You were always the one.

Hazel is a shy,insecure girl but Jai gets to know her and describes her as fun beautiful and bubbly to find out more read the story...Apparently its the best part:D


8. Best friends!

Jai's POV:

So this new girl Hazel is pretty amazing like I really like her she is really nice and kind and generous and bubbly.Me and Luke are like best friends with her now.

Jai:Hey did you see Hazel?

Luke:No not since yesterday

As we were talking about Hazel she was right behind me and I say things at the wrong place and the wrong time...

Jai:Luke..I really like Hazel like not just friends but I think I..I love her?Is that weird



Hazel:Its not weird at all Jai..*giggles*

Jai:Oh uhh Hazel hey uh uhmm *scratches head*

Luke:I'll just go

Hazel:So what was that all about?

Jai:Uhh... I dont know


Jai:So you wanna hang out after school?

Hazel:Uhmm sure *smiles*

Her smile just brightens my day..I love the way she flashes her pearly whites at me and she makes me get butterflies in my stomach.


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