What I Like About You

The last thing Eleanor (Elle) Darling thought, would be that she would fall for the cashier at AEO. Although she keeps convincing herself that this isn't a crush, she just can't stop thinking about Luke. But when he suddenly asks for her number, she starts to convince herself that they might be a future couple, but Elle isn't sure that this will all end well...

Rosalyn (Rosie) Mancini has the best boyfriend ever, Spencer. He's loving, caring, funny... But when Ashton, Luke's band mate, comes into her life, she realizes that Spencer can't be the one. She grows feelings for Ashton but doesn't have the heart to break up with Spencer. Who will she choose and what will she do?

(This story takes place before 5sos are famous)


6. Chapter 5

Let me just start by saying thanks to everyone who actually reads my story! It means sooo much! You guys are literally the best. I just got 40 reads and to me that's huge. I honestly didn't think people would take the time to read it, so this is really exciting :) also, I want to say that I'm super sorry for taking this long to update, I've been trying my hardest to get a chapter up! Thank you and enjoy!

- E


Elle's pov

Rosie: heyo r u done with worko?

Me: heading home. Luke wants me to go to band practice, u up for?

Rosie: is that even a question!? I'm in the car now

Me: okay :)


The tires of my jeep crackled against the pavement as I pulled into a parking space minutes after I texted Rosie. Quickly, I hopped out of the car and ran into my apartment building, hoping to be ready before Rosie arrives.

Luckily, the elevator opens immediately after I pressed the button. My finger presses floor 5 and slowly, the elevator glides upwards. I rush down the hall once the doors open and easily unlock my door.

Before I even reach my room, my mind is already thinking about what I want to wear. There was no way that I was going in my work clothes, which consisted of a black top with black pants.

I grab the first presentable outfit I find. My you complete mess crop top with high waisted maroon shorts. Today happened to be one of the very many warm days here.

The weather here is normally boiling and sunny, but every once on a while well have a freak cold day. That's why I always have clothes prepared for all types of weather.

Just as I finished tying my vans, I heard, "Rosie has arrived!" Yelled from the front if the house. Rosie has one of my keys, so she doesn't bother knocking, but instead just barges in whenever she desires.

"Hey!" I yell back. "Currently grabbing my phone and walking out of my room!" I head out into the living room where I find Rosie ready to leave.

"I really hope they're good because I don't want to listen to bad music for their whole practice," Rosie stated. I just nod back and we walk out to Rosie's car, chatting.


We arrive at Ashton, the drummer's, house. Luke was telling me that Ashton has his own place, so they always practice there.

Rosie and I walk up to his front door and knock. Seconds later the door is opened and we're greeted by a boy with lime green hair. Very vibrant green hair.

"Hi!" He smiles goofily. "You must be Elle." He points at me.

I giggle and nod, "Yes I am. And this is my best friend Rosie. Nice to meet you."

"Michael, the name's Michael Clifford. Pleasure to meet you both. Come in!"

We follow Michael into the house, which looks quite empty. There was the basics, couch, tv, lamp, table, but not many decorations. We continue to walk behind Michael as he guides us down stairs.

"This is where the magic happens," he explains. He was basically giving us a tour to the place before bringing us to the rest of the guys. Michael seemed very friendly, I could see myself becoming good friends with him. He would make a good older brother, comforting and ready to listen. I always wondered what it would be like to have a brother...

After walking down the stairs, we entered a large room filled with instruments, a couch and a fridge. A drum kit was sitting in the back of their setup, with a microphone beside it. Many guitars were scattered throughout the room and three other microphones were set up around the drums, marking where the other guys stood.

Two guys were sitting on the couch talking with Luke. When we entered the room though, they looked up and I don't think I've ever seen someone smile as big as Luke did.

His dimples showed and his blue eyes glowed. Quickly, Luke got up and rushed over to me. His arms wrapped around me and mine looped around his neck.

"It feels like I haven't seen you in forever," Luke whispered in my ear. In reply, I stood on my tip toes and kissed his cheek. Although I could see his face turn slightly darker and I could feel the electricity inside me swirl when I saw him, I couldn't help but think that this wouldn't last forever. That one day he'd get over me and move on.

