Forgotten And Depressed A.I.

"I loved you, but it was all past tense."

17 year old Tessa Hilton has a friend named Ashton Irwin,18. He fell into a coma and when he woke up, he woke up with Amnesia.


3. His Mates Chapter 3

Tessa's POV

Its been 40 minutes since i've reached the park and no sign of Ashton.

When i only decided to walk off,Ashton and his friends came. I had never met his friends before so it was going to be interesting.

"Hey Tes, sorry im late i had to pick up Regina's birthday cake."

"Then shouldn't you be sending the cake to your little girlfriend who always act innocent? Shoo, go off and make out with her then."

"Seriously? I just came late, oh yea this is Luke,Michael and Calum." He said pointing to them.


"Hi beautiful." Calum said smirking at me.

"Heyy." Michael said.

"Um uh hi." Luke said.

Was it bad that i was already tired and wanting to go home? I mean its only 7 but, uh never mind.

"You guys wanna come over my place? My parents are out of town."

"Sure!" They all cheered.

We headed back to my place and they sat on the couch.

"Im gonna go upstairs first and change, it'll be fast."

I ran upstairs and changed into some sweats and a plain shirt. I ran downstairs to see Regina kissing Ashton. What the hell? What was she doing here. I tried to run down but i forgot intwisted my ankle because of Regina.

"Oh hi Tessa! How have you been?" She said all happily faking it.

"You don't have to fake it, everyone knows you're a bitch."

"i thought we were best friends honey."

"One don't call me honey and two, get out of here now. You're not supposed to be in here anyways."

"Fine." She sassed out with her nude heels clucking.

They all started at me eyes wide open.

"What? I had the right to tell her off she made fell and twisted my ankle and now she's all getting comfy in my house. You don't call her a bully?"

"You know what? This is enough how many times do you need to talk bad about Regina, i love her and she's perfect to me."

He stormed out of my house slamming the door. Tears formed in my eyes as i ran upstairs to my room. I slammed the door behind me and slid down the door crying. Did Ashton not like me? I mean, when he was 10, he always said that we would have 2 kids.


"Um Tessa?"


"Im scared."

"Scared of what?"

"Losing you."

End of flashback.

"Tessa? Hello? Tessa don't scare us..." Luke said in a worried voice. I opened my eyes not realizing i actually passed out.

"Are you okay?" Michael asked.

"Im not okay because i love Ashton. I've known him for my whole life but he went to this stupid club and got into a coma. He woke up with Amnesia and forgot about our friendship. I've been planning to tell him my feelings of him but then he only cares about that slutty idiotic person called Regina, does Ashton no realized what i've been through?"

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