Outcast || n.h

"That boy is trouble, Emma. I want you to stay away from him"

"He isnt trouble, he's just lonely!"

"He isn't what you think at all Emma"

And he was right.

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2. 0.1 | first impressions

hai guys ^.^

okay so i have been dyiinggg to start this book for ages and I'm really looking forward to it. this chapter will be kind of shit bc I'm always really bad at first chapters, but yeh


i changed my name from fivesaucemkay to niallsmycraic_ because...idk i just did XD

For some reason i imagine Emma's apartment as Joey's & Chandlers from Friends o.O haha i really don't know why but i just do XD

thanks & i really hope you guys like this ;)


❀emma's pov❀

I dragged out my bag from under the bed, and laid out my books on the desk, sitting my self down on the rolly chair, before picking up a book and opening it to the 3rd page. Im starting College in 3 weeks and i want to be prepared.

College is a big step up for me, I've dreamed of it since i was little, i always loved the idea of getting good grades, going up to college, passing through university and getting a good job, but most of the time, i listen to music and annoy my brother.

I already know what subjects I'm taking. Maths, Science and English are ones that you have to take anyway, but i chose Music, Geography and Sociology. My dad thought i should take drama. Fuck that. Drama is my worse subject, what is the point in getting up and embarrassing your self infant of the whole damn class?

"Emma! Dad wants you!" Sam yelled, entering my room and jumping onto my bed.

Of course he is back.

"Get out, Sam" I snapped, pointing to the door.

"Shouldn't you be the one leaving? Dad want's you, not me"

I had to remind my self several times to not drag him out of my room and connect my foot to his face. God, he is so annoying. All the time, he bugs me by either coming in my room, changing the channel on the TV, waking me up in the middle of the night..

"Aren't you going to ask me how i am?" He grinned. 2 weeks ago, he was playing football with his friends, and someone from the other team kicked him in his shin so hard that it knocked his bone out of place. He has been in hospital every since. But now, he is out! Yay (!)

"No, I'm not" Rolling my eyes, i stood up off my chair and walked out to the living room. My apartment was really homey, even though it is small and everything is crammed into one place. The kitchen was linked to the living room, where the cooker, the fridge, microwave, toaster, counter, cupboards and blah blah blah, you know what a kitchen looks like. But the living room had a cosy atmosphere. The 3 seater sofa was pressed up to the back of the counter and the TV sat on the wall directly in front of it. Next, was the black slate of glass with 4, small table legs sat under it. A simple, Coffee table. Then, there was a wall which held a big canvas with a photograph of me, Sam, my Dad and my mum on it, and other mini photos. It's upsetting to see my mum on there. She look's a lot like me and i just wish she would of survived so that i could've seen her. I bet she was lovely.

"Em, could you pass me the can opener please?" My dad asked. He was making some weird salad dish. It was a combination of lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers and now, pears.

"Sure" I grimaced at the plate of healthy foods and handed him the can opener, "Is that what you wanted me for?"

"No. I need you to go to the shops for me, i need some peppers"

Gosh, what is his sudden obsession with fruit & veg?

I just nodded, turning on my heel and walking back into my room, to find Sam poking his nose into my books.

"Sam! Get out!" I yelled, stomping over to him and grabbing the collar of his shirt.

"Nerd" He snickered.

"Twat" I spat back, shoving him out of my room and slamming the door shut.

Sam does everything he possibly can to piss me off. If it's not randomly slapping me, it's pouring cold water on me in the night, or stealing my phone. He is an absolutely annoying, dick.

Grabbing my phone from my bed, i stuffed it into my pocket and took a couple of pounds from my purse, joining them with my phone and exiting my room.

"Bye" I called back as i opened the front door and closed it behind me, stepping out into the

As i began to walk down the hall, i noticed a boy, carrying boxes into an apartment, a couple of doors down from mine. Inching closer, i saw that he was around my age, a small stubble sprinkled along his jaw and he had messy brown hair, only did i notice the sparkling blue of his eyes when he looked up.

"You need any help with that?" I chuckled, referring the many cardboard boxes that were pilled up outside his door. He smiled, standing up straight and wiping his hands onto his jeans.

"Nah, i got this" He laughed, sticking out his hand, "Im Louis" He introduced him self.

"Emma" I replied, shaking his hand.

