Outcast || n.h

"That boy is trouble, Emma. I want you to stay away from him"

"He isnt trouble, he's just lonely!"

"He isn't what you think at all Emma"

And he was right.

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6. 0.5 | music assignment

I'm sick so i stayed off school today and I'm really bored. sorry if this chapter is a bit shitty

I grabbed my bag from the bed and slung it over my shoulders. I feel like I'm in high school again. We even have planners, except these ones are just ordinary notebook binders, and don't have the school logo on the front.

School was kinda hard for me. I hated it. People would always pick on me because i didn't talk, give me stupid nicknames like 'mute boy' or throw pieces of scrunched up paper at me in class. I would often try and ditch school, but i never got away with it.

"Are you still meeting Emma?" Louis inquired, slipping his arms through the sleeves of his jacket and adjusting his collar.

I nodded, and he copied, "Well i see you around then buddy" He smiled, patting my back before walking past me and heading out the door.

I soon followed, and left the dorm, locking the door and making my way down the short corridor. It's good that Emma and Eleanor only live about 10 doors down i guess, because they are really the only people Louis and I are going to hang around with and it's best if they are close.

I tried to forget about my thoughts from last night. I don't want to believe it. I don't have feelings for Emma and that's that, end of. No person can be so stupid as to 'fall for' someone in such a short space of time, and i don't believe in 'love' or any of that crap anyway. It's just a load of bullshit.

I finally arrived at her dorm, and knocked on the door. Minutes later, it swung open and revealed Emma who wore a big smile on her face as soon as she saw me. I returned a small smile and she greeted me.

I stood with my hands in my pockets as she looked at herself one last time in the mirror, fidgeting with her shirt, or her hair. I think she looks fine. Band shirts and ripped skinny jeans are always a good first impression. And I'm not being sarcastic. You really get to know people by how they dress, it's weird but true.

"Let's go" She chirped, grabbing her keys off the dresser and joining me in the hall. She quickly locked her door and adjusted the chequered back pack on her shoulders.

We began to walk and it was mainly silent, the only sound being the noise from our feet walking the lonely halls.

"So..did you sleep well?" She randomly asked. She is probably just trying to make conversation, but i didnt. I never do, it's the same 1 hour of sleep i always get. The black lines under my eyes should give that away; so i shrugged.

"Uhm..are you looking forward to class?" She chewed on her nails, looking around the hallway for any sign of people, but we were alone. It kinda reminded me of that Green day song, Boulevard of broken dreams, cause it's about a person walking alone...and yeah..

I shook my head, a frown etching on my face. God what am i doing? This isn't high school anymore, this is college. People are more mature now and i shouldn't be scared of some pathetic twats. I just need to learn to get on with it.

"Why not?" She also frowned, and i just shrugged. She looked back down at the floor, a sigh escaping her lips.

"Don't worry" Her gaze suddenly fixed back on me, and a small smile broke onto her features as she took my hand and gave it a comforting and reassuring squeeze.

I felt the tingly feeling in my hand again when she held it, so i quickly drew away and nodded down at her, smiling back. God, what is that? It happens whenever she hugs me, holds my hand, or even makes eye contact with me, and don't even get me started on when she kissed my cheek. It sounds cheesy and 'gay' but i don't care, i want to know why the hell it keeps happening because it's freaking me out.

It's because you loooove her

My conscience is being a real bitch today. He wont just fuck off. I am technically talking about myself, but he has just been tormenting me about last night ever since it happened. I cant shake him away.

"I think it's this class" She pointed to a door that sat on the wall, and had 'Sociology' written on it in bold letters. We both made our way over to it, and she entered first, looking around at everyone awkwardly. I followed behind, glancing at everyone who were sat down in seats at tables of 2.

"Hi, uhm. Is this Sociology?" She questioned, biting the inside of her lip and adjusting the bottom of her shirt.

"Yes, it is. Please, take a seat." The professor instructed, pointing to the direction of the class.

