Celaena sardothien. Beautiful. Deadly. Destined for love.

Celaena keeps a secret, a special place in her heart for a special someone in the castle .

For the heir of fire completion


2. Fleetfoot

Celaena sat on her bed gently coming through the gold coat of fur before her. Fleetfoot carmly sitting in silence as celeana groomed the dog.

" You would fetch me a snooker cube if I asked, right girl?" Celaena asked fleetfoot receiving a happy bark in return.

"I thought so" she said mostly to herself.


there was a soft knock on the door startling the pair,

"come in" celaena called from her spot on the bed.

the door open to reveal Dorian watching her curiously.

"what are you staring at?" Celaena questioned.

"you" he replied bluntly.

"why?" Celaena asked in annoyance.

"because your beautiful." Celaena couldn't help the blush that creeped onto her checks at the compliment.

Dorian made his way and sat in front of celaena taking up fleetfoots position as the dog left the bed.

"what you doing~" Dorian asked dragging out the words in a sing song voice.

"well I was grooming my dog before you so rudely pushed her of the bed, and why does your breath smell of alcohol Dorian? Have you been drinking?"

dorian giggled and put his finger to his lips in a shushing motion.

He then poked Celaena,

"stop if you do that I'm going to fall of the bed and if I go down your going down with me" 

dorian looked at celaena curiously with a mischievous smirk across his face as he began to tickle and poke celaena repeatedly rising to her challenge as he thought of it


celaena thrashed about on the bed before the pair both came tumbling down of the bed landing on the floor.

they lay there tangled on the floor before celaena realised the position she was in, her trapped on the floor with a drunk flirty Dorian hovering over her, smirking down at her. She made a move to shout at him to get him of but he noticed and placed his finger over her lips effectively silencing her.

he leaned down closer till celaena could feel Dorians warm breath on her neck, making celaenas heart beat increase and her breath hitch in her throat.

"shh~" he whispered seductively, Celaena closed her eyes.

Dorian looked down on her beautiful form as removed his finger and replaced it with his warm soft sweet lips.


celaena gasped at the sudden action, this gave Dorian the opportunity to sweep his tongue into her mouth kissing her passionately.

celaena wrapped her arms around the prince bring him closer, tangling her fingers in his silk black locks.

just as celaena started to respond, he abruptly pulled away and stood up.

" take that as a punishment for speaking down to me fair maiden" Dorian smirks before practically skipping out of celaenas room.


celaena only laid there starring up at the ceiling trying to catch her sharp ragged breath.

"damn you Dorian, leaving me hanging, does he even realise how I feel?" she hissed as she turned over and before falling asleep muttering 


"I love you Dorian

That was the undeniable truth, celaena secret and fear. Celaena loved Dorian the crown prince of Adarlan, the son of the heartless tyrant king. 

unaware of that said man was standing outside the door, hearing every word she said. Completely not drunk.

Well those acting classes mother made me take did come in useful for something after all, Dorian smirked and walked away leaving the flustered sleeping assassin in her room



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