Pieces of You

"To love at all is to be vulnerable."

He was supposed to be nothing more than a classmate.

Had you known that he would end up being so much more, you would have started running a long, long time ago.


4. Piece 3 - "Sightseeing"

Kaiba Manor was huge and you knew what you were talking about. Before moving from the US to Japan, you had spent your whole life in a gigantic house, but it was nothing compared to this. There was a ridiculously big gate in front of his house and you wondered if you would be able to enter that damn place.


The moment you had asked for his address, he had given you a weird look. Apparently it was common knowledge that Kaiba lived in a mansion. The moment you had tried to google him, a lot of absurd articles popped up. You hadn’t expected him to be so popular with the media, but clearly they had nothing else to do other than to stalk a fairly good-looking high school student. After a while you had managed to get his address from the Kaiba Corp webpage, which was by the way available in 47 different languages…


So now you were standing in front of the big gate, not really knowing what to do, since the size did creep you out. The whole area was surrounded by a gigantic stone wall and you would have to walk at least 200 meters before you even made it to the damn door! From here you weren’t even sure if the mansion had two or three stories, but it looked even bigger than some of the hotels you had seen in Tokyo. A part of you wanted to walk away or call him, to make sure that this was humanly possible, but you remembered that you didn’t have his number and you were sure that this was the place.


You had never expected him to be that rich though.


“Stop looking so dumbstruck and walk,” he said over some kind of speakers. You started at the camera for a moment, debating whether or not to show him the fuck finger, but decided against it. You walked and as you reached the door, two butlers opened the door for you.


If you had been scared when you were outside, then you were horrified now. The first thing you noticed was the stair leading to the second story and the huge chandelier over your head. There were several waiters and maids walking from one room to another, and you were about to ask one of them where Kaiba was, until you saw him walk out of a room.


“Hi,” you said and thought of waving at him, but that would have been stupid. His only response was a small “hmpf” and he didn’t even bother saying anything as he walked up the starts. You just followed him, not saying anything.


“Do you often get guests?”




‘Then why the hell do you live in a freaking castle?’ you mentally asked yourself.


You had never regarded him as “famous” or “royal”, but he lived as if he had earned the title as the King of Japan. The thought of him being the leader of a country scared the hell out of you. You were one hundred percent sure that a country lead by Kaiba would have a dictatorship and that you would live the rest of your life in misery.


While walking, you couldn’t help but to stare at all the pictures and things in the hallways. Some of the art was beautiful, but you doubted that it was hanging there, because he actually enjoyed art.


You didn’t want to admit it, but now you understood some of the rumors. A lot of girls joked about how they would never have to lift a finger if they married someone like Kaiba. Everything would be taken care of. For some reason it was suddenly scaring you a little bit. Kaiba was like Bill Gates, except the fact that he wasn’t 50 years old and he had already archived this much. You couldn’t even imagine where Kaiba would be in 50 years.


The girl who got to marry Seto Kaiba would be able to live like a princess in this huge castle.


You never really liked castle walls.


When you finally reached the study, which was huge as well, you felt like you were finally able to breathe.




“Nothing… It’s just that… Your mansion is freaking huge. I’ve seen hotels smaller than this!”


He scoffed.


“It is not a big deal”


“Kaiba, if this isn’t a big deal, then what the hell is?!”


Kaiba wasn’t faced by any of your statements and just sat down. “Sit down.”


You were about to say something about him not treating you like a dog, but the look he gave you made you shut up and you turned your computer on, working with him for two straight hours. He was kind enough to make sure that a maid would take you to the main door when you were finished with the assignment – apparently it wasn’t the first time that someone had gotten lost in his mansion, but even you would have gotten lost without him. Before you left, you managed to let a “see you tomorrow” out.


A part of you whished that you never had to visit that place again.


Your first time in the mansion had freaked you out.


Sadly, it wasn’t your last time. 

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