Confessions of a Freshmen


1. Chapter One

"It looks like your in a bit of trouble there. Can I help?", the wrinkled taxi driver asked politely.
    "Violet Garden's Library 23rd Street, please.", I say rushed. I should've known better than to make promises to Sage. She probably counting down the milliseconds by now. Why did my best friend have to be Albert Einstein in a girl's body?
    The cab swerves, nearly missing a wandering bicycle rider. Finally, we pull up to the front of the brick building. Libraries and I don't exactly get along. Any place with plants growing up the sides is not my scene. I ram open the door and storm inside not even bothering to look back.
    "Your welcome!", yells the confused man. He finally gives up on getting a response and pulls away. This building always looks intimidating up close with it's cold marble pillars that continue inside. I push open the glass doors and walk inside the freezing building. I shiver, how does Sage survive in here?
    "Your late again Ari.", sighs Sage exasperated. "Hey if you haven't noticed yet, we live in New York. Have you ever heard of the word traffic?", I joke trying to cover up the real reason I'm late.
    She looks down at her book and shakes her head. "Let me guess, you forgot you were supposed to be watching Parker and you spent the whole day looking for him.", she says with no question in her voice.
    "Maybe?", we both burst out into laughter, receiving multiple shhhhhs, from the librarian. "Now it's time to study."
    "Woohoo!", I say while waving my fist in the air in mock cheer.
                                                        ~~An Eternity Later~~
    After a couple of hours of pretending to listen and twirling my hair, Sage finally needs to go to her book club meeting. Packing up all the books that she found for me was quite difficult considering the fact I never ever, have seen so many books in my life. Well, except for the rest of them in the library. Although, I still think that Mrs. Warren has given her access to there most ancient books. One of my books is either furry and gray or covered with dust, I'm thinking the latter.
I finally catch a cab home to our apartment complex. The Villa Apartments. Ah, home sweet apartment. I climb up the millions of stairs only to bump into Grey. The nerdiest boy in school. I swear he and Sage were separated at birth, both have all honors classes.
     "Umm... Hey Arizona.", he says nervously while scratching the back of his head. I swear that kid could get beaten up by a fly.
      "Hey Grey!", I say as peppily as I can as I bound up one more flight of stairs. I breathe a sigh of relief as the familiar code 'D16' flashes in its golden lettering. I unlock the door and push.
    Parker is sitting in his pjs looking expectantly at me. That's when I notice the DVD sitting next to him. 'The Goofy Movie'. I can't help but laugh. Our Mom doesn't get off her shift till Eight and Dad is on a business trip. That means I'm their replacement for the afternoon.
    After Mom gets back from work I finally get some alone time. I blare my meditation music full blast from my earphones and sit indian-style on my yoga mat. Then all of the sounds of nature are blocked out by my phone blowing up from texts from Sage.
    'Fire Exit?' it says as if I had another choice. I walk to my window seat and draw my curtains back. Sage has her face pressed up against the glass making pig faces.
     "Is dinner ready?", she asks in a muffled voice because of the glass between us. I pull open the window and help her climb through. "Mom, Sage is here!", I yell probably waking up the entire building.


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