Pretty when you cry

He approached my locker he's cute no I told my self no stop


1. chapter one

Penny's pov

Yay another morning of hell I mumbled as Luke Hemmings put his arm against the locker beside mine with a slight smile he was a bad boy not my type. I like him he just He's just not my type my parents would kill me if they knew I even talked to him. "So are you going to the valentine dance he smirked". "Not with you that's for sure I replied." "Awe why not baby just look at me he smirked". "Don't you have one of your sluts to go with or something I tried to walk away but he stopped me "nah he said". "Luke I'm trying to go to class fuck off". " catch ya later he said and clicked his tongue". God he's a fucking dream he can't be truly mine even if I actually wanted him, he's a natural player he tries to pick up on every girl in school. I walked into my home room, of course he sat in the chair next to mine he's so fucking annoying yet cute. When I say don't he held onto my thigh I shivered a little scared he mumbled. Hey love birds! I jolted up as the teacher said that. Why don't you pay attention the teacher said, then Luke said yeah penny and smirked.

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