I looked down at his outfit and i was in love. He wore black skinny jeans, with a plain white shirt that said 'Sleeping With Sirens' on the front, and only then did i notice the many tattoos that covered his arms.

"You like Sleeping with Sirens?!" I almost screamed. I don't see many guys who like them, and being the band addict that i am, it's pretty hot when a cute guy wears band shirts.

"Yeah, they're the best" He chuckled, retracting his hand from mine and slipping it into his pocket along with his other hand, "Do you live in the building?" He questioned.

"Yeah, 204" I say, pointing to the door not fare behind me.

"Cool, i guess ill be seeing you around a lot then" He winked. I felt my cheeks heat up and i nodded, moving around on my heel.

Just as i was about to leave, my eyes fixed to someone walking past the door inside the apartment, with a box resting in his arms. He turned his head, and his eyes connected with mine. His blonde hair was styled in a quiff and the intriguing blue of his eyes were dark and mysterious.

Louis noticed that i was staring at something, and when he turned around, he saw who it was and introduced me to him.

"Oh, that's Niall, he's kinda shy, and quiet" He awkwardly coughed, looking back at Niall who was giving him a warning glare as if he shouldn't have said anything.

I was growing uncomfortably with Niall's weird behaviour. His eyes were narrowed as they poured into mine, sending me death glares, so i decided to leave.

"I uh, i gotta go now" I weakly smiled, hoping not to seem rude, for Louis' sake. What is wrong with that boy anyway? I hadn't even spoken to him and he was giving me the evils.

Great. What a lovely neighbour i have.

"Alright" He sighed, seeming a bit frustrated as he wrapped his arms around another box and lifted it to his chest, "Ill see you around, Emma" He smiled, before we both split ways.

Just as the door closed, i heard muffled yelling coming from in the apartment. It sounded like it was coming from Louis', so i took a few steps back and and moved a little closer to the door so that it was just about audible.

"God damn it Niall! Why do you keep doing this? We aren't going to make any new friends if you keep scaring them off!" I heard Louis yell. I began to grow curious. What was it about Niall that seemed intimidating? He was defiantly rude, that's a given, but why? Louis seems to be pretty pissed off about it.

I didn't hear a reply from Niall, but Louis seemed to say something back. It sounded like he was just arguing with himself in there.

"I know it's hard for you, but just because you don't speak doesn't mean you have to be rude! You could at least smile or something!"

Wait, What?

Niall doesn't speak? I listened more intently now.

"If we bump into her again, you need to be nice to her, other wise i will be really pissed with you" Louis growled before a slamming door was heard, and then that's it. Nothing else was said, so i began to walk away.

My head was whirling with confusion. Why doesn't he talk? Is it that he cant, or he just wont? Maybe he has a problem, like he doesn't have a voice box or something? No that's stupid.

Besides, Louis said that he doesn't speak, not that he cant, so maybe he can speak, but just doesn't want to.

But what i don't understand is why? Jogging down the endless tower of stairs, my mind was overflowing with suggestions on why Niall is the way he is.

Sure, he isn't very polite, and defiantly does not make a very good first impression, but something tells me that he cant help being the way he is. He doesn't speak because he doesn't want to, but there has to be another reason for it. A reason for why he doesn't want to.


I pressed the button in the elevator for the second floor, and i nervously swallowed. I hate lifts. They are creepy and way too small. I get really claustrophobic.

The whole way to the shop, i couldn't stop thinking about him. He is interesting and weird, but i still couldn't get my mind off his weird none speaking habbit.

Finally, the elevator stopped and i got out, feeling more safer.

Just as i turned the corner, i bumped into a tall figure,

"Hey, watch it asshole" I grunted, not feeling in the best of moods. Something was just really annoying me. Maybe the fact that i cant figure out what is wrong with Niall.

When i looked up, i was met with annoyed, blue eyes and messy blonde hair.

Well shit.

"Oh, Niall. Sorry" I spoke uncomfortably, still kinda pissed off about the previous mishap.

He didn't reply, he only nodded, and tried to walk past me, but i stopped him.


He stopped in his tracks and turned around. I couldn't get over how attractive he was too. His hair was sweeped back into a messy quiff, and some of it had been brushed off onto the side of his face. His eyes have a certain glow to them, making him look innocent and sweet, but also mysterious and dark.

"I don't really understand what happened earlier, but i saw how you were looking at me and i don't know if i have done anything to offend you or anything, but i just want to apologise if i did" I said sheepishly.