She nodded, and we both took a seat near the back.

"Jeez these people have staring problems" She whispered as we both sat down and chucked our bags onto the floor.

I chuckled, taking another glance at everyone. One of the girls in front turned around and scowled at Emma, she must have heard her.

"Hi" Emma plastered a fake smile on her face and the girl turned back around. Emma just rolled her eyes and focused her attention on the Proffesser.

"Ok, so for most of you, this is your first class at College. There is nothing to be afraid of, everyone is friendly in here and we are all going to get along just fine" He smiled, clasping his hands together.

Yeah, because everyone has got along great so far.

"For this semester, we are going to be focusing on the main topic in Sociology, Humans. Human beings, how they work, what they do, the life cycle, everything."

"So, to start off, can anyone tell me about the 10% of brain Myth? What does it mean, what is it?" He looked around at the class. Everyone kept their hands down, except one person.

"Yes, you at the back" The professor pointed straight at Emma, and she cleared her throat.

"The 10% of brain myth is the widely perpetuated urban legend that most or all humans only make use of 10% of their brains. It has been misattributed to many people, including Albert Einstein. By association, it is suggested that a person may harness this unused potential and provide an increase in intelligence" She finished.

The whole classes slowly turned around and looked at her with wide eyes with their jaws dropped, me included. She seemed a little uncomfortable with everyone staring at her as she craned her neck back and gave people odd looks, "What?"

"That is excellent!" The professor exclaimed, "The perfect description of how the 10% brain theory was created - what's your name?"

"Uh, Emma" She stated, sending him a small smile before looking down at the table again.

"Well done, Emma." He praised and she nodded, keeping her head low.

I sneakily pulled out my phone from my pocket, keeping it covered and sending a quick message to Emma.

To: Emma ;)

Where the hell did that come from?! :o

A small vibration was heard, and it came from her pocket. Luckily, nobody heard and remained looking boredly at the professor. She drew out her phone from her jacket pocket, only pocking the top end out and reading the small message with a chuckle.

From: Emma ;)

I easily impress don't i Horan? ;) The perks of revising day + night i guess ^-^

She shot a smirk my way, and i shook my head, grinning and typing a message back.

To: Emma ;)

Nerd ;p

From: Emma ;)

Dumbass ;)

i felt defeated, and we both sat at the back of the class, snickering to one another. The remainder of the class went by rather quickly and on top of that, we only had to do a paragraph on the social structure theory.

"What class do you have now?" Emma inquired, holding her planner in her hand and fiddling with her hair.

I pulled out my phone and she rolled her eyes jokingly, impatiently huffing and tilting on her hip.

To: Emma ;)

Music Arts, what do u have?

"Lucky, i have biology" She groaned, stuffing her phone back into her pocket, "Ill see you later then" She smiled. I nodded, and we split ways. I felt kind of lost without Emma, but i guess ill have to get used to it.

Making my way through the long corridors, running up and down stair cases, i found the Music room. There were many people gathered in the centre, all sat on stools in a semi circle while the teacher sat in front, explaining something to them.

I pushed the door open slowly, and caught everyone's attention. They all turned their heads to look at me, and watched me as i entered the room.

Why does that always happen?

"Ah, your late, but don't worry, we've only just started" The man smiled, and i nodded, closing the door behind me, "What's your name?" Oh no.

"Thats Niall..Sir. Niall Horan" A familiar voice spoke. I looked around the room, and noticed a particular person. i swallowed. Oh god what is he doing here?

"Yes, thank you, Harry" The teacher spoke, already seeming annoyed with him. Harry just rolled his eyes and crossed his arms over his chest, "Come, sit."

I reluctantly made my way over to an empty chair and slouched down in it, keeping my head low. It's bad enough that i already have Harry in my class, i don't want anyone else to know who i am. I'm surprised nobody has even recognised me yet, i was in the paper at least twice. Then again, it's not likely that any of these douche bags are going to read the paper, and it was 3 years ago.

