All Goes Raw

what happens when two wwe superstars and a diva gets locked in an arena overnight


3. The War Continues

Paige"I wouldn't do that to my bestie".AJ grabbing her hair"I don't like lying and you should know that".Paige trying to get free from AJ's grasp on her hair"I would never lie to you".AJ with a quick jab to Paige's chest"you stink of I want the truth".Paige grabbing her chest"I'm telling you the truth".AJ tries to put the black widow on Paige but she counters"I don't trust you Paige".Paige trying to keep AJ off her back"I never done anything to lose your trust".AJ sick of hearing Paige talk bulldogs her on to the hood of a black Paige rolls to the ground AJ stands over her"stay away from my husband.i mean it"

Back in the arena Punk walks into the locker room and over to John Cena.John looks up at him"hey punk".Punk"John where is my wife?".John"she came through looking for Paige".Punk"and where is Paige?"John pointing to the parking garage"out there going to her car so she can head back to the hotel".

Will CM Punk catch his wife in the parking garage?

Is the war over between AJ and Paige?

Chapter four coming up

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