He shook his head and sighed. Then, he moved his hand out to me. I looked down at it, furrowing my eyebrows. What is he doing?


He shaped his fingers into a rectangular shape, and twiddled his thumbs.

Is he ok?

I gave him an even more confused look and he groaned, pointing to my pocket.


"Oh" I laughed, pulling out my phone from my pocket and hesitantly handing it to him.

I watched as he typed something into my phone and how his eyes focused on it and his thumbs moving rapidly along the keyboard. He handed my phone back to me and pulled out his own. When i looked down, i saw that he had put his number in.

'Niall' with a single kiss at the end. It was kind of weird since we was technically a stranger to me, but it felt like i have known him for longer than an hour. Suddenly, my phone buzzed in my hand and i saw that i had a text from him.

Niall x -

You didn't offend me haha, i just wasn't feeling in the best of moods earlier so I'm sorry about that :)

I felt a huge wave of relief wash over me. I knew that i couldn't have done anything to hurt him because i hadn't even spoken to him, but i still couldn't shake the remaining question from my mind, why doesn't he speak?

Me -

Okay good, + it's fine ;)

I sent, and he raised his head up to me, a warm smile plastered along his face. I felt an unfamiliar spark in my stomach when he wrapped his arms around around me, pulling me into a hug. I awkwardly stood there while he embraced me, and i didn't really know what to do, but his body was warm and it felt really nice. I smelt the faint scent of cologne that clung to his plain white t - shirt, and unbuttoned, blue, short sleeved shirt. He wore jeans, with a small rip in the knee cap, and white puma's hugging his feet.

He released me and smiled, before waving and walking away. I suddenly felt really cold, when i was I'm his arms i was warm and happy, now i feel really...

What is wrong with me? I don't even know him yet I'm already talking about how he makes me happy and warm!

I began to walk away, thinking about what just happened. Why did he hug me? Not that I'm complaining or anything, but it's not every day that you hug a stranger. Is he a stranger? I don't even know. I don't think so. I think we are friends..

"Emma!" I heard a familiar voice echo from down the halls. When i looked up, i saw Louis coming out of his apartment.

"Hey" I smiled, walking closer to him. There were no longer anymore boxes outside his door and as i approached him, i saw that his apartment was stacked with them, tons of cardboard boxes labelled in thick black writing with things that they held, "I uh, i bumped into Niall on the way here"

His face dropped and he gave me an angry expression, "He wasn't rude to you was he? because i swear to god that irish little -"

"Louis" I laughed, "He was nice to me, he actually gave me his number" I laughed, "And Niall is irish?" I questioned. Oh my god. I love irish accents, they are so thick and burly. Oh now i have to hear him speak.

"That's good then. And yes, he is" Louis rolled his eyes and i laughed.I was wondering weather to tell Louis that he hugged me, maybe he would think I'm weird? Or maybe he would laugh. I decided not to.

"Ill see you around sometime, i gotta get back" I said, nodding my head towards my door and he nodded, smiling and waving me goodbye as i trailed back into my apartment.

"Im back!" I yelled, throwing the bag onto the counter and flopping down onto the sofa.

"About time" Dad grunted, trudging out of his room and walking into the kitchen. He pulled out his salad dish from the fridge and i rolled my eyes, pulling out my phone.


My phone beeped in my hand, and a notification came down from the top bar, saying ' New message from - Niall x'

I clicked it, opening the short message and scanning my eyes over it, smiling.

Niall x

This might sound a little weird, but do you wanna hang out tomorrow?



i hate Niall not speaking >~< but then again, it's part of the story and truUuUuUuUuUst me, he will be talking soon enough ;)

Hope you guys liked this first chapter, i have been dying to start this book for sooo long and I'm really exited to write it :D

Don't worry, i will still be updating Changed regularly aswell, but i will probably update this every 4 days or something idk XD I'm not very organised so it will probably random days hahah.


Emma is played by Lucy Hale by the way :) SHE IS SO PRETTY ^o^

I'm going away for a while with my famalam, so i may update changed in a couple of days, but i will update this one again when i get back ;)

Sorry this chapter was kind of shitty & short ^~^ first chapters are always kinda hard so yeh, EXCUSE MY MAJOUR SHITY-NESS.

Love you guyysss <3 :)


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