Outcast || n.h

"That boy is trouble, Emma. I want you to stay away from him"

"He isnt trouble, he's just lonely!"

"He isn't what you think at all Emma"

And he was right.

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5. 0.4 | feelings?

This chapter will be short and unedited so sorry in advance :/ it's friday (technically its saturday bc its 2 AM oops) so i don't have school tomorrow .^.

i guess this chapter is actually not all that detailed and is kinda shitty, but im sure you guys are gonna like the end, i did 😌

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♔nialls pov♔

A big shove on my shoulder woke me up, followed by a voice calling my name repeatedly.

"Niall, Niall, Niall, Niall, Niall" Louis' voice billowed around me, and i opened my eyes, scowling at him.

"C'mon buddy, it's College day!" He exclaimed, jumping around, "You have to get up! Quickkk!" He ran out of the room, squealing.

I groaned, rubbing my eyes and yawning. Great. Today is the day we start college. To be honest, i haven't exactly been looking forward to it. It's basically just another school, but with higher expectations. The only thing i like about it, is that you get to miss classes without getting a detention.

I shuffled out of bed, pulling on some grey, tracksuit bottoms and making my way into the living room. I ruffled my hair in my hand, making my way over to Louis.

"You want something to eat?" He asked politely and i nodded, another yawn escaping my lips. I didn't get much sleep last night, about an hour at the most. I usually only get at least 2, but something was bothering me last night that i'd rather not recap.

"Cereal?" Louis held up a box of coco puff's, "Or toast?" He held a packet of bread in the other hand. I pointed to the bread and flopped down on the sofa, grabbing the remote to switch the Tv on.

I was scrolling through the channels and found The Big Bang Theory, so i just left that on. It's funny, i guess and it will probably cheer me up a little more.

Last week, when Emma came round and we watched Jackass, was so embarrassing. Crying in front of people is not something i regularly do, but i couldn't help it. She's been such a great friend to me, and I'm scared of loosing her. I thought about what would happen if i tell her what i did. And what i thought wasn't exactly what i'd had hoped, she just got up, left the apartment and never spoke to me again. I'd be crushed if that ever happened, because we have both become such close friends, and I'm scared that my stupid secret will interfere with that.

"Here you go, buddy" Louis smiled, handing me a plate of toast. I smiled, (that's my way of thanking people) and took a bite out of one of the slices.

"El is gonna be riding with us to College. So i thought about offering Emma a ride with us, if she isn't already going with her dad" Louis sat next to me, picking up his spoon and shoving the coco puffs into his mouth.

I swallowed, a frown moulding onto my lips. I don't like that word, Dad, it brings back horrifying memories that i wish i could just forget. I want to just have a really bad illness that will take my past away, like Amnesia or something. Anything to banish the scaring images from my brain.

"You ok?" Louis cut through my daze, and i nodded, taking another bite.

"So, should i ask Emma?" He inquired, lifting the bowl up to his mouth and drinking the milk from the cereal.

I grimaced, as some of the milk dripped down from the side of his mouth, but nodded anyway. I wonder how Emma's feeling about going to College.

Emma's POV

"I only have two hands!" I yelled back, wrapping my arms around another box and dropping it out into the living room. I grunted, sending disgusted looks over at Sam who walked past me, smirking. He thinks he is getting my room, just because I'm going to college.

well, guess who's coming back every 5 weeks for 3 days. Not me!

Nope, dad wont let me. He said it will interfere with my 'learning' and he wants me to put as much focus into my work as possible. I already told him that I've done my main task, GCSE's, but he is still encouraging me to work hard in college. Fucker.

"What do i do with this one?" I asked, pointing to a box that was sat on the sofa. It held my main things that i'm taking to college; my laptop, makeup stuff, hair dryer, hair straighteners, books etc. Basically the main things that I'm going to need.

My phone began ringing in my pocket just as i picked up another box. I dropped it back down again, and pulled out my phone. Caller ID : Louis ;p

"Emma?" Louis spoke immediatly.

