Maybe Next Time

Leilani is a young british exchange student, who moved to korea with her best mate Emily. Together with Emily she is planning to graduate from The Korean University Of Art (TKUOA), and then move back to her family in England. Leilani is falling in love with the beauty and culture there is in the center of Seoul in South Korea. One day she accidentally rescues the rich university student Huang Zitao from getting hit by a car.

And destiny wants that they will meet once again.


2. Chapter Two

"Ya!" i yelled as a big soft pillow got smashed against my head repeatedly.

​"Stop that!" i yelled and i tried to hide my body under the covers and protect my face with my arms.

"NO SATAN NEVER SLEEEEEPS!" emily yelled in my ear and i tried to cover my face in my pillows. bus as i had laid down comfortably again she started to hit me again, harder this time. "What is your problem?! do really want to die?" i yelled and sat up in my bed with messy hair. "I NEED TO GOO TO WORK IN ABOUT AN HOUR AND YOU NEED TO COOK MY BREAFAAAAAAST!" she yelled and jumped up and down in my bed with her great fighting pillow. "do it yourself" i mumbled and fell backwards into the firmness of the mattress. 
"as if! I am the type that burns water. making it extremely annoying that you are the only one who can cook, plus you are a late sleeper" she said while continuously jumping up and down.

I sat up quickly in bed, staring viciously at emily. 

"What will the lady so want for breakfast?" 
"french toast, vile handle the case today," she said smiling. 
"french toast my ass" I muttered, swinging the legs over the edge of the bed. 
I got up and went into the kitchen, were Emily jumped around like a rabbit on drugs.

"Relax, I'm doing it now" I complained, and took the toastbag and opened the fridge. "What is it really you are so excited about, I knew you were a morning person, but this is ridiculous."

I took the cheese and the ham from the refrigerator and put it on the kitchen table. Emily finally stopped jumping and looked creepy at me. "Today is my first day at work" she said while jiggling. "is that something to be excited about?" i mumbled quietly as reaching down to the cabinet where the frying pans where. Emily made a really offended sound, as she opened her mouth as if she were offended that I could even ask such a question. 

"Of course it is" she said dancing around in her business clothes.

"i need to make a good first impression, and maybe i would meet a nice guy, maybe even my future husband?!" she said dreamy.

"calm down mammasita" (hehehe kpop).

"i CAAAAAAAN'T " she yelled and jiggled some more.

"hey you mess up your hair, don't do that, that won't impress your future husband!" i said as putting a toast on the pan. 

"oh my gosh, you're right" she said frightened and quickly got over to nearest mirror to fix her bronze short hair. 

i kept frying the toast, until it  were beautiful and golden on both sides, i slid of the the master pieces on two plates, and put the frying pan in the sink.

"here you go-..what's wrong?" i asked. emily was sitting down on the floor looking straight down. i put'd away the plates and sat down beside her, "Are you okay emmy?" she sniffled quietly like a little cold mouse.

i hugged her and whispered in her ear:

"don't worry they will all love you, i know it" she looked up in my eyes, with two tears streaming down on her pretty golden cheeks. "are you sure?" she asked and sniffled once more.

"of course" i said smiling supportive.

as a lighting she attacked me with hugs and i almost couldn't breathe.

"thank you Lei" she almost squealed in my ear. "i know I'm supposed to be your Unni (Korean for Sister/Big sis), but sometimes you just seem to be the more grown up one" i nodded.

"that's because your a spineless childish individual who doesn't know how to cook" i said in a complete serious tone, because you she knew it where true.

"i know" she said, "and i appreciate that you help me" she added.

"now will you please get of me?" i asked as i gasped for air. "oh! of course" she said smiling an jumping of me.

"thank you" i said, and stood up.

i looked at her and smiled. "if you don't hurry up you can't fix your make up, eat your sandwich and get your train" i said and sat down in the sofa, and waited for her to panic.

"oh my god" she yelled and rushed out to the bathroom and fixed her make up quicker than she had done before. she had her sandwich in her mouth and was taking her coral blue jacket on while she was going out of the door. "goodftbye" she murmed and rushed down to the elevator without closing the door.

"sandwich talk to you too" i yelled down the hall and closed the door.


I sighed, maybe emily did need to get a boyfriend.When i moved back to England she couldn't take care of herself. She was such a fantastic person, but at the same time she was clumsy, goofy, annoying and the most hideous dancer. i mean seriously.

i grabbed my own toast and bit off a large piece of it. 
I munched on the toast and looked around in the lonely apartment and laid my eyes on the big black cat watch over the little white kitchen table.


an hour till' my work part-time job started, i could get ready now and then go a bit early.

i put on some jeans and a black t-shirt with my little silver necklace, with the peace symbol and a matching bracelet.

i put on my long grey coat and some big black sunglasses and closed the door after switching off all the lights.


now it was time to experience the real world.


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