Nighty Night Number Nine

Samson Snow is just a typical office worker in the futuristic city of New Tokyo.
In his short life of 24 years he has achieved nothing, amounted to nothing and to his Boss, Co-workers, Friends and Family he is nothing.
Nothing meaning a guy that returns home every night to eat cold pizza and drink flat soda whilst admiring a built up sword collection.
Nothing suddenly becomes something after one night he accidentally kills New Tokyo's 9th best Assassin and soon things take a turn for the messed up. Now Samson has only two choices, kill the other 8 best assassins and become number 1(whilst also dodging others after his position) or be executed on the spot by the mysterious Duke, organizer and benefactor for the city's execution business. Now with nothing but a newly bought suspicious pawnshop katana in his hand and the beautiful sexy Number 10 assassin Etsuko Matsumara covering his back Samson must take on the city, One blood soaked corpse at a time.....


1. A Little Slice of Life

It was a bargain.
It was beautiful. The wooden saya was cold to the touch a beautiful shade of red that gleamed in the light showing off waves of wooden brown that rippled through its' picture like a roaring wave that moved all the way up to a black metal hilt. Keeping his eyes on the pawnshop owner who sat on his chair watching him back, thoughtfully stroking a well groomed foo man chu to make up for the lack of hair present on his shiny head, Samson drew the blade out of its' hiding hole.
The metal showed no rust or wear at all and the blade itself was pure black Japanese steel. The grip felt good in his hand and as he stroked his finger across the blade itself the skin of his finger immediately split open and blood trickled down his wrist and dripped onto the floor as Samson hissed in pain and quickly put his finger in his mouth and began sucking.
"This sword is one of a kind." Said the wise looking shop owner once again stroking his beard.
"One of a kind huh? Then where did you get it?" 
"You are here to buy, not to ask questions." The old man snapped back. "Do you want her or not?"
Samson took out his wallet and looked thoughtfully and the last remaining amounts of cash that remained in his vastly empty savings.
"How much do you want for her?" Samson asked. giving his best business looks which just made him look like he was squinting to avoid the sun piercing his eyes.
"Hm....fifty..." The old man said nodding pleased with decision making process.
"Oh...well that seems...reasonable i guess" Samson shuffled through his wallet and picked out a few notes and pushed them across the counter.
The old man peered at them before bursting out in laughter and holding his chest.
"No my friend you misunderstand.." He said wiping tears from his eyes. "Fifty thousand was the price."
Samson's face immediately turned red and he looked down to his wallet again.
"I don't have that much on me...."
The old man looked disappointingly at Samson but then stroked his beard again.
"How much do you have on you Mr Snow?"
"....Five thousand..."
The old man looked to Samson then back to the blade.
"I will sell it for that much..but in will owe me a got it?"The old man poked Samson in the chest with one bony finger that hurt a lot.

Samson looked in shock at the old man but quickly handed over the petty remains of his wallet and took the sword in his hands.
It felt really good. 
Sadly no food for the next four days would not feel anywhere near as good.
The old man quickly took the money of the counter and stuffed it into his pocket before stating that it was closing time and that Samson should get out now before he changed his mind.
Samson stepped out into the cold streets of New Tokyo clutching his new wrapped up collectible to his chest and pulling his coat even tighter to himself after straightening his red tie and pressed white shirt.



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