Black And Silver

Caitlyn in an orphan who was found abandoned in a warehouse at the age of 9, with no memory of who she was or how she got there. Raised in an orphanage, she is a normal 17 year old until a group of new students walk into her life.

She will find out that she is not so normal and the world is not what is seems- the peoply around her have been keeping something from her her entire life.


2. One

"Wake up!" A voice seemed to pierce her ears and work it's way around her brain like a snake. "Wake up, you idiot!" It came again, this time startling her out of sleep. She lifted her head from on top of her arms to look sleepily at the boy sitting next to her. He had jet black hair that hung straight, with tanned skin and brown eyes- Felix. "Wow, Cat, I've never seen anyone fall asleep that quickly." he muttered, grinning at her. Her actual name was Caitlyn; given to her by Tieg and Matt, the couple who ran the orphanage she lived in. Caitlyn had never known her parents, though had no desire to find them either- she was happy and didn't want to potentially upset the balance. 

"Yeah, well, I'm tired okay?" she replied, sitting up straight in her chair. Felix handed her a pen as the classroom door banged open and Mr Portsmoore walked in. "Another flash back?" Felix asked, leaning over. "Yeah." She sighed. For the past couple of weeks, Caitlyn had been dreaming of her first memory; waking up in that warehouse at roughly 9 years old, they had guessed. "Right." Mr Portsmoore announced, slamming some textbooks down onto a table. He walked to the door and paused. "We have some new students joining you today." He said, before walking out followed by some sniggers from the class. 

"More than one? That's strange." She commented as Felix turned to her. Felix was her best friend, though Caitlyn had plenty of others. None of them really understood her like Felix did, though maybe it helped that they lived together. Felix nodded thoughtfully, "Maybe a school just closed down. It's the start of the year so it's possible." He suggested. Caitlyn flicked her pen against the table absently. "Probably." she replied, though she wasn't totally convinced- it seemed odd that they would all be in the same class. Shaking her head so that her hair was out of her eyes, Caitlyn dismissed the idea as Mr Portsmoore returned followed by three people. All conversation in the room came to an immediate stop.

Behind Mr Portsmoore was a tall boy with brown hair and even darker brown eyes, who kept his hands in his pockets as he looked at the class His stance was confident and he wore glasses. The second was a girl with very light brown straight hair that had a blonde streak at the front and fell just past her shoulders. Caitlyn could just make out a light spray of freckles across her nose and large brown eyes, just like the boy in front. The girl was beautiful. Finally, a boy came in last, a couple of seconds after the others. He certainly stood out with bright, messy ginger hair and dark green eyes. He had a smirk on his face that set Caitlyn on edge. There was something strange about him. 

The brown haired boy's eyes seemed to scan each face as he looked around, and they widened slightly when they came to rest on her, though Caitlyn was not surprised- this was less than most people's reactions. She was short and pale (mostly because, she thought with amusement, she stayed inside blogging all day) with wavy blonde hair, so pale that in some light it looked like an off-white, that reached the small of her back. However, the most startling thing was her eyes. They were pitch black, the irises blended into the pupils and gave the impression of being slightly enlarged. They were startling to say the least, and made Caitlyn blush every time somebody caught them. She had considered getting coloured contacts but didn't have much money to spare. 

"Please all welcome Chris, Flora and Luke to your class." he said, gesturing to them in the order they had arrived in. A quiet mutter had started to work it's way around the classroom, although the trio had seemed to be unfazed by it. Flora glanced at the other two, and Chris smiled back at her while Luke nudged her arm lightly; the smirk still plastered on his face. For the first time, it occurred to Caitlyn that they already knew each other- a small from appeared on her face. She was about to ask Felix what he thought about it when Mr Portsmoore instructed them to find seats. There were only three seats left- and Caitlyn realised with a cold dread that one of them was next to her. A girl on the other side of the class- Zara- made the same realisation and squeaked when she saw one was next to her too.

Caitlyn, however, felt nothing but a small lump in her throat- and this wasn't because she had an immediate dislike to them, but she had been diagnosed with social anxiety a year ago. Flora neatly took her place at the front, Luke sauntered over and took his place next to Zara without a word. Chris wandered over and came to a stop next to Caitlyn. "Mind if I sit here?" He asked quietly. She blushed, because almost every head in the class had turned to them. Her throat seemed to stick for a second, so Caitlyn had to swallow before getting the words out. "Not like you going to sit anywhere else." She mumbled, offering up a quick smile before looking back down at the table. Great, she thought, another great introduction. Chris smiled, then shrugged. He smiled a lot. "Guess you're right." He said as he sat down, swinging his bag down.

