My Immortal || h.s

He has a secret. Nobody knows it. He has a happy side. Nobody's seen it.

But what i do know, is that he has a thirst for innocent souls.

And one of those souls happened to be mine.

Copyright © 2014 ziamsparkle.


2. one - unknown

Copyright © 2014 ziamsparkle.

{ Aria }

I jumped slightly at the sudden blast of the car's horn. I fell out of my daze and immediately stepped down on the acceleration. My mind has been jumbled all day and all i need is sleep.

Working 6 hours a day at a job where you get no enjoyment out of whatsoever is not exactly how i imagined my life. But being kicked out of my house, by my own mum, at 17 didn't help.

Although i like it better living without my parents. No more rules, no more curfew hours, no more constant screaming about my room being messy, and don't even get me started on my little brother.

I just feel so much more relaxed and tranquil.

However I'm not completely alone. I live in a small apartment with my friend Hanna and i have this guy friend called James who lives in the apartment next door. I guess you could say we are kind of in a complicated relationship. We've been out on a few dates but we haven't exactly agreed to being boyfriend and girlfriend yet.

I guess i should introduce myself. Im Aria. I fantasise over many things, including Green Day, the thought of food and that one day it will become legal to enslave people *cough* Kellin Quinn *cough*

I am the laziest shit that anyone will ever meet and i don't like people. I don't socialise, except with my phone and laptop, and i like cheese puffs.

That's really all you need to know to sum me up.

"Move it asshole!" I yelled out of the car window, banging down on the horn at the car in front.

Oh, and I'm also a huge bastard.

Like i said, i don't like people.

After 10 long minutes, i finally made it back to my apartment and struggled to pull out my keys from my pocket. Stupid skinny jeans.

I finally managed to rip them out of the small hole in my trousers and shove them into the lock, twisting it until i heard the click.

Once i entered, my body collapsed back onto the sofa, sinking into the leather seats. I sighed in relief. Today has been so long, and i just need rest.

I suddenly felt a buzz in my pocket, and pulled my phone out quickly to see that i had a message. It was from an unknown number.

From: Unknown

Are you going to Hanna's party on saturday?

I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion.

To: Unknown

What? Who is this?

Hanna soon came out of her room, rubbing her eyes and emitting a tired yawn. She soon saw me, and plastered a small smile on her face.

"Hanna. What's this about a party on saturday?" I asked her, standing up from the sofa and holding my hands on my hips.

"It's my birthday party" She blinked.

I narrowed my eyes at her, "But your birthday isn't for another week"

"So?" She shrugged, "Some people have their parties early. How did you know?"

"I got a text asking if i was going to your party on saturday"

"Who from?"

"Dunno" I simply replied, "It says unknown"

She knitted her eyebrows together, "Well ask who it is"

"I have but they haven't replied -"

I was cut off by the low buzz of my phone in my hand. I immediately looked at it, to see that the stranger had replied.

From: Unknown

You will know soon enough. see you at the party babe ;)


What. The. Fuck.

"What?" Hanna came running over to me, noticing my addled expression. I was growing uncomfortable. Do i know this person? Why did they call me babe?

From what i assume, this person has to be a boy. Well, I hope.

I showed Hanna my screen and her expression changed. She looked distraught as she took my phone from my hands and scrolled through the messages.

I'm starting to freak out. Who that fuck is that?

"That's kinda creepy" Hanna handed me back my phone, folding her arms over her chest, "What if it's some fat, bold, stalker guy who's gonna try and rape you when you go to the party and like, drag you out the -"

"Ok! Thanks Hanna" I cut her off, rolling my eyes. Way to make me even more creeped out, bitch.

"What are you gonna do?" Hanna spoke, breaking the few minutes of dead silence.

I shook my head, "I don't know"

"But what if it's some kind of prank?" I added, "Maybe it's just Josh, or Liam trying to fuck with me"

I wasn't convincing myself very much with this idea, because I'm pretty sure i already have both of their numbers in my phone already.

I decided i would send them a text and ask if this was one of my friends trying to frighten me with a shitty prank, but i was worried that it wasn't my friends at all. What if Hanna is right? What if it is some fat, bold stalker guy who wants to rape me.

Oh God.

To: Unknown

idk who the fuck this is, but if it's you Josh, or Liam then i swear to god my foot will be straight up your ass

I hit send, and pressed my phone to my mouth, sighing.

"What did you say?" Hanna poked her head over my shoulder, looking down at my phone and bursting into sudden laughter.

"Quite the feisty one aren't you Ari?" Hanna chuckled, plopping down on the sofa and grabbing the tv remote.

Hanna calls me Ari, because apparently it's short for Aria, when only the a is missing from the end so technically it's not short for my name at all. She's just too lazy to actually pronounce the last letter of my name.

