Forgotten And Depressed A.I.

"I loved you, but it was all past tense."

17 year old Tessa Hilton has a friend named Ashton Irwin,18. He fell into a coma and when he woke up, he woke up with Amnesia.


1. "What happened to us?" Chapter 1

Tessa's POV

"Who are you?" the minute he said that my whole world fell.

"Promise me you will never forget me okay?"


(Slanted words are flashbacks)

It's been 2 weeks since Ashton woke up from a coma. The depressing thing is that he woke up with Amnesia. But he's still friends with me, but not best friends... Ever since he woke up from the coma, things have changed a lot. So basically, he's starting to get more popular while me here, I just sit in the back or the classroom writing in my 'Book of Feelings'. I have this book where I try to write all the things I worry about in this book. I mean, it's quite silly but I can read back and think about right?

I woke up to my alarm clock which was hella annoying, I went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth. I got dressed in a black sweater, a pair of black skinny jeans and a grey beanie. I went down to the kitchen and was greeted by a note.

Dear Tessa,

Dad and I have gone for a last minute business trip, we won't be for 3 weeks. Breakfast's in the microwave.

Love, Mom.

"Like always." I muttered to myself rolling my eyes. I grabbed my sandwich and went to the front door. I slipped into my favourite pair of Dr. Martens and headed out. I walked to school carrying my bag.

I reached school and walked towards my locker think whether i should go to the library after school to study since im kinda of a nerd. As i was walking to first period, the one and only sassiest of them all, Regina.(DONT JUDGE ME I LIKED THE NAME😂)

"You should belong in the nerd group, you'll make good friends there won't you?" She sassed at me.

"You should probably go to rehab since you took too many drugs at your slutty parties." I sasses back at her.

Forgetting that Ashton was her little protective boyfriend, he walked up right to me saying something 'really manly'.

"Don't you dare talk to her like that." He said pushing me to one of the lockers, did i mention that Ashton changed from a goody two shoes to the school's bad boy.

"Sure then let me get out of here." He said taking his hand of the locker doors. I quickly walked to class. Since i was always the first to reach, i will doodle since i loved to draw. But i only liked to draw back when Ashton was around. What seemed like hours, the teacher had come and lesson soon started.

The bell rang as i watched to clock tick by. I got out of the back seat and walked out of the place known as "hell".

A/N: i wrote another fanfic for you guys:) thanks for 43 reads!

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