Pieces of You

"To love at all is to be vulnerable."

He was supposed to be nothing more than a classmate.

Had you known that he would end up being so much more, you would have started running a long, long time ago.


3. Piece 2 - Reading

His second impression of you was better than the first.


After the episode in chemistry, he had labeled you as one of the stupid students. Even if the deadbeat was to blame, he didn’t expect you to be much smarter than he was. He hadn’t even noticed you before. At some point he had heard that you had transferred during the second year, but even if you had been there from the beginning he still wouldn’t have noticed you.


Kaiba was far too busy to pay attention to the student body.


When the English teacher had told the class that they were going to be working with Shakespeare, he wanted to get out of the classroom right away. His texts simply didn’t interest Kaiba and some foolish girls already used too many of his stupid quotes in the love letters he received.


He had made the mistake to read one of them. Now he just threw them out or tore them apart as soon as he got them.


The teacher was asking people to read some lines from his famous tragedy Romeo and Juliet. If the tragedy didn’t already suck, it only made it worse that he had to listen to his useless classmates trying to read English. Their accents were terrible and their pronunciation was horrible.


And then it was your turn to read.


He hadn’t expected anything from you. So when you began to read, slowly, in a nice pace, he was caught of guard. The words were coming out of your mouth at ease. You had no problem with the language, you were as fluent at it as Japanese, but there was something interesting about the way you read. You seemed in your element and full of confidence. Your voice was soft and warm as you read, holding the attention of every single person in class as you spoke.


“Thank you,” your teacher said, slightly breathless. She had let you read more than you were supposed to and by the time you looked up from the book, everyone was staring at you. After a while it was making you quite uncomfortable and you tried very hard not to blush. You looked to your left side, only to find Kaiba staring at you. You were caught of guard as you saw his blue eyes look at you and you quickly found something else to look at. Nervously, you tucked some hair behind your ear and focused on the book in front of you.


Kaiba didn’t know what to think of you.


Was it possible that you possessed a brain after all? 

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