This is a story about a boy named Jimmy who is convinced that he saw someone in the woods running away, someone that he'd never seen before. However, no matter how hard he tried to convince people, no one will believe him and his theories, stories and tales.
So when his close friend Freya suddenly starts to listen to his he becomes even more determined then ever to figure out if his impossible girl in white is real.
Filled with mystery, this story sets out to solve more then one case as he discovers a book filled with magical secrets of the past hidden away.
Could this be something to do with... 'HER' ?


3. Chapter 3

Well so far all seems to be going fine between Freya and I. So far I have showed her my pictures of the vague, but at the same time distinct image I have of her. I told my in-depth story about what actually happened on that day in the woods (I left out no detail).
Throughout she was silent, only to wince or gape at the important parts like when I saw her and when I fell. I was surprised, not only was I, for the first time, talking about my encounter to someone, but in a strange way the listener took every word in as if it where; true, precious and as important as anything else in the world. She interested not only in my story but in the way that it seemed so real and yet unimaginably mysterious at the same time.
As I finished Freya just sat there, stunned. She’d heard it before but I had told it differently, a shortened version to suit the minds of the non-believers such as Bill. I watched her, waiting for a response but all that followed was silence.
“Well?” I said anxiously awaiting her thoughts.
“Well I … I’m amazed”
Confused, I asked, “’Amazed’ good or ‘Amazed’ bad?”
She suddenly stared out of her blank trail of thought and gazed straight into my eye’s “Do you know what …”
I looked worried “What?”
“I believe you, every single word, you couldn’t just invent a whole story around a joke and I know it’s not a joke because, well… because I know you too well”
“Really!” I said happily.
“I just don’t see it, Bill and the others I mean; I mean… how could they not see that? They know you, everyone does but all they seem to do is relate you to the Aesop fables; ‘The Boy who cried wolf’, but no, I mean how could you be lying? It’s just not your style… I see it every day at school that innocent expression that is one of the most trustworthy you can ever trust. They’re wrong to say otherwise and I’m sorry for the way I have treated you for the past two years I was wrong to follow Bill and his gang. They are the bullies and you are the truth seeker that can never be wrong. ”
“Thank you” I was shocked and felt good, but then I was worried again about what might be the opinion if my findings where false, “But I might not be right about this” I said as a different way to see it.
“Hey, I don’t care if she turns out not to be real, but what I don’t want is for you to have to feel the way you did when I walked through that door earlier, scared and afraid of what others might think, but even though you do have that fear I’m just glad that you can still believe in yourself and stick to your guns whatever anyone says or does. Trust me Jimmy, you are a role model, not just to me but really, you should be viewed in the same light by everyone else in the way I see you now; hopeful and I intend to help you through this until you discover the truth weather or not she exists. ”
I was lost for words. She really does care about it, not just her but me as well. I felt a warm glow inside of me and hugged her.  She made me a stronger person.
And that’s where it all began.
We agreed to meet every Wednesday after school to discuss theories and ideas as to what different conclusions that we could come up with concerning ‘her’. Until one Wednesday when Freya came up to me on the way home with a giant gleaming smile on her face which suggested that she had had a massive idea. That’s where it all changed.
One sentence.
“You do realise that the one place that we are going to improve our chances of being right is in the woods.”
I looked at her for a moment. Stunned as to how I had overlooked that possibility.
She was right!                                                                                                                                                                                   

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