My Immortal || h.s

He has a secret. Nobody knows it. He has a happy side. Nobody's seen it.

But what i do know, is that he has a thirst for innocent souls.

And one of those souls happened to be mine.

Copyright © 2014 ziamsparkle.


1. description

Aria is a girl with a hard life. She was kicked out of her house by her mum at the small age of 17, she works in the local corner shop which pays absolutely nothing, and she has an unhealthy habit for eating junk food and watching netflix.

It is the day that her best friend Hanna drags poor Aria along to her party with her, that she meets him in the depths of the back ally. She instantly becomes intimidated by his dark presence and sinister grin, but silly little Aria falls right into his trap.

Little does she know, he is one of the worlds most famous, yet unidentified, killer.

'15 year old girl is slaughtered outside own home by young male'

'Unknown killer attacks group of 4, leaving nothing but 2 bite looking marks on each victims neck'

'Mysterious marks left on victim from the killing of the unknown psycho'

Poor, Clueless Aria.

Okay so the original version to this book is on wattpad if any of you would perfer reading it on there, along with my other books, Changed & Outcast.

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