Whether it's gay smut, straight fluff or anything in the section of fanfiction; here are some Dan and Phil imagines and smutty tales for your enjoyment ;)

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3. The First Move ~ Phil Lester Imagine 1#

I sat on one of the many chairs in the large room and smiled as I saw the happiness spread from her head to her toes which were pressed into her white satin high heels. A familiar song played over the speakers the newlyweds danced and swayed in each other’s arms with love-struck expressions plastered onto their faces. I found myself swaying gently to, just watching two people so in love made my heart melt.

    I felt a light tap on my shoulder, I turned to see Mrs Lester smiling at me, and a sad expression was set into her eyes. “Oh hey Mrs Lester” I grinned at her but her forced smile quickly fell. “I’m sorry to ruin your night sweetheart” she began she took a seat next to me and held my hands in hers. At first she couldn’t meet my eyes but she soon adjusted. “What’s wrong?” I asked, all the happiness gone from my voice. “It’s about Phil…” she explained

Phil Lester had been my best friend ever since I could remember. I loved him unconditionally and no one could tell me otherwise. We’re both 25 years of age yet neither of us had love interests. Phil lived with another friend of mine called Dan, I lived just a couple of houses down from their cosy flat and I lived alone; still close to him, but not as close as I would like.

    Phil’s mum often worried about him over small things like odd socks or eating habits (Which was all the time) however tonight her body language indicated that this paranoid mood wasn’t over his irritating tapping.

    “What happened to him?” I questioned, my eyes began to search the room looking for any sign of the tall, broad shouldered boy who towered over most people. I didn’t find him.

“All night he’s been acting strange and he won’t talk to me when I ask him…whenever I spot him in the crowd he’s always staring at-“ her breath caught in her throat but she sighed deeply and finished “You.” The words were unexpected but I let them sink in quickly. Why was Phil, of all people, looking at me? “Where is he now?”

    He actually turned out to be lying just outside the manor on the large plain of grass, his back was to the ground and his long slim hands were by his sides as he idly twirled a few blades of grass in-between his fingers. Those blue eyes which had secretly gazed upon me tonight were turned up to the sky.

“Lovely night” I say as I lie there next to him in the long grass.

He turns his head to look at me and smiles half-heartedly. Phil tended to smile like this when his mind had been wandering, like it often did.

“It is”

His reply was quiet but it was heard openly in the peaceful silence. The only sound was faint music from the wedding reception behind us and the crickets chirping all around us. It wasn’t awkward – in fact it was completely the opposite. It was perfect.

      It was silent for a few more seconds before Phil took a deep breath as if to prepare himself for the statement that followed

“My mum sent you to check on me, didn’t she?” his eyes never left the stars twinkling above our heads.

“I’ll take that as a lucky guess.” I replied, my eyes also transfixed by the constellation above me.

“Something like that…” He whispered softly.

Everything about this moment was perfect. I know Phil felt the same way about it.

“Your mum can be a little paranoid” I told him quietly. “You’re not wrong there” he replied his voice still down to hushed whispers.

Beneath me I felt the grass provide a gentle support but a large part of me wanted Phil to support my body. To get closer and closer to him until there was no more room between us.

    He glanced at me for the second time since I sat down, but everything about him towards me had changed. His expression was different, his small smile, his eyes, his body language. He almost seemed…in love.

    Slowly but surely his searching hand found mine. I spread my fingers and entwined them with his. Almost simultaneously he and I stared at the two entwined hands in disbelief. It wasn’t long before we met each other’s eyes. We blinked twice to make sure it wasn’t a dream. It wasn’t.

  Phil sat up, his hand still in mine, his gaze not leaving my own.

“I’m sorry- it didn’t mean to happen- I just- I mean- I don’t…” he couldn’t find the right words to say so instead he pulled himself towards me and crashed his lips onto mine.

It shocked me at first but it wasn’t long before I was melting into his delicate lips, warm and soft against my own. My fingers that were free wound themselves into his dark locks and wrapped around each finger, his hands were cupping my cheeks which were flushed crimson.

“Is this right?” he asked pulling away.

I pushed our lips together again and I felt him smile

Of course it was…

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