This is a story about a boy named Jimmy who is convinced that he saw someone in the woods running away, someone that he'd never seen before. However, no matter how hard he tried to convince people, no one will believe him and his theories, stories and tales.
So when his close friend Freya suddenly starts to listen to his he becomes even more determined then ever to figure out if his impossible girl in white is real.
Filled with mystery, this story sets out to solve more then one case as he discovers a book filled with magical secrets of the past hidden away.
Could this be something to do with... 'HER' ?


2. Chapter 2

~~Chapter 2

Ok, there are some things you should know about me; one, my name is Jimmy, two, I love to draw and three, I’m very interested in the ideas of the impossible.
That is the main reason that I will not let my encounter go. I wish I could know the truth but all I have to go on are hunches and guesses. Annoyingly my obsession has been going on so long that nearly the whole town knew of my ‘obsession’ and have tried to convince me otherwise when I bring it into conversation. I never thought that anyone would take me seriously especially as they all thought that I was having them on. But I say it again I don’t lie so how could people not think that I was telling the truth, because it seemed impossible?
Well for months now I have kept a record on my visual sighting in the form of scrap booking every detail that I can remember, so far I know that she was a small figure with what I thought was long red hair and she was wearing a pure white ghostly type dress. I found out the exact location where I was found when I asked one of the nurses at hospital; who gave me a rough estimation on the map. Not near anywhere, I gazed curiously as to what her destination was. It seemed from my calculations that no civilisation was to be found in her headed direction.
She didn’t live in the wood’s…Did she?
As I was sat there, on my bed, covered with random sketches of her, pondering the thought of this I suddenly heard the doorbell ring. I heard my Dad answer it. It was a girl, I wasn’t sure who but all I knew was they wanted to speak to me. Immediately I started to round up my research before anyone could see. But too late, caught half way through my I tried to hide the embarrassment of my interests for less moans at school. I turned to see Freya at my door; she was a short girl with brown hair and had only the dress sense for basic jeans and t-shirt she was from school and was the only person who didn’t result in the means of bullying me for my interests.
“Oh.. Hey Freya! I didn’t expect you over today, what’s up?” I said politely still trying to cover up what evidence I still had on my bed, now; out of embarrassment upon myself.
“Hey, I actually wanted to talk to you”
“Yeah, sure… erm here take a seat, make yourself comfortable” I offered her a seat and we sat for a bit unsure how to begin until she looked at the remains on my bed still on show.
“ERRR! That’s not important… it’s… it’s just…. err” despraley trying to take them all from her view. I looked over at her, she was giggling, and I blushed thinking that any minute now that Bill’s mind was going to come out of her mouth… But I couldn’t have been further from the truth, because what followed was completely different.
“It’s alright Jimmy, I know what you’re hiding”
“no it’s… erm it’s” but no words would come to me, I was searching for the right one to save me from another gloat. But she got in first,

 “But that’s ok, that’s actually why I’m here”
“What?!”Confused and startled I couldn’t see the reality in her words. But she continued
“For a while now I have wanted to talk to you because…”
“Because… what?” I asked in a confused tone as I wasn’t sure that we were on the same page, 
“Well, I… I want to know more and I’m interested in ‘her’ and well, I want to help”
I was shocked. For two years no one had ever become a slightest bit interested in my sighting that had ironically been the talk of the town. It just seemed unreal that someone now was taking an interest in my work. But if this wasn’t a joke then, who would I be to say no to an extra person to help me with my ideas being proven right.
“Ok sure” I agreed.
But I still carried my suspicions close just in case.

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