What I Like About You

The last thing Eleanor (Elle) Darling thought, would be that she would fall for the cashier at AEO. Although she keeps convincing herself that this isn't a crush, she just can't stop thinking about Luke. But when he suddenly asks for her number, she starts to convince herself that they might be a future couple, but Elle isn't sure that this will all end well...

Rosalyn (Rosie) Mancini has the best boyfriend ever, Spencer. He's loving, caring, funny... But when Ashton, Luke's band mate, comes into her life, she realizes that Spencer can't be the one. She grows feelings for Ashton but doesn't have the heart to break up with Spencer. Who will she choose and what will she do?

(This story takes place before 5sos are famous)


4. Chapter 3

Hii :) sorry I didn't update yesterday. I'll try and do it as quick as I can, but school has been busy this week so far. It'd be cool to hear your suggestions and comments and stuff, so feel free to comment anything. I'd like to know your thoughts and anything you want to say :) thanks soooo much for reading!!!



Elle's pov

I wake up to the sound of my phone beeping. Ugh! Who could possibly be texting me at 8:03 in the morning?

Reluctantly, I grab my phone off the night stand. The lock screen tells me that I got an iMessage from a number that's not in my contacts. What?

Now that I'm a little more awake, I open the message and read it. My heart literally melted as I read the text.

Good morning my sunshine! :) it's Luke btw. I was thinking that I could take you out today? I've been waiting all night to see you!

Without me knowing, I started to smile. No one has ever been kinder to me. I've never been called someone's sunshine. My parents were never home to get to know me, that's why I have my own apartment. They didn't care what I did, so after getting enough money, out I went to start my life.

I obviously wasn't their sunshine, like most kids are to their parents. I was just another piece of grass that they walked over without thinking twice.


It took some time, but I finally came up with the best response for Luke. It read:

I've never meet someone as sweet as you <3 I get off of work at noon, anytime after will work. It seems like forever since I've seen you! I really do miss you :)

I really suck at this whole "flirting" thing. I always make things sound awkward.

And it really does make me upset knowing that this whole thing probably won't work out anyways. They always end up just moving on after like a week or start falling for Rosie. I haven't had many boyfriends for these reasons. Normally after a tear at the most, I move on from the boy. But this time I could tell it would be different. Now I'm wondering why I was ever so eager to get a boyfriend yesterday if I know they won't stay.

Rosie must have been getting to my head. But I mean I really do want a boyfriend, I'm just scared they won't stay.

I'm starting to regret my text to Luke. He'll probably think I'm weird and awkward and ugh.

I need to remember to keep my distance because I know I'll always get broken in the end.

Luke's pov

Last night Elle said that she loved music. Taking that into consideration, I'm taking her our local music festival that, although sounds lame, is totally awesome.

They always get two to three huge bands. Not huge as in the size, but huge as in like everyone in the world basically knows who they are. This year Green Day and Ed Sheeran are going to be there. They're two of my favorites.

Along with these legends, a bunch of our locals get to perform too. This place is a blast and I'm positive Elle's going to like it.


I look down at what I'm wearing before knocking on the door. Black skinny jeans, a vans shirt with a red flannel over it and my black vans. Then, I look up and knock on Elle's apartment door.

"Hi," she smiles as she opens the door. Wow, she's gorgeous. Her hair is like it was last night, straight. The only difference is that she also has a beanie on her head. She wore a blink-182 crop top with a high waisted black skirt. Combat boots covered her feet. It may not sound like much, but she was stunning.

"Hey," I breath. She giggles and invites me in. We walk in and sit in her kitchen. She gets me a soda while she grabs herself a glass of water and sits across from me at the island counter.

"So, you said we're going to a festival today?" Elle asks. I nod in response, mesmerized by her eyes. "Like what kind of festival? What do we do there?" She asks curiously.

"Have you heard of our local music festival?" I ask. She shakes her head. "Seriously!" I continue. "With you being so into music I would've thought that you've been going like every year or something."

She laughs and says, "I just moved here last year."

We talk some more and after about an hour, we get in my car and head to the festival. Elle was basically jumping out her seat with excitement when I told her who was going to be there.

I gotta say, it was a nice feeling, being the reason someone's smiling.


Elle and I have been dancing for hours and having a wild time. The sun is just starting to set when the concert ends. I never wanted it to end because everything was just too good. I had Elle with me and some of my favorite music. Life was great for those hours.

The music stops and the crowd starts to thin, so Elle and I go back to my car. The problem is, we both had a few beers, no one cares about age there, so even though we weren't drunk, neither of us should be driving.

Since we couldn't really get home without calling someone, Elle suggested just to sit here for a bit. We laid on the front of the car, side by side and just looked at the sky.

Pink, purple, orange, yellow, they all colored the space above us, casting a pretty light around us.

"How old are you?" Elle asked me, breaking the silence.

"18," I responded and asked her the question back.

"17," she told me. "Do you mind if we just ask each other questions for a bit? I feel like I've known you for years, but yet know nothing about you." She looked over at me and gave me a tired smile. The fact that she seemed so relaxed around me made me happy. She's lucky I'm not drunk otherwise I'd just be telling her how beautiful she looks right now. I couldn't keep my eyes off of her.

"Okay," I finally tell her. "You first."

"Ummm... What's your full name."

"Luke Robert Hemmings," I say with a laugh. "Why?"

"I don't know... Just curious."

"What's your full name?" I then ask her. She turns onto her side so then she's looking at me. I do the same.

"I'm not telling you," she says a little embarrassed, but she smirks as the words flow out of her mouth. I give her a questioning look. "Nope," she says.

"C'mon pleasee," I say. When I say this I bite my lip ring. A habit of mine since I got it.

"Don't even do that," she complains.

"What?" Okay, now I'm really confused.

"Don't bite your lip ring, it's hotter than anything." She's says. Hotter than anything, huh? I do it again but look her right in the eyes this time.

"Are you really gonna make me do this?" She asks wearily. What is she talking about? I give her yet another questioning look, accidentally biting my piercing in the process.

She rolls over and pushes her lips to mine. I was shocked but immediately kiss her back. Her fingers run through my hair and mine entangle in hers. My lips are filled with electricity. It's the same energy that runs through my body. I've never felt this alive.


One day. That's all it took for me to love this girl. 24 hours have passed and I'll never be the same.

Elle's pov

God, when he bit his lip he looked so hot. I knew that I should've been keeping distance from him, staying in the friend zone, but with the drinks in my system, the thought got pushed to the back of my head.

Luke had to bite his lip again and I just had to kiss him. Nothing felt so good before. I was relieved when he started to kiss me back. Wow he was perfect, this moment was perfect.

It killed me inside to know that this wouldn't last. Nothing good ever lasts.

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