"That's me" I chuckled. Since i couldn't hold the box, i put the phone between my shoulder and ear, and enclosed my arms around the box, lifting it to my chest.

"Uhm, well I'm giving El a lift, you know, to College, and i was wondering if you wanted to join us. That's if your dad's not already planning on taking you"

I dropped the last box near the door, and stood back up, smiling, "Yeah, i'd love to" I took my phone back in my hand.

Sam ran past me, pulling a packet of crisps out of the draw and leaning against the counter and watching me on the phone. I found it kind of creepy how he was just watching me, a smug grin plastered along his face.

"Great, we'll meet you outside your door in about 15 minutes. That ok?" He asked and i nodded, immediately correcting myself by replying.

"Uh, yeah. That's fine. Ill see you later then" I smiled, crossing my arm over my self and Sam smirked.

"Oohh, is Emma on the phone with her boyyfriendd" Sam snickered, loud enough to make Dad come out of my room.

"Fuck off, Sam" I spat, pushing him out of the kitchen area

"Language, Emma!" Dad pursed his lips, folding his arms.

"Sorry" I sighed, rolling my eyes and resuming my phone call with Louis.

"Hey, you still there?" I turned away from them.


"Oh, sorry about that"

"It's fine. We'll see you in a bit" He laughed, and i agreed before he hung up.

I shoved my phone back into my pocket and made my way back into my room. It was empty, completely empty. The only things that were still in here was my bed, my wardrobe and my bedside table. Oh, and my TV.

It seems bigger some how. I'm gonna miss it here.

Dad came up to me and gave me a hug from behind, planting a kiss to my forehead.

"I can still remember when you were little, about 5. Me and your mum would come in and you would be playing tea party with your teddies" He chuckled, and i smiled. I cant remember my mum, but i just wish i could meet her. She died in a car crash on the way to work. I still remember my dad crying and pressing a beer bottle to his lips, drowning his sorrows in the many alcoholic beverages.

"It seems like just yesterday you were running around in your nappies, screaming and laughing" He sighed, "And then when Sam was born, you would try and force feed him jars of sugar or give him a cup of boiling hot water. Anything to get him out of the way"

I laughed, just at the thought of the little me, smirking and laughing like a maniac while pouring mountains of sugar into 2 year old Sam's mouth. I still do that now, and I'm going to miss playing pranks on him.

I turned around, wrapping my arms around him and snuggling into his chest. It's been a while since I've hugged my dad and it feels nice to finally be able to again.

"I'm scared" I frowned, breathing out a sigh.

"Don't worry. College looks scary now, but it's a piece of cake. You will have all your friends around you and the work wont be as hard as what you had last year. Although you will have to revise a lot and study for when you have tests. Just promise me that you will work hard and have fun" He kissed the top of my head again, rubbing my back soothingly.

"I promise" I smiled. I took in all of his advise and calmed myself down a little. He's right. Ill have Louis, Eleanor, Jessica, Niall, Elle and i'll most likely even make some more friends. All i have to do is work hard in lessons and i can relax and have fun when I'm in the dorms, or just walking around. There's nothing to feel scared about. Ill be fine.

"You ok now?" He chuckled, pulling me back. I nodded, smiling.

I checked the time on the wall behind him, and it read 10:45. Louis, Niall and Eleanor will be here any second now.

"My friends are going to give me a lift, and they'll be here any second, so i better get going" I clarrified, picking my grey, zip up hoodie, and slipping my arms through the sleeves. He nodded, stuffing his hands into his pockets and sending me a small smile.

I walked over to the many boxes, and picked them up in my arms. They were kind of heavy, but they were manageable. As soon as i opened the door, they were all making their way down the hall and towards my door.

"Hey" I smiled.

"Hey" Louis replied, Niall gave me a small wave and Eleanor shot me a smile.

"You ready?" He added and i nodded, adjusting the boxes in my arms.

"Don't i get a goodbye hug?" Sam pouted, outstretching his arms.

Eleanor was in 'aw' at him, and i huffed, putting the boxes on the floor and kneeling down. He wrapped his arms around my neck and i pulled him into a hug as he whispered a goodbye to me. Honestly, yes, i will miss Sam, because he is my brother.

