James and Harry and the lost cub

This story is about James, a young elephant who finds a lion cub and goes through a series of events to take the Lion cub home:

Chapter one was for a coloring book contest in my town so it has to be stupid and kid sounding. ( So ignore that)

Real story starts on chapter 2


2. Chapter One: The Lion Rock


After their fun day of playing tag. James and Harry met again the next day to play again.

“Remember! Don’t wander off!” Harry’s and James’s moms yelled. “Ok!” the elephants yelled back, they ran into the dirt and started playing tag.

“Tag! YOUR IT!” Harry hit James in the side with his trunk. James made a sharp turn and bumped into Harry.

“TAG!!!! Your it!” James giggled as he quickly ran to his right. He tripped over a rock and tumbled down the hill that separates the ponds and the fields. “JAMES!!” Harry yelled. He ran to the edge, watching James tumble down the hill, heading for the lion rock. James tried to stop but he was going too fast.”AaAaAHhHhHh! As he fell closer to the Lion’s Rock, he slowed down. He finally bumped into the rock. Harry tumbled after him. “JjJjJaAaAmMmMeEeEsSs!!”

Harry yelled as he bumps off some stray rocks.

Harry was getting closer, which meant he was going to crash into James “Harry! Slow Down!” James called out.

Harry seemed like he was moving faster than slower.

“IiIi CcCcCaAaNnN’tT!” he yelled back, moving faster and faster. Harry crashed right into James. “Ooow!” James exclaimed.”Sorry!” Harry whispered. James got up and then he walked around the rock. “Pretty rock!!” he admired. Harry, who wasn’t on board with the “Walking around a rock that they crashed into. “Our moms said we had to stay close to them.” Harry whispered. “Can we go home now?” Harry whined. “No, I want to explore this rock!” James stomped around the rock.

Harry, who was still very scared looked around the rock, to make sure there was nothing bad coming.

“Hey, James, what are those things running our way?”

Harry whispered. James picked his head up from the ground and looked at the pack of lions heading toward them. “Uhh we should go home.” James agreed. He turned and headed toward the hill. As he ran up, he started slowing down and he started to slip. “I can’t get up!” James groans as he trys as hard as he can to walk up.

“They are getting closer James!” Harry called as he slowly backed up also.

“STAY WHERE YOU ARE!” a deep, scary voice called.

“Hurry James!” Harry whispered. James could hear the fear in Harry’s voice.

“I am trying!” James whispered back.

He tried all his might to get up but his feet kept slipping. The pack of lions had gotton so close, you could see the deadly glares. They were licking their lips, ready for dinner. “Hurry James!!” Harry yelled, and this time it was loud enough for the lions to hear because they picked up speed. The sky had gone orange and the sun was slowly melting into the horizon.


“Our moms said to be home before the sun went down.”

Harry whined, once again. James turned his head to see the Lions already to the rock, slowly walking closer, ready to pounce.

“Why are you on our territory?” the leader growled.

“We- we fell.” Harry choked. James could tell Harry was going to cry.

“We were playing by the pond and I fell down the hill.” James explained. James was also very scared too, but he didn’t want the lions taunting him over the fact he was going to cry. “Right, and what shall we do with YOU!!” the leader growled. Harry whimpered and started to cry. “Hush you small elephant. Go home before I change my mind and have you for dinner.” The leader growled louder

Harry shrieked and dashed up the hill. He slid a little bit but he made it up. “Come on James!!” he called. “Coming!” James called back and he ran up the hill. He kept slipping but he didn’t want to be dinner.

When he made it up the hill, he ran straight home. Harry was already there. “Mama, then he fell and then, and then” he couldn’t even finish because the tears were going down his face so fast.


“James Pens!, how could you sneak off like that!!!” James’s mother yelled at James. “But mom! I fell!”

James’s mother rolled her eyes and whipped her trunk back and forth, “That sounds like a load of fooey!”

James hung his head and started to cry.

“Mama, I really fell!” he cried out

“I don’t care, you are grounded!” his mother yelled as she stomped away.


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