Black And Silver

Caitlyn in an orphan who was found abandoned in a warehouse at the age of 9, with no memory of who she was or how she got there. Raised in an orphanage, she is a normal 17 year old until a group of new students walk into her life.

She will find out that she is not so normal and the world is not what is seems- the peoply around her have been keeping something from her her entire life.


1. Prologue

She awoke to find herself in a warehouse filed with boxes, which was thick with dust and dead flies littered the ground. Her head hurt with a pain that sent her keeling over before even one coherent thought had entered her mind.The girl was swamped by an old cloth that was draped around her shoulders, and blonde hair spilled over the top as she finally lifted her head to the smell of stale air and some else- metallic, though the air was thick and heavy. Silent. 

But that was not what drew the attention of the two police officers when they smashed down the door in a loud clash. There was a black pentagram painted roughly on the floor around the girl, and dried blood was splattered up the wall in more than one place.

They had tried to lift the girl, however there seemed to be an invisible barrier separating them. It had taken hours of bleaching the floor to be able to get her out.

They had never told anyone about that.




Thank you for choosing to give this a go, I should have Chapter One up shortly.

If you liked this (I know it's really short) then please leave a comment; it would mean a lot.






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