1. heart

And how could I leave him? 

The one for which stars burned,

the reason my eyes wept,

the reason they shined by fire

He is all a man

Glory in a small-shouldered frame,

but to me no vastness could be matched, He was a great as mountains

I can see forever in his eyes....

Or was it more, i could see a future in his eyes, a whole new infinity yet to be explored, to be dreamt, to be imagined;

My god!

This kind of feeling

had never washed so trongly over me before

had ever swept me out to sea, so far as being with him did,

and yet i felt safe as houses.

He was my lighthouse, my beacon.

and if those same self-fuelled stars were my compass, his light would outpower all of them,

no guide could be as brilliant as he

but not to the oceans, but to life.

When I looked at him...

I could see my everything. My children, not my kids, my home, not my house, my life, not my survival,

and all it needed was simply...


'Him'-by P.delfs 



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