Maybe Next Time

Leilani is a young british exchange student, who moved to korea with her best mate Emily. Together with Emily she is planning to graduate from The Korean University Of Art (TKUOA), and then move back to her family in England. Leilani is falling in love with the beauty and culture there is in the center of Seoul in South Korea. One day she accidentally rescues the rich university student Huang Zitao from getting hit by a car.

And destiny wants that they will meet once again.


3. Chapter Three

I sighed and sniffed to the smell of Korean metropolis into my lungs.

Here i go.

 i walked to right and sled my bag onto my left shoulder. i adjusted it so it where comfortly hanging below my waist. i walked to the parking lot who where about 30 meters away from the apartment building. my heels made a click-clack sound as i walked in the empty parking lot. you could hear the sound of busy car motors and angry people honking at other at other angry people, and the angry circle continues.


i found my scooter fast, mostly because it was the only lime green and soft pink scooter in about a radius of 100 meter, but also because it made a funny noise when you tried to use the automatic key (key, heheheh).

took my matching lime green helmet on and put my brown handbag in the back. the motor started with a rhythmic hum from the sound of hundreds of singing mechanics.The scooter was brand new and I was very pleased with it, so I did not have to spend my hard earned money on subways and taxis to university or there places.

i drove slowly out of the parking lot and waited for it to be my turn to drive out on the crowded road. a car drove into the parking lot and i took that as my sign. i drove sharp to the left and pressed the accelerator. the scooter moved forward silently and elegant as a panther an i smiled. god i loved this machine.


as i turned hundreds of corners, and drove past a few signs i was finally there, at my part-time job.

​at the coffee shop.

​i think you know this is probably he most quiche, girl-getting-a-new-job but….okay i get it, but you get paid pretty well and i can't just let emily pay all the bills, even if she is two years older than i. and therefore the "parental supervisor" but that doesn't make it any less fair!

i just needed some extra cash to, you know, pay my part of the bills.

i parked my scooter and, put'd away the keys (key once again, hehehe)

i looked a bit on the crowded traffic with all the angry people honking at each other.

The parking lot where on the other side of the road (woah smart,yeah) so i had to somehow cross the busy road. i waited for an opening and looked at every possibly non death-causing opening in traffic and hold tight to my purse as i tried to pass the wide road as quickly as possible.


but suddenly, i could hear some one scream i looked in the direction the scream was coming from, an older lady was pushed down on the streets and two masked guys where busy stealing her car, but that wasn't the problem.

the problem was that the hijacked car was going right this way extremely fast, i ran over the street and gasped after air, as the car where coming further. i saw all the freaked out people in the streets either trying to help the old lady or calling the police. when some longhaired woman with a big red hat yelled:


i looked on the road again and saw a black haired boy wearing a grey hoodie and big red earphones, with his eyes only fixed on his black iPod. i yelled with the woman.

"HEY YOU! GET AWAY FROM THE ROAD!" he turned around looking weird at both us without even noticing the situation he where in, so i took a chance.

i threw away my bag ran i my high heels towards the boy, as the car was 3 meters away from both of us i tackled him, so we both where out of the car's range as the car passed us with great speed.

I looked down at the boy who now laid under me, we both gasped trying to catch our breaths, and his headphones had fallen off. I got up and looked around, people started to gather around us.

I brushed my jacket and picked my sunglasses up from the ground. the the boy was still gasping with open mouth and looked alternately on the road and then at me. I put my sunglasses in my pocket and reached out to the boy.

His cheekbones were high and sharp, but the shape of his face was soft and clean as his pale skin. His hair was black and slightly curled. He took my hand still with his mouth open, and stood up. His hand was soft but a little rye, after the fall.

When he stood up I could see his face more clearly. 
He had small bags under the eyes, not from stress but those you are born with. on other people, it would have looked silly, but it actually dressed his dark eyes. His nose was a little wide and round. while his lips were, yes it was a bit hard to describe because it was still wide open.

"close your moth you'll let in the flies" i said as i pulled my hand back and grabbed my bag. He finally closed his mouth.He looked at the people who were slowly forming a circle around us, most with their cellphones up and recording. 

"I..I." he stuttered

"next time, you look up okay?" gave him a little clap on the shoulder and passed the people who where gathering around us. Most of them where still filming the dark haired boy, as i entered the coffee shop.


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