Whether it's gay smut, straight fluff or anything in the section of fanfiction; here are some Dan and Phil imagines and smutty tales for your enjoyment ;)

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4. When You're Down ~ Phil Lester Imagine 2#

My loud boots clacked against my side as I jogged up the stairs with them firmly in my hand. “Hey guys!” I called to them as I carefully placed my shoes on the top step to the apartment.
           There was quiet clatter coming from the kitchen but other than that there was nothing. Just silence. I stupidly decided to ignore this and carried on calling excitedly. “Hey!”
     This morning Phil, my best friend and qualified Youtuber, reached 2 million subscribers. I had called him this morning when he was still asleep and the news seemed to cheer up his lagging morning mood. Sadly I had to work and Phil wouldn’t go out and celebrate without me so he stayed at home and no doubt ate them both out of house and home.
   “Dan? Phil?” I power walked into the lounge and the huge grin that was splayed on my face instantly fell.
   Phil was lying on his side on the couch, he was breathing slowly and evenly and his hair was scattered messily on his head. Why was he asleep?
    I stood at one end of the room debating a reason as to why he was asleep on such a day. I was about to crouch down next to him when a sad looking Dan appeared in the living room doorway, he gestured for me to come into the hallway and speak to him.
       Once I was out of the room he gently clicked the door shut and whispered softly
“We need to talk…”
Wordlessly he led me up to the office and took a seat on the spinning chair in the centre of the room. I meanwhile perched on the end of the sofa bed. “What happened to Phil?” I questioned “Well since you two spoke on the phone this morning a lot has happened.” Dan was extremely quiet and it was probably down to the fact that Phil was clearly upset and Dan obviously didn’t know what to do.
    “After he had been tweeting back hundreds of replies to his 2 million subs tweet, there notice there were a few hater comments on his last video- more than usual. I don’t know what happened….I was sat next to him in the lounge and he started to cry. You know Phil, he never gets upset like that, and also the pressure of making a new video every week is starting to get to him. I’ve sat with him all day until about an hour ago when he fell asleep. I asked him if he wanted to call you but he said he didn’t want to upset you.”
    All the way through I was silent. Tears were brimming up and threatening to spill down my cheeks. He quickly spotted and wiped away my tears with the sleeves of his jumper. He pulled me into a hug and patted my back gently.
“How can I help?” I sniffed burying my head in the crook of Dan’s neck “Just stay with him. He needs you so much right now…”
So that’s what I did.
When I returned to the lounge I took a seat on the floor opposite Phil and about half a meter away so my back was pressed against the coffee table and my long legs folded so my knees just touched the couch.
     He looked so adorable when he slept that I even had to let out a little sigh. His hair was in its natural form and was falling all the way across his face, sheltering his sky blue eyes, nose and flushed cheeks. Phil’s arms were folded across his lower torso his legs were slightly bent. I felt awful that Phil had had a pretty rough day and I hadn’t been there to comfort him.
     From the doorway I turned and saw Dan with a mug of coffee in his hand. Carefully he placed it down on the coffee table and turned back to me. Tucked under one arm he had two carefully folded blankets, one pink and spotty and the other was blue and green stripes. Of course Dan gently placed the blue and green one on me and the pink onto the sleeping Phil. Once again Dan smiled half-heartedly and left the room.
    My eyes were drawn back to Phil. Just with one look at him my heart began to swell with so much affection it made me ache. He was beautiful and precious to everyone yet he saw himself as a nuisance. My Phil is truly amazing. 

It must have been a while before I began to awake from slumber. My hair felt grimey and my eyes felt heavy. I let out a tiny groan. A small chuckle escaped someone very close to me. Suddenly I was forced to open my eyes by a gentle whisper about a centimeter away from my nose. 


His voice was groggy and his ebony hair stuck out in all different directions, none the less he looked happy to see me. Until he realised what had happened before he had become dead to the world. That’s when the small grin fell right off his face. 

“Hey” I whispered back.

I reached out a shaking hand and caressed his cheek slowly with the tips of my fingers. Phil’s eyes wouldn’t meet mine. He just stared into a small compact space above my head, he was trying his hardest not to cry in front of me.

“Did he call you?” 

By ‘he’ he meant Dan, and by the sound of his voice it sounded like Dan was given strict rules not to call me at any costs. Whether Phil was on fire or being rushed to A and E. 

“I’m not sure why it matters, I’m here now Phil.”

“It matters because I don’t like anyone seeing me like this. Especially not you.”

“But I want to be here for you Phil. Because I love you.” 

His eyes flickered down towards my glassy ones, our gazes met and I knew instantly that he was about to have a meltdown. Every inch of his face was tensed and strained as he gave all his willpower not to cry in front of the only girl he felt he’d ever love. But slowly and gradually, he accepted defeat. Without warning, a single tear rolled down his flushed right cheek. Before he could reach up to wipe it away my hand had already covered it. As I pulled my quaking hand away, Phil softly touched my wrist which sent multiple chills all through my body. His eyes widened, already tinted red from crying.
“ me?” He asked quietly so no one could hear him. 

It didn’t take me long to come up with an answer.

“Of course I do, Phil.” “I love you too.” 

He managed a smile then, and it seemed all too genuine. 

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