Pieces of You

"To love at all is to be vulnerable."

He was supposed to be nothing more than a classmate.

Had you known that he would end up being so much more, you would have started running a long, long time ago.


2. Piece 1 - First Impressions Are Golden


And I can taste it
It's my sweet beginning


Your first encounter with Seto Kaiba had not been a good one. Of course, since you had been parried up with Jonouchi it was fated to end in a bad way, but that didn’t change the fact that it had been really bad.


Like World War III bad…


That day you were supposed to do an experiment for a group assignment. Jonouchi didn’t understand what the two of you were supposed to do and you doubted that he had read his homework.


You weren’t a stupid student, but chemistry wasn’t exactly your favorite subject. The only thing you wanted was to get a fairly average grade… It had all been up to you and for a while everything had went well.


Somehow it ended with you and Jonouchi almost making Kaiba’s computer explode.


And then World War III broke loose.


… His first impression of you had not been that great. 

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