"So, just to recap, my name is Mr Fitz and this semester, we will be on the topic of live performances. You will be gathering yourself into groups of the maximum 5, and you will be creating a performance to show in front of the whole college. Remember, you have to make it as real as possible. The college will provide you with any lighting, microphones, fireworks. Whatever you need to make your concert as real as possible" He finished. My blood ran cold and i froze in my seat with my eyes glues open. Concert? Performance?! What?!

No! I cant perform! Well i can, but if i do i cant sing. Oh fuck, great. Fucking perfect. And, its in front of the whole college too. Just fucking amazing.

"Hey, Niall is it?" A voice cut through my daze and i looked up to meet chocolate brown eyes. A boy stood before me, jet black hair, brown eyes and a small smile. I nodded and he sat down on the chair next to me.

"Im Zayn" He greeted. I smiled back and looked back down at my lap. Ive never been good with socialising. Im far too shy and i don't particularly like making friends. You will only get close to them, and loose them soon after.


"I was wondering if you wanted to do the assignment with us?" Zayn questioned, once again. cutting through my daze. He was pointing back to a group of three other boys. The other boy was foreign to me except Harry and..Louis. Louis?

He soon turned around, and met my gaze. He furrowed his eyebrows, "Niall?"

I slowly raised my hand in a small wave, my eyes still struck with confusion. What is he doing in the class? i didn't know he had Music Arts too.

Louis jogged over to Zayn and I. Zayn darted his eyes between me and Louis, "You guys know each other?"

Louis and I nodded, and the rest of the group came over to the table, introducing themselves. Great.

"Niall, this is Liam" Louis introduced me to a brown haired boy, and he smiled, raising his hand in a wave. I smiled back.

"So, we all gonna get to this thing or what?" Harry grumbled, folding his arms over his chest once again. Harry has changed, a lot, since the last time i saw him. He is much more rude mannered, and for one thing, he hates me.

Then again, so do quite a few people.

"Yeah, come on Niall" Liam ushered me to follow the rest of the boys into a practice room. He seems nice enough, and do does Zayn. The only one who i have a problem with is Harry.

I stood up hesitantly, and made my way over to the sound proof room which held guitars, keyboards, drums, everything. The room was only small since there were 4 of them in one class, but it's not like we need much space anyway.

"So we need to all figure out what we're doing first, like instruments and stuff. Then we write the song." Zayn suggested and everyone nodded. We all took seats around a small table in the practice room, and Harry took a sheet of paper from on top of the filing cabinet and laid it down on the table.

"Need a pen?" Louis smirked and handed one over to Harry. He smiled and thanked Louis for the pen before scribbling all our names down on the top left corner.

"So, who wants to sing?" Harry finished writing Louis' name, and clicked the end of the pen, looking at us all.

"If it's going to be a concert theme, i think we should all take a part in singing" Zayn answered.

"Yeah, i agree" Liam nodded, and Louis joined in. I just kept quiet, its not like i was going to be saying something anytime soon.

Harry glanced at me, before writing down all of us as singing. Fuck, i cant sing! Im not fucking talking so I'm not fucking singing either!

"Uh..guys. What are we going to do about Niall?" Louis spoke up, and everyone looked at me. I felt like i was in the spotlight, they were all staring at me.

"We don't do anything." Harry shrugged, "He's just gonna have to speak up isn't he"

Louis immediately kicked Harry's leg under the table and he winced, scowling at Louis. I get why Harry hates me, but i don't get why he has to be so rude. Cant he just ignore me or something? I shot him a glare, and he sent me one straight back. Prick.

"Niall, do you think you could sing?" Louis questioned meekly, and i narrowed my eyes at him. What the fuck is he doing? He knows i don't speak so why would he ask if i can sing?

"Come on mate, if you do this, you could achieve an A* level in Music. Don't you want to go to University and get a job?" Liam tried reasoning with me.

