Celaena sardothien. Beautiful. Deadly. Destined for love.

Celaena keeps a secret, a special place in her heart for a special someone in the castle .

For the heir of fire completion


1. Snooker cube?

Celaena passed the halls of the castle letting out the occasional hiss and growl under her breath.


"where is he??" Celaena cries slamming her fist into the cold, hard stone walls.

"well aren't you lucky that walls made of stone we don't want the same incident as last time" a soft deep velvet voice teases from the shadows. 

Celaena and Dorian had been meaning to go into town to get new books. Although there was thousands of books in the royal family's person library. The type of books Celaena was looking for would never be found in this castle except maybe under Dorians bed, he had to learn from somewhere and he defiantly did not learn it from his pig of a father.

"shut up you know that wasn't my fault, it was yours Dorian" Celaena snapped pouting.

Dorian flicked his soft, inky, curly black hair out of his face and looks over at the assassin, amusement clearly shinning in his deep sapphire eyes.

"my fault you was the one that hit the glass wall, with your tiny hands" Dorian smirks and lets out a little chuckle. 

"tiny hands who do you think your talking to??!" Celaena balls her fists at her sides, her long manicured nails biting into her palms.

"the question is who do you think your talking to?" Dorian replays back with an all to smug face.

"why I'm talking to my dearest prince, the honourable noble jackass" celaena crosses her arms and smirks at Dorians stunned face at what she just said.

after a few moments of Celaena basking in Dorians reaction, he finally spoke with a cheeky grin,

"I have a feeling we've had a conversation like this before, I told you to mid your tongue"

" I told you the guards were to far away to hear"

" yes now I recall you threatened to poke me up the bottom with a snooker cube"

" the threat still stands" 

"you have no snooker cube"

" no but i do have tiny hands"


Dorian goes dead silent misinterpreting what Celaena had said.

he smirked, 

"Ow, really?" He asks in a flirtatious and sarcastic manner.

"not like that you idiot " 

"I would have asked fleet foot to bring me one"

"so where do your hand come into that equation Celaena?"

"I'd whistle for her "

" but Celaena there are much better uses for your hands"

"Go away you pervert, I'd gut you"


celaena stomps as hard as she can on Dorians foot completely forgetting why she arranged to meet him as she stormed away, Dorians laughter echoing of the cold solid stone walls.


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