Outcast || n.h

"That boy is trouble, Emma. I want you to stay away from him"

"He isnt trouble, he's just lonely!"

"He isn't what you think at all Emma"

And he was right.

Copyright © 2014 ziamsparkle.


1. prolouge

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The definiton of 'Outcast'

/ noun

noun: outcast; plural noun: outcasts


a person who has been rejected or ostracized by their society or an individual. "He meant nothing to her, she abandoned him. He is just an outcast."

Reject, leper, untouchable; stray; displaced person, outsider, castaway, Misfit, Unwanted person.

adjective: outcast


(of a person) rejected or ostracized. "They can be made to feel outcast and inadequate, not worth anything to anyone. Lonely and Rejected."

But behind it all, there is a reason.

Why is Niall and Outcast?

Read & Find out ;)


His hand gripped mine as we ran straight up the stairs and barged into the first door we could see, and jumping into the cupboard. My breathing had increased rapidly, and i could hear the thumping of his heart, banging against his chest in the small space of the closet. Fear was rushing through my veins, causing my body to shake in terror. I let my head fall back, the sweat on the nape of my neck sticking to my skin and the horrifying thought of the same men in my house.

"Niall" I whispered, catching ahold of my breath.

His head turned to look at me, the illumination blue of his eyes and the outline of his features being the only thing i cloud see.

"What are we going to do? What if they find us?" My eyes were on the brink of tears and my bottom lip was trembling. He noticed my fear and gave my hand a reassuring squeeze while softly replying,

"Don't think about that now. If they find us.." He paused, looking away and breathing out a sigh, "I have a plan"

I furrowed my brows, "What? What plan?"

He quickly held his finger to my lips, his eyes growing wider as footsteps were heard just outside the door of the bedroom. I silently sucked in a breath, holding it for as long as i possibly could. My hands were shaking and my heart was punching harder and harder at my rib cage. I could hear the deep voices speaking outside, the low growl of their terrifying voice making me even more petrified. They were laced with intimidation and you could visually see the darkness of their souls.

"Why do we need the girl?" One of the men asked. I shuddered at the mention of myself and my ears perked up.

"We cant just let her go, she knows to much" The familiar voice growled. I distinctly remember the voice, it belonged to the man that i spoke to before.

I released the breath i was holding and Niall's hand moved away, placing them in his hair as he nervously raked through it as we heard the men beginning to walk away.

My throat feels dry and my fingers feel numb from squeezing Niall's hand so tightly. I could tear the thought out of my mind, what happens if they find us and they take Niall away from me? What if they kill him, and not me. I would be willing enough to take any bullet for him, i couldn't live if he got taken away from me.

"Im scared Niall" I whimpered, holding my arms around myself to prevent shattering into a million peices. My eyes were fixed on the irish boy that stood before me, twisting his head to look at me and his eyes softening as she pulled me to his chest, keeping his arms securely locked around my back.

"I know" He whispered into my hair, my shaky breaths blowing onto his neck. I was scared about what's going to happen when they find us, because they will find us, i know they will. No matter who say's it, i wont believe them. We will get caught one way or another.

He pulled me back, out of his arms, but kept a firm grip on my shoulders with his hands, looking me straight in the eyes.

"If they do find us Emma, i need you to do something. You're not gonna like it but i need you to do it" He takes a breath, running a hand through his hair and discarding his gaze from me.

I nodded for him to carry on.

"Im going to tell them to let you go, and just take me" There was nothing in his eyes except pain, "He is going to place a gun to one of our heads and i want it to be mine, i'm not going to let you die Emma" He swallowed, looking back at me.

I shake my head, my eyes widening in horror, "No, no Niall i.. i cant let you do that..no, i wont let them take you" I tried to reason, but he kept shaking his head, his eyes closed.

"I know you don't like to hear this, but they will get us Emma, you know damn well that they will, and if one of us is going to die, it's gonna be me." He says harshly, reaching his hand into his back pocket and pulling out a scrolled up piece of paper and planting it in my hand.

"What's this?" I asked, taking it from his hand and dragging my eyes over it.

"This..Emma, is something really important. It holds every secret to this fucked up deal that i lead myself into and a few of my own secrets, linked to this situation that i have never told you and never will be able to, because it too damn hard for me to say it out loud. So do not open this until..until they let you go."

His eyes were sharp, laced with a demanding look and a worried tension. His words cut through my like knives. I looked down at the piece of paper, and the back up to his eyes, shaking my head.

"But i cant Niall, I'm not going to let them get -"

"I got you into this mess , so I'm going to get you out of it. I'm not going to let you die because of it" His words were shaky as his voice began to crack, a small tear spilling from his eye.

"Tell me that you will go. Just go, find your dad and brother, and go" His eyes searched mine desperatly, begging for the right answer.

"Niall" I sniffled, my eyes clogging with tears again, "Saying that would mean having to let you go, and that is something i could never do, no matter what, so i might as well just let them take me" A small tear made its way down my cheek as i reached out for the handle of the closet door. Niall's eyes were wide as i dragged it along the carpet, stepping out into the open room.

"Emma get the fuck back in here, what are you doing?!" He gasped, reaching out for my hand but i moved it away and gave him one last glance before walking out onto the landing. My heart was beating incredibly fast and every single bone in my body was trembling, but if this is putting Niall's life in jeprody, then i want to put a stop to it.

"There she is!" A man yelled. I spun around and froze, like a deer in the headlights as a gun was aimed at me. The man i met before, locked his finger over the trigger and he pulled.


Was the last thing i heard, before the ear piercing sound of the gun shot boomed around me, and my hearing became inpaired. The whole room spun, and i felt week at the legs, suddenly, everything around me went black.

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