Maybe Next Time

Leilani is a young british exchange student, who moved to korea with her best mate Emily. Together with Emily she is planning to graduate from The Korean University Of Art (TKUOA), and then move back to her family in England. Leilani is falling in love with the beauty and culture there is in the center of Seoul in South Korea. One day she accidentally rescues the rich university student Huang Zitao from getting hit by a car.

And destiny wants that they will meet once again.


1. Chapter One

"no no no no!" i yelled at Emily, and started lifting the bookshelf a bit to the right.

"Aish! if you keep doing like that I'm going to fall down the stairs and break my back" i muttered.

"if you would start to give clear instructions you wouldn't be in the danger zone" she answered loud and clear. "Im giving right the instructions!" i said and walked slowly backwards towards the apartment door looking over my shoulder. "Was this giant shelf even necessary? i only have like 5 books" she said in the other end of the big brown bookshelf. "yes its necessary!" i paused while turning a corner in this obviously never ending hallway. "Where else should i keep my limited edition collection of unique Lord of The Rings books?" 

"Nerd" she said with a grin in her voice, while lifting the giant shelf, "i swear my back is gonna hurt for a week after this" she mumbled from behind the shelf.

"C'mon keep it up grandma i can see the apartment door from here!"

"yes!" she said as tilting the shelf so she accurately could she the silver door to our apartment. 


We know it would be a lot more strategic to hire some people to move our things from the streets to the apartment on 11th floor, but Emily and i weren't confidential with the Korean style of doing these kind of things, so we insisted to do it ourselves. Even when we we're regretting it at this moment.


We turned the corner and slid the bookshelf into the apartment and laid it down in the middle of the room. we both sighed temporally and looked around in the wide apartment.

"Done" Emily said as throwing herself on the grey sofa and dramatically lying down. "My body couldn't stand the pressure of the heavy weight" she complained. "you spineless individual" i said, "You couldn't carry a feather without saying you broke a bone!" i grinned and jumped onto the sofa right beside Emily who were still dramatically posing.


"Oh the humanity!" she complained loudly and looked nostalgically out of the window.

"Can i do anything to help them Miss Jerimiah?" i said with my most butlerly voice.

"Oh James.." she said with her Monroe voice, "what have i done to deserve this?".

"i unfourtnatly have no idea ma'am" i leaned towards the living room window and made a overdramatic hand gesture.

"James?" she said turning her head towards me, "yes ma'am" i answered and sounded almost like Morgan Freeman.

"I think some of the Champagne would help healing my great scars!" i smirked.

"The Orange or the Apple Champagne Ma'am?" i asked.

she looked out of the window, as if she was thinking about the meaning of life.


"I think i'll will go with the Orange Champagne, James" she laid down and sighed loudly.

"I understand Ma'am" I got off the couch and walked towards the kitchen. I opened the fridge, which greeted me with the dim white light and a silent buzzing.

I grabbed to bottles of orange juice and started opening the lids. they both flipped of with a loud popping noise and i reached for the glass on the top selves.

I heard Elvis's "Hound dog" playing from the living room and could clearly hear Emily singing along to the chorus. 


"Calm down elvis, I'm almost done!" i yelled trying not get my voice drowned in the 70's pop music. "Hurry up James!" she yelled back at me and danced around hysterically in the living room.

i took the two bottle of orange juice and placed one on the glass table in the living room. "The Champagne is here ma'am" i yelled and walked out of the living room.

"Thank yooou-uuu" Emily sang and danced around while sipping from her juice and singing in a deep jazzy voice.


Where would i be without Emily? she where the only thing i have brought back here from home, except from clothes and a toothbrush. we've known each other in almost ten years now and it stills feels like yesterday she beat up a guy who bullied me in kindergarden.

we've always been there for each other, and its gonna sound really cheesy when i say this but she is really my best friend for ever.


i opened the blank oak door and stepped into my bedroom.

it was kind of an rectangles shaped room with one huge fluffy princess bed a giant desk and some other stuff in it like, a closet a lamp

the walls were white and there were two windows in the room one over my desk and the second on the outer wall. two poster where hanging over my desk one with the band NU'EST and the second with the band SHINee. those we're the one who Emily introduced me to, or the once i really liked. She were more of a V.I.P and BlackJack (fan of BigBang and 2NE1) it took me a long time for me to remember all the names. But i really like the korean music and I'm almost addicted.

Ren and Taemin is my favorite, and i don't mind people say they are gay, i like their style no matter what. Plus so what if they both we're gay, or anyone else?

Gay people sometimes seems a lot nicer than heterosexuals. My own brother where gay and Thomas (his boyfriend) is one of the nicest person i have ever meet. And they were both very supportive to my dream of a being a world wide famous artist and live in Korea.


I am kind of living my dream, i mean I'm living in korea right now? (at least temporally)

i sat down in my office chair at my desk, and started my laptop. A goodbye gift from my family (and Thomas). 

While the laptop where starting i leaned back and drank a lot of the ecologic orange juice and stared out of the windows. two birds where fighting over a half sandwich out on the streets and i secretly hoped the one with the golden brown wings would win.

But oh the cruel world is never fair, the other much bigger bird ,flied away with the half ham sandwich, and i ironically got a little sad.


oh well.

i plugged my headphones in and started spotify, and played my playlist with everything from Mozart to Skrillex and German pop. i opened Google chrome and started answering a few emails. A couple from friends and family, but mostly tumblr updates and amazon asking me if i need a low price lamp or a old designer flower pot.

i opened Facebook and answered a few messages, and clicked through a lot of posts, but ended googling the university i was attending.

i opened TKUOA's (The Korean University Of Art/예술의 한국 대학) website and clicked though a lot of pictures of happy korean teenagers smiling and painting trees and animals in the forest.


i was supposed to attend school in about three days, that's where the semester is starting. i wonder what my homework would be? on the private art school i attended back in Britain, we didn't have very funny or creative homework, just something like: "draw the feeling you get when you look at the clouds, or your favorite animal in a weird place!"    

This should be a lot more challenging than that place.


i was already excited.


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