the hell are you playing at Dorian"
"Nothing you just look cute like this"
"Dorian you are the most stupid person Iv ever met, you dare challenge the raft of Adarlan's assasin?"
"Haha that's funny" Dorian smirked down at her and she could help but laugh.
" would you get off me already?"
" hummmm, let me think about that, nope" 

" don't say I didn't warn you" Celaena rolled sideways and end up in the shallow pool of water drenching Dorian and herself.

" fleetfoot, Dorian wants kisses" Celaena laughed,
"No no no!" Dorian shrikes while fleetfoot gave his face a tongue bath

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