All Goes Raw

what happens when two wwe superstars and a diva gets locked in an arena overnight


4. The Beat Goes On

AJ walks back into the arena and heads towards the divas locker room as she catches view of her husband.CM Punk walks over towards her"did you just come back in?"AJ looking at him"yea just needed air".Punk"I was looking all over for you to explain my action".AJ with a 1/2 smile"no need to explain babe".Punk"well I'm gonna go start the car".AJ as he walks out"I just want to see how Nikki is doing after I punted her in the gut".Punk"take your time".

As her husband walks out AJ heads towards John's locker room and enters.John"what the hell are you doing here?".AJ"you don't want to see me now?"John"we don't need to get caught by your husband".AJ with a 1/2 smile moving close to him"he's going to get the car and I told him I was checking in on Nikki.he told me to take my time".John leading AJ over to his couch"what if he comes looking for you?"AJ sitting down"he won't coming looking for me"kisses John and runs her fingers through his hair.pulls back and looks at him"what about Nikki?what if she catches us?"John kissing her back before looking into her eyes"I locked the door".

What do you all think about the kiss between John and AJ?

Will CM Punk catch them?

Chapter five coming soon

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