What I Like About You

The last thing Eleanor (Elle) Darling thought, would be that she would fall for the cashier at AEO. Although she keeps convincing herself that this isn't a crush, she just can't stop thinking about Luke. But when he suddenly asks for her number, she starts to convince herself that they might be a future couple, but Elle isn't sure that this will all end well...

Rosalyn (Rosie) Mancini has the best boyfriend ever, Spencer. He's loving, caring, funny... But when Ashton, Luke's band mate, comes into her life, she realizes that Spencer can't be the one. She grows feelings for Ashton but doesn't have the heart to break up with Spencer. Who will she choose and what will she do?

(This story takes place before 5sos are famous)


3. Chapter 2

Sorry the first chapter was kinda short :\ I'll try to make them longer in the future... How'd you guys like it so far? Thanks soooo much for reading :)


Luke's pov

I just saw the most beautiful girl in my life and now I have her number. Wow. Now, after her outgoing friend came up to me, I get to take her out for pizza. Wow. Could this day go any better?

The five minutes left in my shift pass fairly slow because I'm actually really excited. It's insane that I already like this girl.

I can't keep my mind off her... As I walk into the back off the store to put my vest back, I just keep thinking about her magnificent eyes. Yeah, they're brown, but not the average brown. They're unlike any I've seen. Her eyes are light brown, solidly colored in and they have this strange glowing sense to them. I could stare at them forever.

And her hair went well with the color of her eyes. It was an auburn color. I was also amazed at how long it was. It touched her butt and was perfectly straight.

The thing that really got me to fall for her was that smile. It was sweet and gentle and had one dimple on the left side.

I've seen this girl for barely a minute and I've almost memorized her whole face. Just thinking about her makes me smile. No one has ever had this kind of effect on me. Never have I been so happy to go eat pizza with a stranger. Such a weird feeling, but it makes me happy.


I walk out of the store and head over to Elle and her friend.

"Hi," I say casually. Elle looked up and smiled her adorable smile. "I'm Luke, if you don't already know."

"Elle," she replied standing up. Her friend stood up too, putting her phone in her purse wallet thing.

"Rosie. The names Rosie," Elle's friend said. I shook hands with both of them and then we walked to the pizza parlor a few shops down.

When we arrive we get seated immediately, Rosie and Elle on one side of the booth while I sit on the other. We all start talking and getting to know each other.

I don't know why, but I'm kind of nervous. But then the other side of me feels like I've known Elle for years.

Elle's pov

I feel like a kindergartener with the way I keep smiling and laughing. We're sitting in the booth waiting for our pizza. Honestly I don't remember the last time that I was this happy with someone other than Rosie. It's cool to know that there's someone else out there that, I don't know, enjoys spending time with me.

Rosie, Luke and I just talk. I complimented his shirt and he said that he's actually in a band. Rosie smirks at me. I could basically read her thoughts:

I've done you well Eleanor.

Even though we didn't talk about anything important or meaningful, I think that this was the best conversation of my life. Luke just seemed so happy to talk to us and he smiled at almost everything I said.

I noticed that his smile is really contagious. Every time he smiled, I smiled and then my face would turn red, but I didn't really care. All I know is that I love his company.

And I also love his eyes and that lip ring...


The pizza came out after awhile and by then I was starving.

I'm probably the most messiest pizza eater ever, so I tried my hardest to be "lady like" while I ate, but that didn't work out well. I ended up gnawing on the cheese while it partially hung out of my mouth. Not only that, but I ended up with sauce on my nose which did make Luke giggle, so I think it was actually worth it.

As I shoved food into my mouth ungracefully, Rosie just rolled her eyes at me and said, "Elle, can't you at least try to eat like a girl."

"Oh ya know, I try to eat like this," I sarcastically reply.

Luke smiled at my comment and said, "I don't mind. It's actually kinda cute."

I blushed and gave him a smile that I hope would change his life as much as his smile changed mine.

Luke's pov

"I don't mind. It's actually kind of cute," I stated. Rosie was complaining on how Elle eats pizza. Once Rosie said that, you could tell that Elle was embarrassed. She tried to hide with a sarcastic comment.

That's when I said that I don't mind, hoping that my opinion would matter to her. When I told Elle that, she shyly smiled. I think my heart stopped beating when she grinned back at me. That dimple was really cute and it suited her squishy looking cheeks. Her face reddened a bit and her eyes glanced up at mine as she smiled.

In the lighting of the restaurant her hair looked like it was made up of a million different colors. Thousands of different browns and reds made up her gorgeous auburn hair.

I stared back at her and returned a smile. It was a real smile. I don't remember smiling so many times in one day.


The night was coming to a close. We spent literally 3 hours at the restaurant. I know this sounds cheesy, but I didn't want to leave Elle's presence. My world brightens up around her.

Wow, the effect a girl has on me... And only in a few hours has she changed my life.

We said our goodbyes and I promised myself that I'd ask Elle on a date as soon as I possibly could.

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