Dont let me go

Please don't leave. Please don't go

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1. just another day

Emma's pov

I woke up with my hair in a huge mess. I looked at my phone it was 10 am. It was Saturday.

EMMA GET DOWN HERE YOU FUCKER. You sighed as you walked down the stairs. Yea mom. He grabbed you and pushed you into the stairs. You wined in pain. That's what you get for being a little whore. You ran up the stairs to your bedroom you locked the door and texted your boyfriend Mikey.

Hey Mikey

Hey babe what's up

That's the thing..

Emma what's wrong is it your mom


I will be right over pack some things your staying wit me for a little

Thanks your the best baby. I love you

I love you to be there soon!

You pack your things you get dressed into high waist jeans and a lime green crop top that said Love.

You go down stairs and your mom was right there.

Where the fuck do you think your going?

With some friends

No your not

Ok then

You walk back up the stairs.

You open your window and climb out.


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