Maybe Next Time

Leilani is a young british exchange student, who moved to korea with her best mate Emily. Together with Emily she is planning to graduate from The Korean University Of Art (TKUOA), and then move back to her family in England. Leilani is falling in love with the beauty and culture there is in the center of Seoul in South Korea. One day she accidentally rescues the rich university student Huang Zitao from getting hit by a car.

And destiny wants that they will meet once again.


5. Chapter Five

I entered the apartment as my cellphone rang.

"Its Leilani" i said tiredly as i locked the door with a silent 'click'.

"Hey Lei, Its Em' are you the one everybody in the district is talking about?"

I sighed and put my backpack down and threw myself on the sofa and laid my head back on the soft pillows. 

"Yes, why?" i asked with a distorted voice, and started the telly.

"OMG I KNEW IT, ALL MY FREINDS AT WORK IS GONNA BE SO JEALOUS BECAUSE I LIVE WITH WW" she screamed in the phone and i took it away from the ear, but i could still hear her never-ending blabber.

"Wait a minute" i said cutting her off.

"What" she said, breathing heavily.
"What's a WW?" i ask.

"Oh my~ you haven't heard? You're like Wonder Woman now!" she screams. "And i'm living together with WW"
she whines once again this time even louder, "Jesus Em' cut the sladder you're giving me Tinnitus!"

"oh sorry" she whispered.

"It's Okay" i answered. 

I looked around in the room, once again, had Emily forgotten to close the window in the kitchen.

"Em?" i asked while closing the window and kicking my shoes off.

"mm…yes" she said, i unhooked the other windows, we might as well get some fresh air in 'ere.

"Did you forget to close the window in the kitchen again?"




"god dammit Em"


"Sorry" she giggled

"But- what you did was brave today" she continued

"Are we still on that subject"

"You're a hero!"

"oh no no no! i'm a heroic commoner, and will never be anything else"

"some people come into other's life like a blessing, other's as a lesson" she said poetically 

"and what do you mean by that?" i questioned and took off my jacket.

i shifted the phone from right to left ear as i opened the fridge to take some juice.


"No matter family background or wealth, you saved another persons life Lei. He may have never seen he's family or loved once again"

i hesitated with pouring up the orange juice, and thought about what she just said. It's true, i saved someone's life, i could be proud of that.

"So…what you're saying is…" 

i held a period of reflection.

"I were a blessing to his life? by saving him?" i asked.

"Yes" she said.

"Or a lesson to him, about paying attention while crossing the road" she added

i laughed, and finally poured my orange juice.

"You're probably right about the last one, what an inattentive idiot"

"-But hot!" she added.

"If you say so" i continued

"well i gotta work to pay my part of the rent, see ya WW!"

"please don't call me that"

"okay Legendary Leilani"

"aish" i ended the call.

i angrilly drank my orange juice (if that was possible, i mean orange juice, yum)


Then i realized, there were no reason to be angry ,not at emily neither at the Mr. Huang's mini-fans. I did nothing wrong, i saved him for christ sake! 

I should have been given an award or at least some toast.

"toast?" i said to myself.

I must be hungry.

I reached for the toast, when my phone started to ring.

I laid the toast on the kitchen phone and looked at the phone.


unknown number? huh?

oh well...




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