He pulled away from me and i smiled, ruffling my hand in his hair before grabbing the boxes and standing up.

Dad turned up and leaned against the door frame, "You got everything?"

"I think so, yeah" I nodded, smiling sympathetically. It must be hard for him, he's going to have to look after Sam on his own and it might be a little tough on him because of work and everything, but i think he will manage.

"Ok. Well, have fun" He chuckled, and i nodded.

"I will"

"Bye then, Em"

"Bye, dad"


We jumped out of Louis' car, and slammed the doors shut. We all looked up at the building in front of us and took it in. This is it, this is the place were I'm going to send the next 2 years of my life.

"It's big" Eleanor stated and we all laughed.

"It is" Louis chuckled, "C'mon then, i wanna get in their"

We all rolled our eyes at how Louis was the only one exited about this. My nerves were still a little shaky, but i eased up as soon as we made it onto the campus.

There were several buildings scattered around the Campus, and i wasn't sure which building held what, but i will soon find out.

"So where are we going exactly?" Eleanor questioned, looking around the vast area, dumbfounded.

"We have to go to the reception area and get checked into our rooms, i guess that's were we will be given our keys and told who we will be sharing rooms with" Louis answered and i began to grow nervous again. What if i am with a random person? I know i wont be with Niall or Louis, so i really hope I'm sharing with Eleanor.

We all began walking up to the reception, and Louis mainly did all the talking, giving the lady behind the desk our names. She looked like she was in her middle 40's and she seemed sweet which calmed my nerves down a bit.

"Louis Tomlinson, you will be sharing room 236 with Niall Horan" Louis hissed a 'yes' before fist bumping Niall, "Eleanor Calder, you will be sharing room 257 with"

please be me, please be me

"Emma Hall"

I sighed in relief, and Eleanor squealed, wrapping me into a hug.

"Here are your keys, and your lesson plans. If you need any guidance around the Campus, just ask one of the head peer's and they will give you a tour of the area. Have a lovely day and ill be looking forward to seeing you around" She smiled sweetly, handing each of us our lesson plans and keys.

"Thank you" Louis replied, taking his and Niall's key before we all made out way out of the building.

"Well, at least we are all..basically together. None of us are with strangers so that's good" I chuckled, looking down at my plan. It was a small, notebook type of thing with a metal ring binder, and a coloured, transparent front.

A table of all my lessons were on the first page and i scanned my eyes over them. Sure enough, every lesson i had picked, and a few other randoms, were in my planner.

Mathematics, Sociology, Biology, Music etc. It all looks so organised and pretty, I'm sure it will be messy and un-neat by the end of the weak, i don't know what clean is anymore.

"Come on then, let's go to our room" Eleanor squealed, grabbing my hand and pulling me with her up the stone steps. I only then realised that we had parted ways with Niall and Louis, and i had hardly said one word to Niall today. I felt kind of bad, but i figured i will go and see him later.

We looked around the area and guessed our way by going into the first building we saw. And we got it right.

"Ok, we need to be on floor 2" She began, scanning her eyes over the board in front of us. It tells you which rooms are on which floor, "Aha, there we go" We both began jogging up the 2 flights of stairs until we opened the door to a long corridor. Each side was lined with doors. When i looked to my left, i saw that the first door was labelled '299'. Great.

We took a long walk down the corridor, passing some open rooms with people packing all of their stuff into wardrobes and draws, until we finally reached our room, 257.

She pulled the key from her pocket and twisted it in the lock, pushing the door open. We both gasped at the sight in front of us.

"It's beautiful" Eleanor commented, walking into the room and setting her boxes down on the bed, "I call this bed" She giggled, flopping down onto the mattress.

I dropped my boxes on the end of my bed and took in the room. Just as you walk in, there is a bathroom straight across, and has a bed thats pushed up against the far wall, and another one that's on the other side. A golden, oak, chester draws sat at the end and in the middle of the beds. The bathroom however was something new.