But then again, the other side of me thought. This might be the one that stays. Luke Hemmings might be the one. My thoughts were battling inside of me and I mentally wished that the one side of me was right. I really wanted the staying side to win.

I wanted to feel this happy forever,I wanted to feel the way that Luke made me feel.

Then, we untwined our arms from each other and I got introduced to all of them.

"I'm Calum," one of the guys said. He had chocolatey brown hair with a squishy looking face. We shook hands and then did the same with Rosie.

"And since you've already met Michael, the last one to introduce you to is Ashton," Luke told us.

Ashton held out a hand to both of us and gave us a beautiful smile. Although he was very attractive, I realized that I'd easily choose Luke. Ashton didn't make me feel nervous like Luke did the first time, he felt welcoming.

I glanced at Rosie after we shook his hand and saw that her face was red. She looked quite nervous and her eyes would only leave the floor every few seconds to catch a look at Ashton.

Then, they all led us to they're couch and we sat while they got their instruments set up.

Luke gave us both a water, on my orders and I watched as Rosie nervously, but silently squeezed and pressed it. She was acting strange since we met Ash.

My mind immediately thought, Rosie likes Ashton! But she was dating and totally in love with Spencer. What's up with her?


I snapped back into reality when a hand was swiped in front of my face.

"Earth to Elle!" Rosie called. I blinked a couple of times, pushing my thoughts aside.

"Okay," Luke said. "Now that everyone's minds have joined us," he winked at me and I sheepishly smiled. "We will now start practice." His voice echoed through the microphone. All the lads we in their spots behind their instruments. "Today we're going to do something a little differently though... Since we have an audience, we're going to play through our playlist and get feedback for each song. Is that good with you guys?"

"Yup," I replied. Rosie nodded.

"Hi, we're 5 seconds of summer! Are you ready to rock?! We hope you have the time of your lives!" This was all said said by Michael.

The boys went through each song, all of them sounding great. Their voices were perfect. The skill on each instrument was breathtaking. The meaning to their songs was wow. Their whole performance couldn't be described in a single word. They played with their hearts. One could easily tell that performing was where they belonged. All of them looked so much more comfortable up there. I was actually shocked by how beautiful it was.

"So...?" Calum asked afterwards.

Rosie, acting more like her outgoing self, answered before I even took a breath in. "That was the best thing I've ever seen!" She almost yelled.

I nodded my head vigorously in agreement and Luke came over and wrapped his arms around me. I laid my head against his chest and laced my arms around his neck.

"I'm glad you liked it," he murmured in my ear.

"Words cannot describe how amazing that was," I smiled as I spoke. I wanted to tell him that the only thing better than this was him, but I stopped myself. I met him like two days ago and I remembered that I'm trying to keep my distance. Sometimes I think that I might be silly for being this cautious, other times I'm relieved that I am.

I turned my head up and looked I to his blue eyes. I smiled just slightly, just from looking at him. It was almost impossible not to. Then, Luke planted a kiss on my lips. I closed my eyes, absorbing every second of it. If there's one thing I'll never get tired of, it will be kissing Luke.

Rosie's pov

He smiled and my heart melted. "Ashton," he spoke.

"R-Rosie," I slightly stuttered back.

His curls were flowing freely with nothing holding them back. He had the most amazing green eyes that existed on the planet. The thing that made my heart skip a beat was his dimples. He looked like someone from a dream.

As I looked at him, I could feel myself start blushing. Quickly, my gaze averted to the floor, hoping that no one saw the rush of blood to my face.

Out of the corner of my eye, I thought I saw Elle cast a look at me and I found myself praying she didn't see the butterflies practically flying out of my stomach.

After what seemed like hours, but was only at the most of a minute, Elle and I sat down and watched them perform. Their music was like a favorite food, something you wouldn't stop eating.

During the performance, I found my eyes glued to Ashton as he rocked out on the drums. His muscles bulged with every hit and his harmonies sounded like honey. Sweet and smooth.

As I stared at Ash, I started to wonder why I was feeling like this around him. I'm in love with Spencer. At least I was supposed to be. I mean, this morning I couldn't imagine a life without Spencer, but now it doesn't seem to tricky to throw him out of the picture...

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