My phone once again vibrated, and i quickly opened it, bringing my hand up to my mouth and chewing on my nails.

From: Unknown

This is not Josh, or Liam.

A shiver ran down my spine at the newly sent message and i was trying so hard to convince myself that it was, but i couldn't bring myself to believe it. It's like i am so stupid as to not realise how clear it is that this is real. That this could be a creepy stalker guy.

Should i block him?

I decided against it for the time being, and questioned him further. If it even is a him. God that's disgusting.

To: Unknown

and how am i supposed to know that your not lying?

I got a message back almost instatly, and i felt my blood run cold as my eyes read over each individual letter.

From: Unknown

Want me to prove it? Meet me in the back of the garden at 10 PM sharp, and come alone. Im counting on you Aria. Don't let me down. Or else.

Fright and horror poured through my veins, sending an alarming pound to my heart. I felt my hands almost tremble.

Oh God. Who is this? What does he/she want with me? How does he/she know my name?

"Hanna" I spoke, barely above a whisper. She muted the tv and looked up at me with worried eyes.

"The person wants me to meet, him or her, at the back of the garden at 10 PM. And they said to come alone" i swallowed, my heart beat increasing. I felt my veins thumping in my wrists and the nape of my neck gradually building up sweat. I don't know what I'm getting all worked up for. I might go down there all shaky and petrified, only to find that it's James or something. If it is, he will be dick-less by the time I'm finished with him.

Hanna's eyes were laced with horror and she covered her hand with her mouth, "Oh god"

"I know, i -"

"Oh god oh god oh god" She interrupted me, a fearful look in her eyes as she stood up and paced the room. She placed her hands to her temples, not blinking once as she remained walking speedily along the tiled floor.

"What?" i drew my eyebrows together at her sudden aghast state.

"It's him. Oh god oh god oh god" She muttered to herself. What? Who's him? Im confused.

"Hanna, what are you talking about?" I shook my head, walking over to her. She grabbed the sides of my arms, making me flinch slightly and her widened eyes looked warningly into mine.

"Aria listen to me. Do not go and meet that person, ok? Under any circumstance, do not go and meet him. Please. Block that number and forget this whole thing ok?" Her words were stern and serious as she let go of my arms and took a shaky breath.

I was bewildered and agitated by her words. How does she know it is a him? Does she know him?

"Do you know him or something? Hanna who is it - Ha.. Hanna you're shaking" My voice grew more concerned as i observed her trembling body.

"Just stay away from him ok? Please, i don't want you to get hurt"

And with that, she turned away and ran back into her room, closing the door shut.


I looked back down at my phone to see that i had received a message from the unknown number 3 minutes ago.

From: Unknown

I look forward to seeing you soon Aria

To: Unknown

I'm not fucking meeting you anywhere until you tell me who the fuck this is

From: Unknown

I already told you, if you meet me you will know who i am.

To: Unknown

why cant you just tell me who you are now? how do i know your not some creepy rapist?

From: Unknown

you dont. therefore if you meet me, you can find out.

I was gradually starting to give up, with every text he sent, i got nowhere. I don't understand why he cant tell me his name.

In a weird way, I'm thankful that it's a boy and not a girl. I really don't want a lesbian trying to rape me in the back of my own garden.

I left the message for a minute while i changed into my pyjamas and climbed into bed. The tv was already on so i slipped under the covers and grabbed my phone off the end of the bed. I sighed, debating with myself weather i should take Hanna's advice and just block him, forget this ever happened and go to the party as normal, or weather i should black mail him to tell me his name in order for me to meet him.

So me being me, i decided to go with the black mail.

To: Unknown

at least tell me your name. then i will meet you.

A few minutes later, i received a message back from 'Unknown'

From: Unknown

If i tell you my name you must promise to not tell anyone. Because I can see you Aria. I know exactly where you are and what site you are on. tumblr is fun isn't it.

I could feel my heart beat banging on my rib cage and my breathing start to hictch. Oh god. I placed my trembling hand over my mouth, rereading every letter over again. Fuck.

He can see me, right now. He is watching me on my bed, he knows I'm on tumblr. Oh god. Oh fuck.

I quickly leapt off my bed and drew the curtain across the window. I felt a shaky sigh fall from my lips. This cant be happening. Please say this is a dream.

Fuck. This is like a faulty version of scream, but with fucking texting.

My phone buzzed again and i jumped slightly. I was cautious to read it, but i guess i have to. Lifting my phone up, i read over the message.

From: Unknown

Silly Aria. What makes you think I'm outside?

My whole body froze and I'm felt my phone slip out of my hand, and smash straight onto the wooden floor.

He..He..He's in my apartment. He's...He - He could be in my room.