The toilet was made of Ariel platinum, the taps were crystallised glass and even the shower was made of pure marble. It's extremely high quality, and i just know that by the end of the week, this room will be a tip.

"Jesus" I breathed, looking around the room. I sat down on my bed, looking over at Eleanor.

"Where do we go to wash our clothes and stuff?" I randomly asked. She looked at me with an amused expression on her face but answered me anyway.

"You go down to the first floor, and into the laundry room. Why?"

"Im just paniking. I don't know where everything is, like the classes and how to get to them, or where the food court is and -"

"Emma" Eleanor put a hand on my shoulder, chuckling, "You're going to be fine. Come on, there are free maps of the Campus being handed out on the first floor so we can go and get one" She smiled, rubbing my arm and grabbing my hand.

We stumbled out of the room, running down the many stairs and into the lower part of the building. She was right, there was a big table of maps in the centre of the room being handed out by a girl and boy, around the same age as me. The boy looked very familiar, i don't know where I've seen him from but I've seen him before.

We ran over to the table, and stood behind the small crowd of people. I tried getting a better look at the boy at the front but people's heads were in the way so i couldn't see.

Finally having made it to the front, i realised that it was that same boy that Niall was with in the photo. Brown curly hair, green emerald eyes and dimples.

"Harry!" Eleanor squealed, barging past a few people and swinging her arms around the boys neck, Harry I'm guessing.

"Eleanor?..Eleanor!" He laughed, wrapping his arms around her and pulling her into a tight hug, "God, where have you been! I haven't seen you in about 5 years!"

I must say, Harry is extremely attractive. His voice is so mellow and deep, strong but soft at the same time, really relaxed. His hair is more tussled than curly, his fringe was pushed back to the top of his head and he wore a plain, black shirt. I also noticed he had a lot of tattoos. I swear, if he likes sleeping with sirens, i am marrying him.

"Yeah, just one for me and one for her." Eleanor smiled, pointing over to me. Harry's eyes met mine and i froze. A smirk appeared on his face as he looked me up and down. I felt a heat rising to my cheeks and my heart was pumping rapidly in my chest.

"Hello, love" He winked, and i smiled, my cheeks burning even brighter.

"Oh, sorry. Harry, this is Emma. Emma, this is Harry" She introduced us, and we both nodded.

"Soo, are we going up to Niall and Louis' room?" I asked after a minute of silence. Eleanor nodded and Harry's eyes widened. He nearly chocked on his own saliva.

"Niall? Im sorry, do you mean Niall Horan? Like, Niall Horan. That Niall Horan?" Harry inquired, taking a step closer to me, his face bundled with confusion.

"Yeah, Niall Horan" I laughed, drawing my eyebrows together, "Why is that so weird?"

He shook his head, dismissing the issue, "It doesn't matter. I just haven't uh.. seen him in a while" Harry awkwardly coughed into his hand.

I raised my eyebrow, what is wrong with Niall? Everyone seems to be scared of him. First my dad, now Harry.

"You can come up and see him if you wa -"

"No. No no no no..no" Harry swallowed.

I turned to Eleanor, and she was mouthing something to Harry. As soon as she saw me looking at her, she stopped and put on a smile.

What is going on?

"Come on Emma. We have to go now" Eleanor rudely remarked, sending daggers at Harry. So in the space of 2 minutes, they have managed to go from being best friends, to sending disgusting looks at each other.

As soon as Eleanor dragged me away, i looked back at Harry who just huffed and carried on handing out maps to people. What was that all about?

"What just happened?" I was confused. Why was it that when i brought up Niall, Harry nearly had a heart attack. Is Niall famous or something?

"Nothing. Niall is just an old friend of Harry's and they uhm...it doesn't matter" She nervously chuckled, her grip on my hand still tight and we paced down the corridor. My map was stuffed into my pocket and all i could think about was that boy. Harry.

His tousled, brown hair. His burning, green eyes. His pink, plump lips. His dimples, deeper than fucking niagara falls. The tattoos that covered his body..jesus lord.

