All Goes Raw

what happens when two wwe superstars and a diva gets locked in an arena overnight


10. lust or love?

Randy looking into Nikki's eyes"let's not worry about Kim right now.all that matters right now is you and that baby."

Nikki smiling"is that really how you feel?"


Nikki"and if I leave john?then what?"

Randy"then I'll leave Kim."

Back in John's locker room john and Alexis sit talking.

John"if I could get a trainer in here for a test would you let it happen?"

Alexis"today?yes I would."

John"and I'd be able to take her to Massachusetts with me so my family can meet her?"

Alexis"she has to agree to it too."

Abigail"I want to meet my family on dad's side mom."

Alexis"then I guess that's a yes."

Abigail"will they like me dad?"

John"of're family."

how much cuter can randy get?

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