"Nobody gives a fuck about jobs Liam" Harry rolled his eyes. He is making me so angry that i want to actually speak, just to tell him to fuck off.

We all remained quiet for a while, just thinking of a solution to me not being able to sing.

"You could always play guitar" Zayn suggested, and i perked up. Everyone's heads lifted and they all seemed to agree with the idea.

I sighed quietly in relief that i wouldn't have to say anything, but felt something inside saying 'Just do it you fucking wimp. Do it for Emma'

It had a really big impact on me, at how Emma was involved, but i haven't spoken in 3 years. I don't think I'm ready to. Every time i try, it all comes flooding back to me and i cant take it.

Harry crossed out my name on the list for singing and wrote down my name next to 'Guitar'. While he was removing my name, he seemed to spend quite a while on scribbling it out, digging deep lines into my name. Great. Louis nudged Harry, and he seemed to snap back to reality, dropping the pen.

"How about we all go over to my dorm, and we can rehearse there or something. Make up the song there?" Liam inquired, looking around for everyone's agreement.

"Sounds like a plan" Zayn nodded.

"Fine" Harry shrugged carelessly.

"Good idea" Louis agreed.

I just nodded.

The music room door opened and we all looked up. What?

Emma hung half her body through the door, tapping me in the shoulder and handing me a piece of paper.

"It's from Mrs...Uh..Mrs something i dunno, i cant remember her name but she told me to give it you" She smiled. Her head tilted up to everyone else and they were staring at her with dribble hanging from the sides of their mouths.

I read over the piece of paper, and it was my exam results.

Mathematics: B

Literature: A*


History: C

Science: A

Music: A*

Holy shit! Nearly all of these are A's and B's.

"Oh my god!" Emma exclaimed from behind me, "You got B's and A's on nearly everything!" She pointed out.

"What?!" Louis jumped up from his seat and looked over at my piece of paper, "Shit, dude!"

"You smartass" Emma scoffed jokingly, and all the other guys chuckled.

"Congrats, mate" Liam smiled.

"Congrats, man" Zayn patted my back.

"Congratulations Niall!" Louis cheered, throwing his arms in the air. An amused grin plastered on everyone's face as he did a happy dance. Shouldn't that be me right now?

Everyone burst out into laughter, watching Louis make a fool of himself. I took another glance down at my paper. I cant believe it. But I did shit in all of my exams.

"So, what are you guys doing?" Emma raised her eyebrow, seeming interested in our small group.

"We have to make our own concert and perform in front of the whole college" Harry sulked, folding his arms and sinking down in his chair.

"Woah." Emma chuckled, looking down at me with wide eyes, "Niall, are you singing?"

I shook my head, and Harry spoke up, "No, he's being a baby about it. He wont sing so we had to put him on guitar. I dont get why he wont just fucking talk" He muttered the last bit. I rolled my eyes at him. Yeah, because I've been a total baby, crying and screaming.

Emma's eyes snapped up to Harry, and she copied his actions, folding her arms over her chest, "Im sorry, baby? Do you see Niall flailing his arms around, screaming and crying at the top of his lungs, complaining that he doesn't want to sing? Cause i don't. And maybe him not talking is good, because it sure as hell makes him a lot more special that you will ever be" She spat, looking Harry up at down disgustedly.

Harry's cheeks turned red in embarrassment that he had just got told by a girl. Louis was stifling a laugh while looking over at Harry and so were Zayn and Liam. Harry looked utterly defeated.

I found it sweet how Emma called me special. It made me feel a little more worth something.

Emma rolled her eyes at him and looked back down at me, a small forming on her lips as she wrapped her one arm around me, "Congrats on your results, Niall. You deserve it" She whispered, pressing her lips to my cheek and leaving me with a smile before she left the room.

Everyone was staring at me with wide eyes.

"Dude, you are so lucky, man" Liam shook his head, leaning back in his chair.

