You were always the one.

Hazel is a shy,insecure girl but Jai gets to know her and describes her as fun beautiful and bubbly to find out more read the story...Apparently its the best part:D


10. Chanele's crib...

Jai's POV:

So I was thinking as I was walking over to Hazel's if I ask her to go out with me..what if she says no..i dont take rejection so well..Im not gonna kill her or anything but I will probably just cry when I get home..So I decided to just give it a shot..I walked up to her door and knocked on it..

Hazel's mum answered the door

Jai:Hey ms.smith is Hazel here?

Mrs.smith:Yeah she is..HAZEL!! JAI IS HERE.!

Hazel:Ohh hey *chews food* Im just eating..whats up?

Jai:Ohh I'll come back later..


Jai:So hey *hugs Hazel*

Hazel: H_hey whats up?

Jai:So just thought maybe we could hang out?


Me and Hazel spent about 3 hours talking in her room we had a laugh and a few serious moments but you know! I like that about can say what you want around her

So I  asked her a quesiton it was really awkward but I had to.

Jai:So can i ask you something?

Hazel:Sure go ahead!

Jai:Are you a virgin?

Hazel:Uhmm yeah why? are you?

Jai:Im just asking and Yeah I am..

Hazel:Ahh thats cool we are the v kids!

Jai:Haha when do you plan on like you know losing it?

Hazel:Whenever the right guy comes about you?

Jai:Yeah the same with would you know when the right guy comes along?

Hazel: I dont know..

Jai:How about when he does this..

Next thing I know we are making out on her bed..I smoothly slipped my tongue in her mouth..she was laying on the bed and i was on top of her and then she had her hands around my back..she wanted to go further but I stopped it 

Jai:Wait..are you sure?

Hazel:Of course Im sure Jai..your the one guy

Jai:Your the one girl

So we went ahead with you know I dont want to say any details but you know what I mean.

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