Deep Sea Girl

All was well, until the Lillium were discovered.

As a lowly Necromica, Rosalie never expected anything from a life as a slave for the high merfolk. But again, that’s just her cover. Trained from birth by a group of harpie mercenaries who took her in, she is their greatest weapon to date. Under the guise of a merchant's daughter Rose infiltrates the courts of Amphirite, where she discovers a whole new world of deceit and power, where even the slightest trip of the tongue could send you down the road to despair. Behind her blank façade lies a dark secret; Rose is developing a unique power of which could be her salvation, or her destruction.

Originally my Heir of Fire writing contest entry

A/N: I do apologise if chapters seem to be unfinished, or unpolished, but my internet is weird, so Movella's settings spazz on me from time to time. Enjoy!


10. Aether

   She whisked me through a sea of light and sound, all blurred out as if seen through mist. Thankfully, the queen, unaware of my 'absence', kept my body still for me. Down, down into the depths of my mind we went, Sylvia keeping a firm hold on the breath of memory I was. And we hit the bottom. My very first thought.

   Strong hands hoisted me up onto broad shoulders, the golden tufts of hair at the nape of a solid neck tickling my nose as I relaxed against the man's embrace. A tinkling laugh bounced around, belonging only to my mother. A human woman, smiling at her bundle of joy. At me. I glanced up to see that my father had no gills. His ears weren't tufted, webbed nor pointed; his skin that of a land-walker. So, utterly human. 

  Sylvia yanked me out, and dropped my conscious into another memory. It was something more recent. But it was not how I remembered it, for I had no memory of those events at all. Briefly I passed between a layer of artificial thoughts, and I realised someone had tampered with my psyche. It was too late, for by then I was fully under. 

  I was around 5 or 6 years old. Seated on a threadbare sofa, watching as my... human parents argued in front of me. It was pretty intense; my fair father was beginning to toss around objects, while my red-haired mother spat back at him with such hate I cringed. I so desperately wanted them to stop. It was because of me they were arguing. They couldn't decide on wether to hide me.. or to kill me. I was an abomination, but they refused to hurt me, for I was still their child. Their bundle of joy. Instead, they tore each other apart. My hands fisted the ragged blanket that was draped over me, until my nails went through the flimsy material. My father had given everything up for her. He never told me, but I knew from the whispered stories he was once a prince of the sea, who gave up his crown and tail to be with my common mother. Turns out, he got more than he bargained for. Unfortunately, his true love was anything but common; she was a fire elemental, and so well-known her disappearance rocked the world. I had inherited her powers. Along with my father's gifts. Right now, they both simmered under my skin; the fire burning, a silken voice beckoning. Use me, they echoed. Want your parents to stop? Use me, and they will.  I knew I was not weak-willed, but by then my patience was thinning, and-- the flames. Oh, how warm they were. Maybe this warmth will melt the ice in Mother's words, and sooth the pain in Father's heart. I knew the 'voice' was not mine to use; I had never dared touch my father's gifts. But the flames I could wield. And wield to help my parents I would.

I let the fire out.

And the world burned and burned and burned. 

I became the aether. I became the wildfire. And my parents became a mirage and ashes. To feel no fear, no hurt, nothing. Silenced forever. The flames seemed to cackle at the irony. Is that not what you wanted?

Yes. No.... I don't know anymore. 

   I surfaced from those visions like flotsam from the deep. And the truth hit me like a tsunami. Sylvia, strong as she was, struggled to hold me together. To keep me from going insane.

There is more, but I think this is enough for today. As for the reason why the guild sent you... you'll find out. Soon.

I had killed my own parents. And lived in ignorance ever since. Lived in false gratitude to those harpies. Lived in the light while they stayed in the dark. Lived, when I should not exist. Not here, under the ocean. Not there, above the waves. I belonged not to this world, but to the realm of the aborted children. The realm of the damned.


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