"Meh, sure she's hot but she's a bit of a bitch" Harry shrugged, kicking his feet up onto the table. I felt anger burning up in the pit of my stomach. So first it's me, now Emma?

"Just because she totally wiped you out" Zayn bit the inside of his cheek, trying to hold back a laugh.

"She totally slayed you" Louis remarked, not even attempting to hold back his laughter.

I was glad that they were all sticking up for Emma, but i was more angry at Harry. How dare he call he a bitch. Im sure he doesn't even know her! No, he doesn't know her.

God i could call that bastard so many things right now.

A while later, the boys had discussed what type of music the song is going to be and we've managed to plan a small bit of the stage layout, but we are going to discuss the rest in Liam's dorm. We are meeting up every wednesday, at 4pm.

We have a limited time do this; 4 weeks, which means for rehearsals. We don't have much time so we have to get straight on with the work..and i hate it.


The lessons for today had finally ended, and i collapsed back onto my bed. Louis entered the room a few seconds later and slung his back down on the floor, copying me and sprawling out on his bed.

"I cant believe the music assignment we've been given. It's nuts. There has to be about 200 people in this college" Louis stared up at the ceiling.

Great. Way to lessen my nerves Louis. Thanks.

"Sorry about Harry being such a dick today" Louis appologised, turning his head to look at me.

I just shook my as if to say it was no big deal, because it wasn't. Im used to shit like that, i got it my entire childhood. Sometimes even by my own brother. After he found out what had happened, he moved back to Ireland with Mum and they left me here in California with my Auntie. She kept me for a good 3 years until i was old enough to go on by myself, and that's when i moved in with Louis. I miss my family. I miss them so much. I'd give anything just to have them back in my life again.

"You ok Niall?" Louis questioned. I snapped out of my thoughts and saw that Louis had a worried expression on his face. I nodded.

"Niall, you're on the verge of tears. What's wrong?" He sat up immediately, his eyes softening. I quickly wiped under my eyes, shaking my head again and trying to dismiss the issue.

God i am so pathetic. Why do i cry over such stupid things?

I need to pull myself together.

☞ louis' pov ☜

"Are you sure you're ok?" I asked one final time. He nodded, and i sighed a not very convinced sigh. I'm worried about Niall. He's so down and upset, it makes me sad. I hate seeing him like it.

I was the only one that stood by Niall after what happened. His only friend at that time was me. So many people had turned their back on him and trod all over him like he was nothing but dirt. Everyone, including Harry. They treated him like shit, so i stuck up for him. It's partially Niall's fault for what happened, but not all. He only did what was right, but obviously the gang wanted something more of him.

But I feel like ever since he has met Emma, things have changed. He has perked up, he is smiling a lot more than he used to, he's getting at least another half an hours sleep now, and i think she is just making a big and much needed impact on him.

Niall thinks so little of himself, and he has forever blamed himself for what happened. He hates his own guts. He agree's with Harry and the rest of them who left him. He does think that he is a worthless prick, he does think that he is no use to anyone but a coffin, he does think that he is depressed and fucked up. But he's not. He isn't at all.

He means a lot to me because he is my best friend, and i know that Niall is probably the most nicest guy you're ever going to meet. And i know he means a lot to Emma too. She cares for him and thats why i trust her. His previous girlfriend walked out on him. Stupid bitch. I don't think she really noticed him to be honest.

I think Emma and Niall would be a really cute couple. They suit each other perfectly.

And it's clear that they both like each other. They just don't want to admit it.

I mean, come on. The kiss on the cheek, the furious blushing, the none stop talking about her and the smile that grows on her face at the mention of his name.

They are totally into each other.

"Hey, Niall" I began, "How about we throw a huge 'congratulations on your results' party, for you?" I offered. He grimaced, shaking his head and burying it into the pillow.

"Come on Niall, it will be fun!"

He carried on shaking his head.