"Helooo? Are you even listening to me?" Eleanor cut through my daze, snapping her fingers in front of my face.

"What?" I dumbly asked and heard a small chuckle. She pointed to something in front of her and i saw Niall standing in the doorway of his dorm.

"Oh! Hey" I laughed, wrapping my arms around him. He hugged me straight back, hanging his arms loosely around my waist.

"Are you ok?" I asked and he smiled, nodding. I thought i'd ask, just incase he was feeling down or anything, but he seems to be in a much better mood. I was glad, because i hate seeing him upset.

We both pulled away from each other, and he invited us in. Louis came stumbling out of the bathroom moments later.

He looked up to see me and Eleanor, and a small smile washing over his features, "Hey" He greeted me, and i smiled back at him. He walked over to Eleanor and embraced her into a hug, shortly after, connecting his lips with hers.

I raised my eyebrows, slowly turning around and walking over to Niall. We both looked at them in disgust and i sat down on one of the beds. Their room wasn't much different from ours, except the heads of the beds were pushed up against the wall and they had a small Tv on the wall in front of the beds. I was on what i presumed was Louis', because Niall was sat, unpacking a few of his boxes, on the bed opposite.

"So, you like your room?" i asked, generally wondered. His room is like mine so it's pretty legit.

He shrugged, probably meaning "it's ok" and continued to dig through his box.

"Hey uhm..do you wanna come and look around with me? I wanna know where everything is but i don't wanna take that stupid tour guide" I rolled my eyes, earning a small laugh and a nod from Niall.

"Me and Niall and are gonna have a walk around the campus so we'll catch up with you guys later" I informed them and they just replied with a simple nod.

I waited for Niall to grab his jacket, before i grabbed his hand and pulled him out of the bedroom. I felt something strange when i grabbed his hand, a weird sparky feeling in the pit of my stomach, so i immediately dropped it as soon as we left the room.

What was that?

"So uhm..what lessons are you ta -..Nevermind" I chuckled, obviously knowing that he cant exactly answer that.

He whipped out his phone from his pocket and smirked up at me. I just rolled my eyes and carried on walking down the stairs.

I pulled out my phone as soon as it buzzed and checked the message,

Niall x -

Im taking Music, Genomotry, Psychology and Sociology ;) what'r you taking?

"Im taking Music and Sociology too, but I'm taking Geography instead of Geometry" I answered, keeping my phone out because i think i smell a conversation coming on. God I'm dying to hear his voice. I bet it's amazing, all irish people have gorgeous accents. Im just holding onto that last small, string of hope that he will talk to me one day. Ill get him to say at least one word to me, even if it takes bribing him for one thousand pounds, maybe just even hearing him say my name.

Niall x -

Cool ;) We might be in the same classes then :D

I looked up at him and smiled. Music and Sociology are only two lessons, but if that's what it's going to take to get him to speak, then ill have to make sure i sit next to him in every lesson and spend as much time as i can with him. He will speak one day. He has to, he cant be mute forever.

"Come on then, let's head down this way" I pointed to the long corridor ahead of us, and he nodded, stuffing his hands to his pockets.


Niall's POV

We have been walking around the campus for at least an hour, and we both had a rough guess of where everything was. There were mainly just classes in the halls, but we know where everything else is, like the gym, and the food courts and where our classes are. We even made arrangements to walk to classes together. It's gonna b e fun spending more time with her, i like her.

"Soo, do you wanna go back?" She inquired, "Or we could do some other stuff, i don't mind either way." She shrugged, a small smile moulded onto her lips. I thought for a minute, i do want to hang out with a little longer, but it has to be something fun. Something that - ... Wait a minute.

I smirked, beginning to type her a message. She will probably say no, but it's worth a shot.

"The gym!?" Horror struck over her face making me laugh, "Bu - Bu - But i don't excersise. I cant even run on the treadmill without falling off 2 seconds later, i run out of breath!"

I laughed again. She was looking up at me in fear, like going to the gym would physically kill her.

Me :3 -

Oh c'mon. It's not that bad. Plus, it will help you loose a few pounds ;)

She gasped once she read the message, placing her hands on her waist ad glaring up at me.

