You were always the one.

Hazel is a shy,insecure girl but Jai gets to know her and describes her as fun beautiful and bubbly to find out more read the story...Apparently its the best part:D


5. So thought she was younger than us..?

Luke's POV:

So I saw her!! me and Jai raided the fucking corridors for her and we couldnt find her so Beau went to look in the girls bathroom he should be back soon.

Beau:He I'm back..


Beau:She in there alright

Jai:Thats what she said..

Beau:FUCK WHY?!!?

Luke:It comes natrually beaubo

Jai:So she is there?

Beau:Yeah she was crying.

Luke:Did she know you were there?

Beau:Yeah I asked her was she ok


Beau:Can you guys stop talking in unison its a bit annoying..Yeah she told me something

Jai:Sorry..what do you expect we are twins..

Luke:What did she say?

Beau:She said some girl pushed her and called her ugly

Jai:Damn bitches always picking like a chicken

Luke:What did she look like

Beau:Guys this is no lie..She looked like heaven 



Beau:Yeah not messing.

Jai:We'll talk later we gotta get to class

Beau:Yeah ok seeya!

So me and Jai walked to class and we went in and sat down.

A knock came on the was the principle

Luke:Oooohhh skips in trouble

Jai:Well seeya soon Skip 

Ms.Mahony:Actually boys Im not here for anyone...As you all know there is a new student in the school and she is quite shy but I want you all to treat her with some respect

Random guy:Yeah right girls dont need respect!

Jai:Shut the fuck up dirty pig!

Luke:Yeah you dont deserve life!

Ms.Mahony:Anywayy she is in your class.

Me and Jai looked at each other with curiosity.

Ms.Mahony:Everyone this is Hazel

Luke: *whispers* Jaii its her!

Jai:*whispers* She's beautful how could anyone call her ugly

Luke:And you said she was younger than us..?

Jai:I thought she might have been

So me and Jai were happy out for the rest of class Jai kept looking at her she had her face down...She was so insecure.


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