James and Harry and the lost cub

This story is about James, a young elephant who finds a lion cub and goes through a series of events to take the Lion cub home:

Chapter one was for a coloring book contest in my town so it has to be stupid and kid sounding. ( So ignore that)

Real story starts on chapter 2


1. Coloring Book contest chapter ( Not really story)

One hot day in Africa, a small elephant herd stopped to get a drink of water. “Mama, can I get some water too?” James whined to his mom. “James, of course you can.” his mom answered. James stumbled toward the water and started to drink.


James stopped drinking and he jumped into the water.

“WHOOOHOOO!” he yelled. “James, no playing, stand next to me.” his mama called to him.

“Sorry mom.” he hung his head low and walked back.


He sat right next to his mom. “This is boring” he whispered. “But mama!! I don’t want to take a bath.”

a high squeaky voice yelled from across the water. James jumped up and looked around.


James walked around the herd. “Hello?” he called.

He didn’t see anyone his age. “Mama, I don’t want to.”

the squeaky voice yelled again. James ran around a group of adult elephants to find the other kid.


James stopped to look around. He then saw a small elephant enter the water. James got very happy and he ran straight into the water. He splashed the other elephants until he got to the young elephant. “Hi!” James yelled as he splashed him. “Hi! I’m Harry.” the squeaky voice giggled.


“I’m James.” James answered.

They danced around each other, splashing and making noise. “Hey, you want to go into the dirt and play tag?”

Harry asked. “I need to ask my mom.” James said. He jumped out and ran back to his parents.


“Hey mama?” James yelled. He jumped around his mom.

“Can I go play tag with Harry? James sat down and used his puppy eyes. “Sure, but make sure his parents are nearby.” His mom hugged James and James ran back to Harry.


James ran back into the water, splashing Harry again.

“I can go!” James yelled to Harry. Harry jumped up and down. “Let me go ask my mama!” Harry ran out the water and to his mom.


“Mama? Can me and James go play in the dirt and play?” Harry begged. His mom nodded. “Yes, but don’t go too far, stay close to me and your father.” Harry jumped up and down. Harry ran back into the water, and next to James


“Lets go!” Harry yelled. James and Harry ran out of the water and into the dirt and started playing tag. They played for hours until their moms came and picked them up. “Goodbye Harry.” James whispered.”Goodbye James.” Harry answered.

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