"Are you calling me fat?"

I fell out into a fit of laughter again. I knew she was joking because she knew i would obviously not call her fat, cause she isn't. But the expression she had on her face now was beyond priceless.

"Uh uh uh. You made the wrong mistake there Horan." She snapped her fingers in a z formation and swung around on her heel beginning to walk away. just as she swung around, she immediately tripped over her own foot and landed face first on the floor. My laugh was echoing through the halls, and it was a really loud laugh too. I haven't laughed this hard in a long time, and it feels nice to laugh again.

"What are you laughing at? I didn't do anything" She tried not laughing, but i could see that she was holding back one. Her face was completely red as she stood up and brushed herself off like nothing happened. Moments later we were just 2 weirdos laughing in the halls. I didn't care though, i want people to know I'm weird and crazy, i don't wanna come off as the boring and depressed one just because i don't talk.

"Hold on" She giggled, "I got a text from Eleanor" She pulled out her phone, still laughing a little.

"Are you guys coming to that party tonight? It's basically just a big party welcome" She read out and we both stopped laughing. Her face dropped and she groaned, rubbing her hand over her face.

"I don't wanna go to a lame ass party. Do you?" She whined, looking over at me. I shook my head. I hate parties anyway, all i do is stand awkwardly at the back of the room with an orange juice while everyone else is on the dance floor with vodkas and shots. It's so embarrassing.

She was typing Eleanor a message back, so i took out my phone, already beginning to send her a message.

As soon as she put her phone down, i pressed send, and she looked at me with an annoyed expression. I laughed and she picked her phone up yet again.

"How about we skip the party and go to the gym" She read out, looking at me with her eyebrow raised. I bit the inside of my cheek, a grin on my face and i could feel myself already beginning to laugh again.

"Or we could just watch a movie in my room" She suggested. I nodded, and a smirk appeared on her face, "Good" She slung her arm around me, linking our arms together and literally dragging me down the hall. The burning feeling was rushing through my arm again. What is that? It also happened when she grabbed my hand. It's weird, it's like pins and needles, but better. It's a weird feeling and i don't know what it is, but it's scaring me.

We continued our long journey down the hall and finally came to the stair case, running/jumping down the many steps.

"So, what movie should we watch? Ill watch anything that doesn't include balls or glue" She stated. I laughed, shaking my head and shrugging. I'd be happy to watch any film with her.

She pushed her fingers through her hair and swiped her tongue over her bottom lip. I tried not to stare but god she looks hot when she does that.

wait, what?

I was carried out from my thoughts as something pointy poked at my arm. I looked down, and Emma was poking my arm, we were standing outside her dorm and the door was open. She was waiting for me to go in. Oh.

I walked past her, looking around the room. It smelt of perfume and just that natural girl smell. Clothes were scattered over one of the beds, and the other was perfectly clean. I guessed the neat one was Emma's, so i sat on the end of the bed.

"Netflix?" She raised her eyebrow. I smiled, nodding and she turned around to grab the remote. Once the tv was on, she went straight onto Netflix and sat on the end of the bed with me. She was sitting very close to me, i could feel the warmth of her leg on mine and for some reason it was making me feel uncomfortable. I feel..nervous, being this close to her.

She was currently scrolling through the movies, and most were either romance or drama to which she groaned at. What do people see in romantic films? They are so boring and cheesy. Its's just, "Oh, i love you" and then the girl will start crying and say "i love you too!" And this is half an hour after the films starts. Then 3 minutes later they are getting married. Utter shit.

"Niall? Hello?" Her voice dragged me out of my thoughts and her hands waving in front of my face was the first thing i saw, "You are zoning out a lot today, you alright?" She questioned, looking back up at the screen.

I just nodded and looked at the screen, "This one?" She brought her hand up to her mouth and chewed on her nails. Is she nervous too? Apparently chewing on your finger nails is a nervous habbit. Maybe she's feeling the same as i am. I don't know why I'm suddenly feeling anxious to be this close to her, but its kinda nice.

