You were always the one.

Hazel is a shy,insecure girl but Jai gets to know her and describes her as fun beautiful and bubbly to find out more read the story...Apparently its the best part:D


11. WOAH!

Hazel's POV:

So when it came morning I woke up and I was half asleep half awake...I walk into the bathroom brush my teeth and wash my face...Walk out of my room and scream...Jai laying in my bed...NAKED! Best vision of my life but thank god he didnt hear me scream!

Hazel:Uhmm Jai?


Jai jumps out of the bed and realises that he has no pants on and grabs my blanket for "coverage"

Hazel:Hahaha did I scare you?


Hazel:Well you better put some uhh pants on..

Jai:Oh yeah!

Hazel:were you forgetting?

Jai:Yeah bahaha!



Hazel:Do you remember last night?

Jai:Very clearly...

Hazel:You probably regret it...

Jai:STOP! I dont regret any moment with you..never have never will..

He comes over to me and pulls me close by the waist and holds me tight.

Jai:Hazel...We are one now..You are my world..I love you

Hazel:Aww I love you too!

When he said he loved me my eyes watered with tears and then he kissed me

He gave me that big grin that I love and I couldnt resist but hug him tighter!

Jai:I need to sneak out the window

Hazel:Yeah haha! Jai

Jai:Yeah babe?

Hazel:I really do love you

Jai:I love you more!

Hazel:Thats not even remotely possible

Jai:It is if its me..


Jai grabbed me closer and held me and kissed my forehead

He then opened my window and tried to climb down but failed..He fell the whole way down

Hazel:Oh my god Jai! Are you okay?

Jai:Im fine babe!!


Jai:I'll see you at school!

Hazel:Not if I see you first!

Jai:Which ever as long as I get to be with you!

Hazel:Yeah..Can't wait!

Jai:Love you lots like jelly tots!

Hazel:I love you tons my honey buns!



Wow! So yeah thats a story for the grandkids!

Me and Jai's grandkids!

So yeah thats my life story and thats how I met the love of my life! 

The one that keeps me breathing..<3

Love you Jai!:')



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