Maybe Next Time

Leilani is a young british exchange student, who moved to korea with her best mate Emily. Together with Emily she is planning to graduate from The Korean University Of Art (TKUOA), and then move back to her family in England. Leilani is falling in love with the beauty and culture there is in the center of Seoul in South Korea. One day she accidentally rescues the rich university student Huang Zitao from getting hit by a car.

And destiny wants that they will meet once again.


4. Chapter Four

the bell above the door made a little "ching" song as i entered, i was approximately 10 minutes early and i used that to time to get fix my hair in front of one of the public mirror on the bathroom.

i put on my dark green apron and tied it on the back with a little bow. i put on my matching starbucks cap and walked out of the bathroom. 

people had gathered around in the streets and only a few people where still in the coffee shop. most people where talking about the incident that just happened.

"did you see the robbers face?"

"no did you see the boy who got rescued?"

"yes isn't he the son of principal at the fancy-pantsy university"

"yes he is, what was he's name again?"

"Huang…something i can only remember his last name"

personally i didn't care about who i "dramatically rescued", all i knew was that he was a dork who couldn't look up when he was supposed to. If i haven't been there Mr. Huang would have been dead. not being able to listen to his oh-so-precious iPod.

"Did you see the girl who rescued him?" the couple to left whispered.

"no, she was wearing shades and i stood behind her, but some of the people in the front may have seen her face"

"she was so cool! with her long grey coat and her long black hair, dramatically rescuing the most famous student in Seoul from the cruel death"

i rolled my eyes and really didn't want to tell the truth, as i reached down for some plates and cups who where placed on a round black table.

I returned the cups to the kitchen, and grabbed a serving to table 9, who had ordered a blueberry muffin, a cheese cake and two chai latte.

"here you go" i said, as placing their order on the desk.

the two girls nodded staring at me as if i where a ghost.

"something wrong?" i asked and tried to look at myself in the reflection of the window.

nope no make up done wrong or soap water in my face.

i looked down at the girls who where still starring at me.

"Aren't you the girl who saved oppa?" one of them asked me.

i look confused at them and then remembered the dark haired Mr. Huang.

"if you mean the dork with the red headphones then yes" i said and took the serving tray with me.

"enjoy your meal at starbucks!" i said as walking of.

god this day was turning into a nightmare because of a good deed. i returned to the starbucks kitchen, and served a couple more tables before my manager came to me, while i was cleaning a table.

"miss Leilani?" he asked.

my manager was one of those shy people, who didn't really seem to have control over the situation they were in. Especially my manager was the type who would say everything either to politely or just straight as it is.

"Yes?" i asked and placed a little coffee cup on the silver tray i was caring around.

"Are you the one who saved the young master out on the street a couple hours ago?" he asked.

i almost spilled some leftover spice latte from the second cup i was placing on my tray, "what?" i asked and continued cleaning.

"there was a incident out on the street for approximately 3 hours ago, and a young man was saved by a woman with sunglasses who walked in here, and never left" he said.

i looked down and wiped the table, and tried to avoid my managers begging eyes.

"i think that woman was you, Leilani" he continued.

"why?" i asked. "was it wrong? should i have let him die?" i asked.

I interrupted him before he reply, "-and if i did that, would i then get some rest? jesus.."

i rolled my eyes and walked towards the kitchen to return the dirty dishes, my manager was right behind me.

i angrily turned a corner as my manager laid his sweaty hand on my shoulder, i stopped and turned around.

"i understand that this isn't like England, and people would react differently there than here-.." i cut him off.

"ya' you don't say so?" i continued walking and enjoyed the little kick of power that followed with the act of talking back to my manager. i put down the dishes to my asian colleague, who started cleaning it.

i turned around, and once again my manager was right behind me, like the rest of my colleague's i was a lot taller than them, so when my manager with his small ugly glasses and hair loss, looked up at me like i was some kind of celebrity, it felt pretty weird.

"why don't you take the day of?" he smiled so you could see he was sweating nervously.

"but-" i started, but know it was his turn to cut me of.

"i ensist" he said and pushed me out of the kitchen, i was struggling to argue with him but he just kept saying stuff as. "nonsense" or "doesn't matter".

and before i could blink and eye i was standing on the street full dressed and ready to go.

i turned around and saw the whole starbucks crew waving at me, and making 'go on' gestures.

i rolled my eyes for the 100th time, and walked towards my scooter.

i felt weird, and unwell when i sat on the scooter.

i didn't like all this unnecessary attention. 

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