All Goes Raw

what happens when two wwe superstars and a diva gets locked in an arena overnight


5. sheer lust

AJ trusting John pushes him against the wall of his locker room and kisses him again.John returns the kiss as he picks AJ up and carries her to the couch in his locker room.he sits down and places her on his lap as they make out.AJ lets out a small moan as John pushes his hand up the back of her shirt and rubs her back.AJ tilting her head back as John kisses her neck"oh John that's the spot" grinds her pussy against his groin "I love you John.i made a mistake marrying Phil".John with his lips against AJ's neck"it has to be this way for now April.i love you too.i need to figure a way to leave Nicole".AJ grinding her pussy against his groin fast and moans a bit"you'd leave her for me?".John"of course I love you and never loved her"

Nikki Bella outside his locker room door wipes her face at what she just heard.shes walks away looking for her sister.bumps into Johns best friend Randy"shit sorry".Randy"it's fine nic" looking down at her "are you crying?".Nikki looks up and pulls his face close then presses her lips against his

Will Nikki Bella ever confront John?

What do you think about Nikki kissing Randy?

Chapter six coming

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