She had chosen the conjuring. It's not exactly scary, but it's not shit either. I admit i shit myself a little when the woman turns demonic and she's tied to that chair. Ew, that's creepy.

"I fucking hate this film. It scares the living fuck out of me" She crawled to the top of the bed, patting the place next to her. I chuckled, swallowing and sitting cautiously next to her, keeping quite some space between us. I think she noticed because she frowned and folded her arms loosely over her chest.

The film had started and the music was already freaking me out. Emma hugged her legs up to her chest, wrapping her arms around them and resting her chin on her knee. She looked adorable and cuddly.


Shut up you douche. You are so lame. You don't call a girl adorable, and defiantly not Emma, she's your friend, so leave it at that.

I think i see where this will eventually head and i don't like it.

"Are you ok? You look really down" Emma sighed, turning to me. She rest her hand on my arm and i flinched. She looked at me with drew eyebrows and a frown on her lips, "Niall, what's wrong?"

I shook my head, as if to say "nothing", loosening up.

What are you doing Niall?! Stop wrecking things!

I smiled down at her, but she still didn't look convinced. She sighed again, looking back at the tv. I was hesitant to do it, but i draped my arm over her shoulder and pulled her to my chest. The closeness felt really nice, and she looked up at me, a smile now set onto her lips. Her arm slung over my torso as she lay her head on my chest.

The nervousness was back, and i had anxiety rushing through my veins. I was scared that i'd do something stupid or make a wrong move, like fart or something. Luckily, i didn't need to right now, but you never know, it is an hour and a half hour film.


The film had finished and both Emma and i were staring at the screen with wide eyes.

"Turn the light on. Quick quick, turn it on" Emma rushed, her voice laced with terror. I immediately sprung up, crawling to the end of the bed and flicking the light on. We both sighed in relief as the room illuminated with light. I was shitting myself, i kept picturing the woman in the chair, sitting in the middle of the room. For some reason, watching it this time was much scarier. Probably because Emma wouldn't stop asking me what o would do if she was at the end of my bed one night, or i woke up and she was sitting in the chair, staring at me as i slept.

She stood up, stretching her arms over her head and allowing a small yawn to escape her lips. I lifted my wrist, checking the time on my watch and deciding it was late enough, so i'd best be heading back. 11 PM isn't exactly late to me, but i at least want to try and get some sleep, i don't wanna doze off in class.

I whipped out my phone from my pocket, and left Emma a text, saying that ill be going and that ill meet her for sociology tomorrow.

I slid off the bed, grabbing my shoes and slipping them onto my feet. I pretty much wear the same shoes nearly everyday, my white pumas. They're comfy, easy to get on and are just my 'type of style'.

As soon as i stood up, my phone buzzed in my pocket and i took it out, already knowing it is from Emma.

From: Emma ;)

Okaiii. Just knock on my door :D

I turned around, nodding at her and opening the front foor. She escorted me out, leaning against the door frame, and we both embraced into a hug before i let. I admit, i did feel that flutter in my stomach when we hugged, but i tried to brush it off.

She leaned back, just a little and whispered, "Ill see you tomorrow", and she placed her lips to my cheek. I felt the deep red creeping up onto them already and i looked down at the floor to avoid her seeing, but she had obviously noticed because she giggled.

I played casual, and left with a small wave and smile. She smiled back and said one last 'bye'. I heard her door close and i felt a pain in my chest. It's like there is a string that's connected to me and Emma. If i go too far away from her, that string will snap. I don't like being away from her, and that is what i am really scared of now. I want to go back there, just so i can be with her. It's happened. I know it has and i knew it would. This is why i didn't want to be friends with her, but i had to because of Louis. Now..i just don't see her as a friend anymore.

I cant help it. She's changed me. Every time she is around, i wear a constant smile. Im laughing more than i used to and my life is gradually becoming better and better now that that she has entered it. She just makes me happy.

Oh God. This is it, this is what I've been dreading for a long time, and i knew it would happen.

I'm starting to develop feelings for Emma.

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