All Goes Raw

what happens when two wwe superstars and a diva gets locked in an arena overnight


2. War Breaks Out

AJ storms over to John Cena"WHERE IS SHE???WHERE IS THE BITCH???"John with a shocked look on his face"where is who?"AJ glaring at him"PAIGE THE WHORE".John scouring a bit"I haven't seen her.what has she done?"AJ"she slept with my husband".John"I doubt he done it".AJ"don't go covering for my husband".John"I wouldn't cover for a cheater".AJ"JUST TELL ME WHERE SHE IS".John pointing at the parking garage"she went out there"

AJ walking out to the parking garage and walks around looking for Paige"PAIGE WHERE ARE YOU.COME OUT YOU CAN'T HIDE FOR LONG".Paige coming out with her hands up"what did I do?"AJ walking over to Paige"YOU SLEPT WITH MY HUSBAND".Paige"no never you're my bestie I wouldn't do that".AJ"YOU DID THO HE SAID YOUR NAME IN HIS SKYBOX"

Do you think Paige is telling the truth?

What do you think will happen next chapter?

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