Caitlyn glanced up to see Luke nod at Chris, but for what reason she wasn't sure. He caught her staring and scowled before turning back to the front. She blinked, confused for a second then mentally shrugged; it was probably just because he was new and she was acting strangely. Right?


"I don't think they'll find us here." Reassured Felix. They were sat in an empty classroom on the other side of the school from the Cafeteria- Caitlyn hadn't wanted to be sitting with twenty 'friends' who would make empty attempts to talk to her. "Yeah. Sorry for dragging you away, I just wanted some peace." Although they had just gone back to school, the noise and bustle of a morning of work had given Caitlyn a headache. Chris had not talked to her apart from to say a quick 'bye' at the end. When she had come out of the classroom, she had seen them talking in a huddle, and heard snippets of their conversation- things like 'I'm telling you...' and 'Okay, then let's-'.

There was something strange going on.

Felix sighed. "Cat." He snapped his fingers, bringing her out of her thinking immediately. "You're not being yourself today. What's up?" Caitlyn blinked in annoyance; she wanted to try and get things straight. "Nothing." She replied shortly, leaning back. Felix cared a little too much sometimes, always asking questions. She couldn't get away from him though, we walked to and from school with her, he sat next to her in all her classes, he lived with her. He frowned "No, tell me." He demanded, "If you're going to be quiet all morning then you can at least tell me why."

The truth was, something was on her mind- she wasn't sure what, it was just out of reach. Always there, it had been distracting her. Like something was missing or wrong, but Caitlyn couldn't put her finger on what it was. Felix was irritating her now; she had made it clear she didn't want to talk about it, so why did he keep on asking? She didn't reply for a second, then sighed. "I just want to relax for a bit." Caitlyn didn't understand why he kept on at her.

"You're being ridiculous!" He said. His face was twisted in incredulity, as if he was unable to understand why she would refuse to tell him something. It had always been that way- no secrets from each other. But there was something unusual about today, and she felt she couldn't put it into words. There was a pause. "Okay, I'm just going to leave." She stood up quickly and turned away, upset that he didn't accept that she didn't want to talk. Caitlyn walked to the door and swung it open. For a second she did nothing, half expecting for Felix to apologise. But he didn't. And she took a step out while slamming the door behind her. And immediately ran into Flora. There was a barrage of apologies from both sides, and Caitlyn stepped to the side. "It's okay." She said, pushing her curls out of her eyes. Flora smiled, and it was a sweet and true one, showing through her eyes. Caitlyn felt a liking straight away to her. "Where's that boy you were with?" Flora asked. She thought for a moment about Felix sitting in the room behind her and shrugged. "I don't know."

"Why don't you walk with me then?" She suggested, gesturing to the corridor before them. Caitlyn considered going back, saying she was sorry to Felix and carrying on like before. Or she could go with Flora and talk to someone else without knowing what they were like. "Okay." She replied, and out the corner of her eye caught Flora typing quickly into her phone before putting it back into her black blazer pocket. Caitlyn wondered if she was texting Luke and Chris but didn't ask. They walked for a while without saying anything, but the silence was welcomed and not awkward. A question popped into her mind. "So," She started, "you, Chris and Luke seem pretty close. How do you all know each other?" Caitlyn studied her face intently, but Flora's face was a mask of indifference. "Oh, we met when we were were very young." She answered vaguely, shrugging elegantly. "Our parents knew each other."

Caitlyn smiled; it was nice that they knew and trusted each other, but she couldn't help but think of her and Felix. He had moved in a couple of years after she had, and ever since then it was hard to think of a long period of time when they had been apart. They rounded the corner to find Luke and Chris walking toward them. Luke smiled at Flora, though there seemed to be something else in his expression- Caitlyn couldn't tell what it was. 

"Why don't we go and sit down somewhere? Caitlyn?" Chris asked. Caitlyn grinned, for once happy of the company. She could tell they were nice people. "Of course." She replied.

She didn't think of how he knew her name.


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