"Oh god" I gasped, my eyes springing with tears, "Hanna!" I screamed. Just as i was about to open the door, i find myself unable to twist it. It's locked.

"Oh my god oh my god" I breathed, a tear already slipping from my eye, "Hanna!" I screamed once more.

My phone buzzed on the floor, sending a vibration under my feet. I snapped my head back towards the device that lay cracked on the wooden boards, and quickly ran over it, to read the message.

From: Unknown

No use in calling for your friend babe, she's sound asleep ;)

"Hanna!!" I screamed one finally time, erupting into a loud cry of tears. I rapidly banged my fists on the door, barging into it, in attempt to break it down but it was too strong for my weak body.

"Please" I whispered, closing my eyes and sliding my back down the door. Why is this happening to me? Why me? Ive seen shit like this in horror films and now I'm living it. This cant be real.


From: Unknown

Come on babe I'm just jokin, your friend is fine. But if you don't meet me in the back of that garden at 10 PM sharp, she will remain in my custody and let's just say I'm not all that nice ;)

For some reason i felt relief wash over my body, but at the same time, i was sweating fear. I couldn't control my nervous breathing and trembling hands. Hell i could hardly even hold the damn phone. Knowing that this person is in my home, makes me feel sick.

"Aria? What's wrong! Aria! Let me in!" Hanna's voice yelled from outside my door.

I quickly stood up, shaking the door handle and seeing that it was still locked.

"It's locked" I shouted back.

"What? Why?!"

I swallowed, "I dunno"

I don't want to tell Hanna about what's happened and about the unknown texter. I'm most certainly not showing her the messages and i am not telling her that he is/was inside our home. I don't want to scare her with all this information so i kept it to myself.

Once she had managed to open the door from the other side, she entered my room. Why the fuck is the lock outside of my door anyway? What a stupid invention.

"Are you ok? What happened? I heard screaming" She panted, holding her hand to her chest as she tried to regain her breath. I wasn't sure why she was out of breath, but the buzzing of my phone prevented me from asking.

From: Unknown

Don't tell her. Remember, i can see you Aria.

I kept back the tears, and replied a

To: Unknown

i wont, but you told me that if i kept it a secret, you'd tell me your name. And you still havent. So you better tell me it or i will tell her. Deal? ;)

I played hard. Im not letting him think I'm weak and an easy target. But that fact that he is constantly watching me, so i cant even go to the police about it, makes my stomach twist. Who is this person? What do they want from me and why in the world are they watching me?

"Aria? Hello?" Hanna cut through my daze, and waved her hand in front of my face. I craned my neck back and took a step away from her.

"I uh..i - nothing. I just thought i saw a..bat. Yeah, i thought i saw a bat outside my window so i screamed" I nervously chuckled, rubbing the back of my neck. I can't believe I'm lying to her, but I'm only keeping her safe. Im not doing this'm doing it for Hanna.


From: Unknown

What an excuse Aria, 10/10

I found my self biting back a laugh for some reason. I wanted to laugh, but then i would look too easy to get. And believe me, I'm not getting 'got', this isn't fucking taken.

Hanna's eyes narrowed at me and she gave me a look of disbelief. Oh no, Hanna dont. Oh god, just shut up and leave my room. Please.

"You do know that Bat's don't originate in America, right?" She raised her eyebrow.

"Oops?" I sheepishly replied, chuckling again, "Well, I'm find, so goodbye, don't let the bed bugs bite!"

I placed my hands on her shoulders and twisted her around, walking her out of my room. As soon as she was out in the hallway, she turned around to say something but i immediately closed the door. I felt bad for doing so, but it was also kinda funny.

I picked up my phone, and began typing back a message to 'Unknown'.

To: Unknown

Ok thats it. What do you want? Come on, tell me! What do you love so much about me, that you feel the need to stalk me, and enter my own fucking home?!?!! What is it?! Why me!!?

I hit send, climbing onto my bed and slipping back under the sheets. How they can see me, i have no idea, because there is only one window in my room and it is blocked off by the curtain. So unless they have some secret peep hole (uGh) then they must have the ability to see through walls. Superhuman fucker.

Im actually starting to think this bitch has magical powers.

*buzz* *buzz*

My phone went off twice, indicating i had 2 messages. Either i have one from creepy pedo and one from someone else, or i have 2 from creepy pedo and none from anyone else.

Great, just my luck. Double creepy pedo.

From: Unknown

Because Aria, you're innocent.

I looked down at my phone in confusion. Innocent? What the fuck is that supposed to mean? What the fuck does it matter wether I'm innocent or not? Why does he want me because I'm 'innocent'. Im not really innocent at all. I curse all the time. And steal from Hanna.

But the next message i read, sent an unfamiliar feeling through my body.

From: Unknown

And to answer your previous inquiry, my name is Harry. Harry Styles.

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