You were always the one.

Hazel is a shy,insecure girl but Jai gets to know her and describes her as fun beautiful and bubbly to find out more read the story...Apparently its the best part:D


7. Are you okay?

Hazel's POV:

Its been such a stressful week because I have been getting so much hassle in school and its only been 1 day.

Well I better go t bed for school tomorrow...

Its 7:00am and I get out of bed and stumble to the closet my mother calls me for breakfast and Im so fucking mad at this point so I throw the pillow at the door


So I get a shower get into some nice clothes and curl my hair...I just met these twins and they make me feel special or something around them I dont know what it is.

So I grab my bag and walk to school...I see the twins and another 3 guys walking and I try to hide myself but apparently I didnt hide well enough..


Hazel:Ermm hi whats up?

Jai:Hey beautiful!

When Jai said that my heart started pounding and my breathing increased heavily.

Beau:Hey whats up?

Hazel:Nothing much what about you guys?

James:Hey Hazel I beleive we haven't met..Im James 

Daniel:Hey baby Im daniel but call me skip

Hazel:*Giggles* Mkayy

Luke:Your laugh is beautiful

Jai:I know right? 

Hazel:Not really..not from what I have heard

Beau:Who said what and I'll kill them with my chin

Hazel:Haha it was in my old school new start and your chin?

Beau:Yeah my chin is shaped like a dorrito

Hazel:Aw it actually is haa

Jai:So you wanna hang out this weekend Hazey

Hazel:You called me Hazey..Noone calls me that and I dont know

Jai:Ohh sorry and aw come on

Hazel:No need to be sorry I mean its sweet for you to say that and I'll think about it

Luke:No thinking just hang out with know you want to.

Hazel:Yeah I never really had friends back in Ireland

Jai:How is that even possible

Hazel:What do you mean?

Jai:Well..Your perfect..your hair is amazing..your beautiful,your personality oh my god your just perfection!

Luke:Nice speech Jai..

Hazel:Awhh you guys are so sweet

Jai:Awhh no you are

Beau:Yeah you are

Luke:Ok ok lets go to school before we're late

So we walked to school...I made 5 new friends isnt that great!


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