You were always the one.

Hazel is a shy,insecure girl but Jai gets to know her and describes her as fun beautiful and bubbly to find out more read the story...Apparently its the best part:D


2. Who's the new girl?

Jai's POV:

So it was a usual day for me and as fucking usual nothing special..same old people same old cunt and what not

So it was 7:30 and I got out of bed got dressed for school did my hair and everthing else.

Me and Luke headed for school at 8:30 and got there at 8:50.

Our first class was math and I hate math.

So me and Luke were walking to class and I seen this girl,

Black hair and thats all I could really see because she was faced back to us.

Luke:Wonder who she is

Jai:Dont know,probably in a younger year than us


Luke has this face he makes all the fucking time its like if he wants something

Jai:Dont get any idea's Luke she is deifnatley younger than us

Luke:Aw come on not that much younger 

Jai:Come on or we will be late!

So we walked to class got there just in time thank god for that!


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