"There will be food" I smirked, and he shrugged. God, this isn't like Niall, he always goes anywhere where there is food, what is...wait.

"I can guarantee you Emma will come"

I waited for a second, until his head slowly rose and he turned it to face me. I narrowed my eyes at him. My god.

As soon as i thought he would give in at the mention of Emma, he once again shrugged and flopped back down. Fuck i thought i was getting somewhere then.

"Niall don't be such a party pooper" I whined, standing up from my own bed and sitting next to him on his.

He began laughing into his pillow all of a sudden, and i leaned back abit.

"What are you laughing - ohh. It's because i said poop isn't it?" I rolled my eyes and he nodded, his laughter muffled in the pillow.

I have to admit, i feel better when Niall laughs, because he's happy, and i like it when he's happy. It kills me to see him down and gloomy. i just wish he didn't do it. I could see it coming, but i didn't think he would he was so upset as to actually do that to himself. God it sickens me, just the thought of it.

You know what, screw it. Weather Niall wants it or not, I'm going to throw him a party. Not to brag, but ive always been quite the popular one, so i could get all the guys to come (excluding Harry) and get quite a lot of others. It will make him happy to have so many people around him, and that's what i need.

I think ill ask Emma and El to help set it up. And maybe Zayn, i need some guy advice on this too.

"Im uh..gonna go round to El's for a while. Ill see you in a bit" I quickly informed him, grabbing my jacket off the end of the bed and pushing my arms through the sleeves.

Before i even gave him chance to look up, i was out of the room and racing down the hall. I passed quite a few people who i accidentally shoulder barged and she shouted things at me as i ran past, but it didn't seem to faze me as i just kept running.

I soon reached El's and Emma's dorm, and knocked on the door, around 15 times. I have a problem with that.

I was greeted with an annoyed looking Eleanor and a sleepy looking Emma.

"Oh, hey Lou" El chirped, as soon as she saw it was me and wrapped her arms around me. I gave her a quick kiss before they let me in and i began to tell them both my plan.

"Okay, so since Niall got loads of good exam results and stuff," I began.

"Wait..What?" El asked, confused.

"Niall got all A's and B's on his final GCSE results" I explained and her eyebrows raised.

"Aww bless him" She cooed. Eleanor has also been very close with Niall and she feels sorry for him just as i do. He's been through so much and he deserves this.

"Anyway, i was thinking, why don't we throw him a party. Like, 'congrats on your results' kind of party" I suggested, "I know it sounds kinda weird, but Niall deserves this. I cant stand seeing him upset and just for one night, maybe we can cheer him up"

"Im in" Emma immediately spoke up, not even hesitating for a second, "I agree. He deserves this, but have you asked him yet?"

I nodded, "Although he did say he didn't want one, i still think we should do it anyway. Like a surprise!" I exclaimed, and Emma chuckled.

"El, you in?" Emma turned to look at her and she nodded.


"Great, well Emma, could you do me a favour and try and keep Harry out the way. He seems intimidated by you already so i think if you backed him off a bit, that would help" I laughed slightly.

She chuckled again, "Alright. Ill make sure Harry stays away from Niall, and you and El plan the suprise"

We all agreed on our roles and i was glad that the plan was going well already. Im going have to fit in the schedule for rehearsals in Liam's dorm, and for this, so ill make notes somewhere. I just have to keep this a secret from Niall, then we should be all set.

I must admit, I'm quite scared for the performance. Ive never done anything like this before, and i cant even sing which makes it even worse.

But I'm even more worried that Niall is going to back out when the real thing happens.



im really hyper bc ive had like 3 tea's with about 10 sugars in HAAHHAHHAAHA

anyway, i hope you likeddd this chapter and sorry it was a likkle bit short ^-^

Dont worry about harry, he'll come around soon enough..

maybe Nemma/Eiall will too ;) ..just maybe. Idk, but yusss 🌴

Gubyyeee my ickle waffles....idek



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