What I Like About You

The last thing Eleanor (Elle) Darling thought, would be that she would fall for the cashier at AEO. Although she keeps convincing herself that this isn't a crush, she just can't stop thinking about Luke. But when he suddenly asks for her number, she starts to convince herself that they might be a future couple, but Elle isn't sure that this will all end well...

Rosalyn (Rosie) Mancini has the best boyfriend ever, Spencer. He's loving, caring, funny... But when Ashton, Luke's band mate, comes into her life, she realizes that Spencer can't be the one. She grows feelings for Ashton but doesn't have the heart to break up with Spencer. Who will she choose and what will she do?

(This story takes place before 5sos are famous)


7. Chapter 6

Wow this chapter is short... Sorry :( I'm trying to update pretty often. Since tomorrow's Friday, I'm hoping that I'll be able to write and get something better up for you guys. Now, I'd like to dedicate this chapter to someone who's comment made my day! Thanks so much!!! Enjoy reading :)



Ashton's pov

I love her name. It reminds me of a spring day.

I love her eyes. When you look into them it's like watching a rainy day.

I love her hair. It's darker than midnight.

I lover her smile. The way she uses her whole face to do so, the way her nose crinkles when she does.

She was beautiful. I couldn't deny that fact.

Rosie's pov

Elle and I were heading home in my old pickup truck. It was the cheapest on the lot that was in actual driving condition. Plus, I liked the way it looked. It wasn't your typical Honda or mini van, it showed my unique personality.

The ride back to Elle's apartment was kind of awkward for me. I didn't want to admit it, but I think I managed to develop a crush and mess up my whole life by just meeting Ashton Irwin.

It made me uncomfortable to admit that my feelings for Spencer had just kind of vanished. It made me think that I might've not even loved him. Meeting Ash made me believe that I hadn't even experienced what it was like to love someone.

And that scared me. I thought loving someone was easy, like it was with Spencer. Get together with each other and tell them you love them. I was wrong. I never experienced the butterflies I had today. Never have I felt this happy looking at a boy, nor this nervous standing in the presence if one. I always thought of myself as a confident person until this afternoon.

That's why I think Elle knew something was up. On a normal day, I would've been talkative and outgoing. Once I stepped in front of Ash, I suddenly got shy, afraid that he'd not like me. I've never had this problem before and it's scaring me more than anyone would ever know.


I could see that Elle wanted to say something, but she kept silent until we stepped into her apartment.

"Okay," she said seriously, as we sat at her kitchen table across from one another. "I don't want to jump to conclusions, but what happened today?"

"Well... Ummm..." I couldn't tell her that I liked Ashton. Would she tell Spencer? I dot want to hurt him and I think I still have some feelings for him. But then again, I need to tell someone and there's no better person to tell than the girl who's practically your sister.

After another moments hesitation, I finally whispered, "Just don't interrupt until I'm done with what I want to say." Why was I so nervous? Elle just nods and I could see the shadow of a smile creep across her face. She knows what's wrong, she just needs me to say it.

"Well, everything was good until I saw Ash. He made me feel like nothing I've felt before and I'm scared, Eleanor. I'm really scared." This came out fast, but the next part comes out in a rush. It was like one line if words strung together. "Ithinkimightlikehim."

Elle caught on that I was done taking and said, "I knew it. You've never looked at someone like that ever. Not even Spencer. Plus, you were almost drooling as you stared at him the whole concert."

"I don't know what to do..." I trailed off. It was like our rolls were switched. This morning, Elle needed the support and now I'm the one crumbling.

She smiled sympathetically and said, "Don't worry dear, we'll figure things out."

In that moment I could almost believe her words.

Elle's pov

Words can't describe how bad I feel for Rosie. She's torn. Without her saying so, I knew that she liked Ash, but was with Spencer.

Even though she was this loud, fearless person, she still had a heart bigger than the sun. Her problems, to some, may seem small, but to her she can't even stand the thought of hurting someone in any way.

It tough for her and although I didn't say it, I'm afraid things might get worse.


Luke: hey beautiful

Me: what's your favorite animal??? :-/

Luke: random... But penguin

Me: how's it going, my penguin?

Luke: I feel loved *blushes*

Me: ur cute

Rosie staying the night and she's passed out on the couch. It's only 9:00 so I decided to text back to Luke. I've also decided to give Luke somewhat of a chance. I won't stay away, but I won't rush into a relationship either.

Just like Rosie, I've realized that I'm torn. So I'm meeting in the middle for now. We'll see how long that lasts.

Before I knew it though, I found myself asleep, dreaming about the millions of ways that Luke could brake me.

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